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  • From Nap Time to Me Time: How Supermom Niki Taylor Does it All

    Source: From Nap Time to Me Time: How Supermom Niki Taylor Does It All

    With two little ones in the house, supermodel and mother Niki Taylor looks just as good - if not better - than in her days gracing the covers of Sports Illustrated and Vogue. A mother of four - twins Jake and Hunter, 18; Ciel, 3; and Rex, 11 months - Niki still manages to balance a healthy, busy lifestyle and take the time to chat with us! Among her secrets: a go-to breakfast shake, a few beauty standbys, and some much-deserved mama time. Today, as a model and mother, Niki is helping women get healthy and live in the moment. Here, she tells us exactly how she does it!

    LilSugar: As a mom, how has your fitness routine changed?
    Niki Taylor: Well, since I don't have a lot of time, I wake up an hour before my kids. I find that's the only time I can grab a workout - usually a walk or a run. I have a treadmill, but if it's nice outside in Nashville, I prefer to do my workout there. When I get home, I like to have my

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  • Chew on This! Carla Hall Inspires Superchef Kids

    Source: Chew on This! Carla Hall Inspires Superchef Kids

    Carla Hall is a busy lady. Along with cohosting The Chew, she's also working with a bunch of really talented kids. Superchef Kids, a web-based cooking competition show for young chefs, invites kids to prove their skills through culinary challenges. With help from famed chefs John Besh, Elizabeth Karmel, and Aarón Sanchez, host Carla guides the contestants through the ups and downs of cooking - spills and all (appropriately, the show is sponsored by Bounty!).

    I had the chance to chat with the Top Chef fan favorite, and here's what she had to say about her new show and cooking with kids.

    On getting involved with Superchef Kids:
    "I was excited to get involved with the next generation of chefs. These kids grew up watching cooking shows and see the chefs as heroes. I had different mentors while growing up, and to see that not only are athletes big heroes to these kids but also chefs is really exciting. And cooking is something you

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  • Sleep Tight: 10 Bedtime Books for Toddlers

    LilSugarLilSugarSource: Sleep Tight: 10 Bedtime Books For Toddlers

    Sharing a cuddle and a good book is the best way to end the day with your toddler, making these books must haves for your bedtime routine. Some of these classics may already be in your collection, but we've also included a few that may be unfamiliar. Reading to your child encourages language development, stimulates your tot's imagination, and gives mom and little one a chance to unwind together. Click through for a collection of bedtime books for toddlers. Did we miss your favorite? Leave a comment with yours below.

    • Good Night, Gorilla: Here's a silly monkey who's not ready for bed. Your child will love following along with him while reading Good Night, Gorilla ($6). With cute illustrations and short prose, this is sure to become a bedtime favorite.
    • Tuesday: A Caldecott-winning classic, Tuesday ($8) follows several frogs on an evening adventure. Filled with stunning illustrations, the engaging book has very little text,
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  • Christy Turlington Collaborates with Ergobaby on New Designer Collection

    Source: Christy Turlington Collaborates With Ergobaby on New Designer Collection

    In the two years since Christy Turlington debuted her moving documentary about maternal death, No Woman No Cry, the global maternal death rate has almost been cut in half. While Turlington does not claim sole credit for reducing that rate, her Every Mother Counts advocacy group has raised significant awareness of the issue as more people are paying attention to its mission than ever before.

    One group that is listening are the designers behind Ergobaby, the popular baby carrier. To kick off its Guest Designer Series, Ergo is collaborating with Every Mother Counts to introduce four new products in November. The print carrier ($165), a solid carrier ($145), the "not-just-a-diaperbag" ($150), and a hip and shoulder bag ($75) will feature a new "Umbra" pattern designed by a small-business woman in Togo who uses a batik method to create her unique design. A portion of the sale of each item in the collection -

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  • Wrap Up Your Halloween Decorations with Paper Strip Pumpkins

    Source: Wrap Up Your Halloween Decorations With Paper Strip Pumpkins

    With just a sheet of orange construction paper, your tot can create this cute paper strip pumpkin that makes a really adorable holiday decoration, while you encourage your little one's budding cutting skills. Cut the strips the same width, or try thick or thinner lengths for a unique pumpkin. Threading the strips with the green pipe cleaner finishes the decoration and hones your child's concentration skills and focus. The cute paper strip pumpkins look adorable on mantels or dining room tables or on top of a favorite bookshelf.

