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  • 11 ways to keep the spark alive

    Finally, alone at last! Top experts offer their best tips for keeping your relationship hot and exciting long after the honeymoon!

    One of the fabulous things about marrying your soul mate is experiencing a unique connection and level of familiarity. But when things are too comfortable in the bedroom, it can cause problems. "Before you're married, your sex life has little competition in your relationship," explains Debra Macleod, coauthor of Lube Jobs: A Woman's Guide to Great Maintenance Sex. "But after you're married, sex has to compete with conflicting schedules, money concerns, in-laws and eventually children. It takes a toll on your sex life, especially when compounded by the increase in sexual familiarity and the decrease in honeymoon hormones flowing through your veins!"

    Though it's important to recognize that your love life will change over time, there's a lot you can do to maintain that spark. Here, tips for keeping things hot long past the honeymoon.

    1. Reach Out

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  • Have Better Married Sex—From Year One to Year 20 (And Beyond)

    When you're a newlywed, sex is…how can we put it…really hot. But chances are that "we-can't-take-our-hands-off-each-other" feeling isn't going to be there at all times throughout your marriage. Just as there are natural ebbs and flows in life, your sex life will likely also experience ups and downs.

    Now, don't panic! Just because the two of you might not always feel the same intensity as you did when you were first married doesn't necessarily mean you're no longer in love, or that sex will never be as satisfying again. In fact, the truth is quite the opposite, say relationship experts. These transitions are normal, even healthy, because they force couples to take stock of their union, and to make adjustments and changes that ultimately strengthen their sexual bond-and the marriage as a whole.

    We've put together this "road map" for your sex life to help you ensure a fabulously satisfying sex life through your golden anniversary - and beyond.

    Milestone: One Year

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  • 5 Ways to Maintain Your Intimacy

    A good marriage requires a little bit of work. Experts report on love, intimacy and tricks to maintaining a balanced relationship.

    Love Thy Body

    A study reported in the Journal of Sex Research found that having a good body image may be the most powerful influence on your sex life. Women who perceive themselves as attractive are likelier to show an "increase in sexual response or activity" than women who don't, according to the researchers. And it doesn't seem to matter whether you're overweight, as long as you feel good about yourself. Are you inclined to be critical about your body? Forget about it-and you may end up initiating sex more frequently and getting more pleasure out of it, too. After all, you're marrying someone who finds you the sexiest thing ever, so you might as well agree with him and enjoy yourself to the max.

    Marriage Myth

    Women push for marriage, while guys drag their feet, right? Nope. A study at the Centers for Disease Control and

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  • 5 Rules for a Happy, Balanced Marriage

    For many brides, the transition from "I" to "we" doesn't come naturally. So we consulted the experts for ways to steady yourself as you make the leap. Their advice: See your engagement period as a "trial run" for adjusting to your new status.

    Of course, becoming a "Mrs." doesn't mean you will abandon your independence completely. You will still be an individual, with your own career, interests and relationships. But in your new role as a partner in marriage, your husband's needs and desires will factor into almost everything you do. Part of building a successful marriage is recognizing, appreciating and embracing this new role without losing touch with the single woman you were before. It's a balancing act.

    Here, 5 ways to have a happy marriage without losing yourself.

    Prepare to Share

    "The first step in all of this is beginning to feel married," says Judith Coché, Ph.D., a marriage and family therapist and director of The Coché Center in Philadelphia. And that

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  • 12 Oldies that Will Bring Guests of All Ages to the Dance Floor

    As much as I love hearing (and playing) the hottest tracks of today, there's a timeless element to the classic songs that came out in the 1950s & '60s that a lot of modern music lacks. Growing up as an 80s baby, I was exposed to a lot of this older music when they were reprised in movies and TV shows that I enjoyed as a kid. I had no idea who Tom Jones was until Carlton Banks broke out his now infamous "Carlton Dance" to "It's Not Unusual" on "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air". Nor did I know at the time that Eddie Murphy's Prince Akeem character in "Coming to America" was singing a real song as he roamed the streets of New York madly in love. My inner music nerd later did some research and found out that there was a guy named Jackie Wilson who sang that same awesome song "To Be Loved" in the 1950s.

