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  • Five Fascinating Facts From The Male Brain

    When a friend passed on Louann Brizendine's The Male Brain ($17) I almost added it to my already sky-high tower of books, but her recommendation was so passionate, I cracked it open during my commute. And I couldn't stop reading. The follow up to Brizendine's bestselling The Female Brain, the XY edition looks at the lifespan of a man's brain - from conception to old age - and how hormones influence growth, behavior, and the stages of life. While many of the book's insights felt like common sense reminders from college courses and pregnancy preparedness guides, I learned (or re-learned) a few fascinating tidbits that have already helped me better understand my sons. I highly suggest you pick up a copy, but in the interim, here are a few titillating teasers.

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  • Five Tips For Taking Fabulous Toddler Photos

    Toddlers are tons of fun! And Nancy Alcott has had plenty of practice snapping shots of the energetic tots in her experience as a professional photographer. Since May is photo month, the artist and mother of soon-to-be two (she's 8 months pregnant with her second child) is offering LilSugar readers

  • Exclusive! Rebecca Romijn's Twin Daughters Won't Know Who's Older!

    Dolly and Charlie O'Connell's parents are keeping a big secret! Rebecca Romijn and her husband Jerry may live public lives, but their 16-month-old daughters are no different from other tots - except they will likely never know which twin is older! We had the opportunity to chat with the model, actress, and mother yesterday while she was promoting Huggies' denim diapers. When asked about the personality differences between her darling duo, she said: This may sound strange, but we decided before they were born - I had a c-section so they both came out at the same time - that they wouldn't know which one was born first. Technically, one did come out first, but we feel like a lot of twins get to brag -"I was born five minutes earlier. I was born first." and the truth is they shared the womb. We're also curious to see if the one who is older naturally takes on that first sibling role. On their birth certificates, they were born in the same minute. It was a conversation we had with the

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  • Order a High Chair! Tyler Florence's Restaurants to Serve Baby Food

    Table for three, and pull up a high chair please! Tyler Florence's ultimate dining experience will include a baby food option at his three Bay Area restaurants set to open this Summer and beyond. While the concepts of the celebrity chef's first (and subsequent) eateries - San Francisco's Wayfare Tavern, El Paseo in Mill Valley, and Rotisserie & Wine in Napa - are not tot-centric, Florence told us yesterday that he plans to have his own baby food, Sprout, available to parent patrons who bring in their children.

    The father of three - Miles, 14, Hayden, 3, and Dorothy, 2 - launched his organic foods for the small set a year ago. Florence said that while most of his competitors "steam the entire fruit or vegetable with skin and seeds and then puree it," he uses techniques like roasting to caramelize produce and bring out the natural sugars. The result is delicious, pure food. It's the difference, he says, between a chef's approach and "those who create most baby foods - a food scientist

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  • Chew on This: 10 Teethers Worth Buying

    A teething babe will chew on anything from a wooden table to his own arm! Tricks like the frozen washcloth and teething jewelry will get you so far, but there are some great modern teethers on the market. From all natural wooden versions to brightly colored plastic ones, we've rounded up 10 that you can grab when your baby's gums ache.

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  • Is Twilight Madness Responsible For 2009 Baby Names?

    Sure, there's Twilight attire for aspiring vampires, and 68 percent of LilSugar readers admit to having a mom crush on Robert Pattinson, but could the books be responsible for naming babies in 2009? The proof, some say, is in the top list of last year's names, which was just released by the Social Security Administration. A New York Times article theorized about a connection, since the main character Edward's last name, Cullen, shot up a few hundred spots to become the 485th most popular boy name. And that wasn't the only name that made the cut. The article said: The most popular boy's name was Jacob, an eternal favorite that happens to be the name of the buff rival of paler-than-thou Edward: Jacob Black. The most popular name for girls was Isabella, the progenitor of Bella, the love interest of both Edward the vampire and Jacob the werewolf. Just plain Bella logs in at 58. Did Twilight's fame influence baby names, or is this just a coincidence? Take our poll here.


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  • Oh, BABIES! Interview the American Child Hattie's Parents

    The film that captured the cute and cuddly, the awe and inspiration of a child's life from birth to first steps, BABIES opened in theaters last week. We recently had a chance to chat with the American child, Hattie's parents, Susie Wise and Frazer Bradshaw about the experience. Coincidentally, the little girl who made her big screen debut during her San Francisco delivery turned four on opening weekend.

    LilSugar: Out of all the babies in the world, how did they pick Hattie? How did you get involved in the film?
    Frazer Bradshaw: My friend Jay Rosenblatt who was involved in the project originally called me about being the American cinematographer for the American baby and at the end of the conversation said he needed a baby to be born in the Bay Area around May and I said that was when Hattie was due. Thomas (Balmes) the director was in New York and flew out the following weekend.

    LilSugar: Did watching the way other babies are raised around the world affect your parenting style?


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  • Cut the Baby Fat! Three Tips From Postnatal Trainer

    Motherhood happens! In January, I decided to take the FitSugar Challenge and vowed to lose 20 plus pounds by the end of the year and vlog through the process. But, like lots of other moms juggling a job, three kids, and a marriage, the first thing that fell off my to-do list was my own goal. Now my son is six months old, and my clothes still don't fit, but I've got hope.

    Our friends at Equinox set me up with a postnatal certified trainer who is going to show me how I can shed these postpartum pounds in an attempt to get my pre-baby (or at least something that vaguely resembles it) back! And, because many mothers don't have time to hit the gym or the money to spend on a personal trainer, I'll be relaying my trainer's tips to you!

    If a mother can commit to working out three times a week, Amy Fiske NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer, says there are three tips for prolonged weight loss and toning. She said:

    1. Cardio that works in your training zone.
    2. Lift weights or do body weight

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  • Six Sizzling Summer Blockbuster Toys

    Mama may be holding out for the Memorial Day weekend opening of Sex and the City 2, but your lil ones already have June 18 marked on their calendars for the Toy Story 3 release! The Summer months are chock-full of kid-friendly flicks, and companies couldn't be happier. Our visit to the Time to Play

  • Nine Tips For Breastfeeding While Traveling

    You are now free to move about the country! Breastfeeding is an intimate activity, but it doesn't mean you have to stay in the privacy of your own home. Nursing moms can get out and see the world, they just have to be prepared. Even mamas who are comfortable nursing in public can become anxious at t


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