    What You'll Need:

    • Orange construction paper
    • Scissors
    • Glue
    • Hole punch
    • Green pipe cleaner

    • Invite your child to position the paper vertically in front of her and cut a long, straight strip around one inch wide. Encourage your child to continue cutting strips, offering assistance as needed.
    • Now your child can create loops with the strips of paper, securing
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  • Celebrate the Season with 20 Fun Fall Arts and Crafts

    LilSugarLilSugarSource: Celebrate the Season With 20 Fun Fall Arts and Crafts

    We've gathered together our favorite Fall arts and crafts that are perfect for getting the whole family in the Autumn spirit. From apple print place mats to vibrantly painted leaves, kids of all ages will love celebrating the season while getting creative. Best of all, these crafts are so fun, the kids will never know they're educational, introducing science concepts and color theory while boosting budding fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Decorate the home or send the finished creations to friends and family to share the Fall spirit.

    • Salt Dough Leaf Prints: Kids love squishing and exploring with play dough, and this homemade salt dough is even cooler because you can let it dry and then paint it. Follow the simple directions for making these beautiful Fall leaf salt dough prints that make lovely paperweights or table decorations.
    • Apple Print Place Mats: Celebrate Fall with colorful apple prints that can
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  • 8 Spooktacular Halloween Apps Perfect for Tots

    LilSugarLilSugarSource: 8 Spooktacular Halloween Apps Perfect For Tots

    Even the littlest ghouls will love playing these Halloween apps that are age-appropriate without being too spooky. These fun games sneak in the learning long after the excitement of All Hallows' Eve has waned. From coloring apps that allow your child to use her finger to create a Halloween scene to fun games that encourage your tyke to use shapes to form a silly jack-o'-lantern, we've found the best budget-friendly - or free! - Halloween games to get your kids ready for the big day! Click through to find the perfect one to play today.

    • Coloroodle: Halloween: This coloring Halloween app ($1) will keep your little ghoul busy creating fun, spooky scenes using her fingers as crayons. The finished spook-tacular drawings can be saved to your camera roll or posted on Facebook.
    • Carve-a-Pumpkin: Here's a safe and easy (no knives involved!) way to carve a pumpkin with your tot. The Carve-a-Pumpkin app from Parents magazine is
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  • Rosie Pope Opens Up About Controversial Pregnancy Issues and Her New Book

    Source: Rosie Pope Opens Up About Controversial Pregnancy Issues and Her New Book

    Rosie Pope is quickly positioning herself as the maternity guru for an entire generation of moms-to-be. With a successful Bravo show - Rosie is waiting to hear if the show will be back for a third season - an eponymous maternity clothing store packed with beautifully designed pieces, and a preparation for pregnancy class held in the store, Rosie's popping up in many pregnant women's worlds. Her latest effort is Mommy IQ: The Complete Guide to Pregnancy, a fun but informative resource book about pregnancy packed with personal anecdotes, doctors' notes, and input about what men are thinking in each part of the story.

    Following the book's launch at Destination Maternity, I spoke with Rosie about hot-button pregnancy issues, the myth of doing it all, and some advice for couples dealing with infertility.

    LilSugar: Why did you decide to write the book now?

    Rosie Pope: I've had access to such amazing experts

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  • Craftastic! Felt Sewn Fall Leaves

    Source: Craftastic! Felt Sewn Fall Leaves

    Create something really special with your child that will decorate your home and bring the beauty of falling Autumn leaves indoors - without creating a big mess. Sewing is an important skill for kids to master, making this craft perfect for children 6 and up. And with a bit of adult supervision, these felt sewn leaves are easier to make than you think, turning into a colorful Fall centerpiece or soft playthings for indoor imaginary play.

    What You'll Need:

    • Various colors of felt
    • Scissors
    • Craft string
    • Craft needle
    • Fiberfill stuffing


    • Start by selecting a color of felt for the first leaf, then fold the sheet in half. Invite your child to cut the shape of a leaf, creating two sides for the felt sewn leaves.
    • Now your child can cut a length of craft string, thread the craft needle, and then straight stitch down the center of one of the leaf sides, knotting the ends. A straight stitch is simply sewing the
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  • Tips and Products to Stay Healthy During the Cold and Flu Season

    LilSugarSource: Tips and Products to Stay Healthy During the Cold and Flu Season

    With new products ready to keep pesky bacteria at bay this cold and flu season, along with tried-and-tested tips, there's still no sure way of stopping the germs - especially if you've got kids. Parents seem evenly split between opting for the vaccine and fighting the flu with their own methods. Being prepared is the first step to staying healthy this cold and flu season. Click through for simple tips and a few products, that might make your life less sniffly this Fall. What's your family's secret sick-busting weapon? Leave a comment below and share!

    • Wash Your Hands: Wash your child's hands often - along with your own. And using a gentle antibacterial soap, such as Pampers Kandoo Brightfoam Anti-Bacterial Soap ($7), keeps kids' hands clean without drying them out. It's suggested that kids wash their hands for 20 seconds to slather away all those germs, so teach your tots to sing the ABCs or another favorite
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