    My appreciation for these older classics can add a nice touch to any wedding, for young and old alike. With these classic retro songs, the older guests can reminisce to when they were

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  • Beat the Post-Wedding Blues

    Kazzie Emrich's wedding was perfect from start to finish, and she was thrilled to begin a new chapter of her life with her husband, Bill. "But once we got home from our honeymoon, I began to feel an overwhelming sadness that this amazing event I'd spent almost a year planning was over," says the Chicago resident. "It was especially hard for me to attend weddings, showers and bachelorette parties, which I did a lot during my first year of marriage. Just seeing the giddiness of the brides made me feel sad-and envious. I even thought about my own mortality. As a girl, I had dreamed about my wedding and seen that day as a major life event that would happen way in the future. But now that it was over, it felt like an ending. The worst of the sadness lasted six months, but even now, three years later, I still haven't thrown away my unused invitations, and my bouquet is still hanging in the kitchen, where I had placed it to dry out."

    These feelings-you can call them the "bridal blues"-are

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  • Groom Live-Tweets His Proposal for 12 Hours

    The first stop on Mike Duerksen's proposal list.The first stop on Mike Duerksen's proposal list.Technology is everywhere: At home, at work... and even on our dates? Mike Duerksen proved that to be true as he live-tweeted his 12-hour marriage proposal, consisting of eight dates on Friday the 13th, while hundreds of Twitter fans followed along.

    The day before the proposal, Mike let Twitter followers know what he was planning (his girlfriend doesn't use Twitter) and invited them to follow him with the hashtag #MikeProposes. The next day, he led his girlfriend-and the Twitter world-on a whirlwind romance to eight different locations, each with a special meaning.

    He kept his followers in the loop with tweets and instagram photos from each place.

    "Wishing best of luck to @mikeduerksen today! #MikeProposes is such a cool idea!" tweeted @MClinton007.

    "@mikeduerksen #mikeproposes I'm not one for total mush but this is freaking adorable. Setting the standards high for all the guys out there!" @_dianer tweeted.

    Mike kept his followers updated every step of the way,

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  • What Wedding Guests Will Spend in 2012

    How do you decide how much to spend on wedding gifts?How do you decide how much to spend on wedding gifts?

    New research from American Express reveals that wedding guests expect to pay $339 in general and $377 if they're in the bridal party (down from $490 and $539 in 2011, respectively). This includes not just the gift, but also travel arrangements, clothing, pre-wedding celebrations and childcare.

    "Saying 'I do,' isn't just an investment for those getting married, guests have to consider their costs as well," said Claire Bennett, the EVP of Loyalty & Membership Benefits at American Express. "From the suit to the suite to the sitter, the expenses for attending a wedding add up and we're seeing consumers cutting back a bit this year to manage the cost."

    In addition to the national average, the survey of 1,500 participants determined how guests decide what amount to give as a wedding gift. Almost half of respondents said that their relationship to the couple was the most important factor: On average, they spent $166 on relatives, $105 for close friends and $56 for coworkers.

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  • What It's REALLY like to Have a Five-Year Engagement

    Tom (Jason Segel) and Violet (Emily Blunt)

    The Five-Year Engagement premieres today, and it's a topic that hits close to home for the BG web team-between the two of us, we have a five-year engagement (two for Kristen, three for Stefania). So, in honor of the movie, we're sharing what we've learned about the benefits and drawbacks to having a longer-than-average engagement.


    Time to Build the Life You Want and Prepare for Marriage
    One of the best parts of having a long engagement is that it gives you breathing room to focus on your career, get a sense of what your partner will be like as a spouse and decide what you both want for your marriage (living plans, when to have children, etc). It's a commitment towards a future together-one worth waiting for. My fiancé and I decided to get engaged because we were ready to take that next step after dating, but our plans to tie the knot in 2012 were derailed when his physical therapy program added an extra year to their requirements. An extra year was a small

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  • Behind the Scenes with Isaac Mizrahi at Kleinfeld

    We got an exclusive backstage pass to Isaac Mizrahi's first collection for Kleinfeld! We sat down with the fashion legend and got him to spill on everything from his favorite wedding gown design to his boyhood days in Brooklyn.

    Check out our video interview with Isaac!

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