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  • 20 Prettiest Wedding Gowns for Spring

    Looking for something fresh or floral for your spring ceremony? Here are our favorite springtime gowns.

  • 10 Amazing Groom's Cakes

    What is a groom's cake? Traditionally, it's a gift from the bride to the groom that reflects his personality and interests in his favorite cake flavor. The groom's cake is displayed next to the wedding cake, and typically, it's later cut and put into boxes for guests to take home. According to legend, if a single woman sleeps with the slice under her pillow that night, she'll dream about her future husband... though we recommend eating your slice, since these days, popular flavors are chocolate, cheesecake, or even liquor-soaked cake. Here, we've gathered 10 amazing cakes from the most popular themes. Check them out!

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  • Photo Diary: A Brave Bride's Battle with Cancer

    Most brides-to-be plan to have their dream weddings filmed and photographed-but for Lainie Schultz, photographing the days leading up to her wedding has led to an outpouring of support and admiration across the nation.

    "Since I have been diagnosed, I only want to help others see cancer as I see it-and not to fear it," says Schultz.

    In 2008, Schultz learned she had both stage-two breast cancer and Li-frameni syndrome, a rare disorder caused by a genetic mutation. Emily Harris, a photographer who had previously done work for Schultz's sister-in-law, contacted the bride-to-be, asking to photograph her cancer journey and wedding planning.

    "[Emily] happened to call me the day before I was planning to shave my head, and I said, 'it was fate you called to come over tomorrow. Let's get this story started!'" says Schultz. Joseph Jones, Schultz's now-husband, shaved his fiancée's head weeks before the wedding.

    The day was far from sad; the room was filled with plenty of smiles,

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  • Living Together Before Marriage No Longer Increases Your Chance of Divorce

    Are you living together before marriage?Are you living together before marriage?
    For years, it's been said that couples who live together before marriage are more likely to get divorced. But according to a new government study of 22,000 men and women, this is no longer the case.

    About 60 percent of couples live together before marriage. "It's becoming so common, it's not surprising it no longer negatively affects marital stability," said Wendy Manning, co-director of the National Center for Family & Marriage Research at Bowling Green State University in Ohio.

    According to the study, couples who lived together while engaged had a 60 percent chance of their marriage lasting 15 years-the same as couples who did not live together before the wedding. But for couples who live together before the proposal? Their marriages were only 53% as likely to reach the 15 year mark.

    The study infers that the difference is related to feelings about committment.

    "Commitment has made a difference. In interviews with some women who have been married 20 years or

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  • Hunger Games Wedding Ideas

    We celebrated the upcoming Hunger Games movie release on March 23 in the best way we know how at Bridal Guide Magazine-by putting together a wedding inspiration board, of course. Suzanne Collins' bestselling trilogy is undeniably an unlikely source for wedding planning. (Even Lionsgate thinks so, they declined to comment on this story.) But if you can look past the twisted premise (a televised survival competition where districts must battle to the death for the sake of entertainment), you'll find that at the heart of it all is an incredible love story that sparks a revolution.

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  • New Survey Reveals Top 10 Cities for Newlyweds

    A recent study from reveals some interesting findings about couples' behavior regarding combining households and their personal beliefs about married life. The majority of respondents (75%) said their overall quality of life has improved since moving in with their spouse. The other quarter of survey-takers cited the following as major sources of stress: not having their own space (all the more reason to actually let him have his own man cave), sharing household expenses, and splitting up household chores. When it comes to finances, 62% of couples report that they've improved (one rent bill, score), while 22% say they've actually gotten worse as a result of moving in together.

    In addition to assessing couples' attitudes about matrimony, the survey also analyzed which cities are ideal to start your first home together. They ranked them against the national averages for cost of living (calculated from a baseline of 100 from the U.S. Census Bureau), mean annual income

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  • Why I'm Nervous to Live with My New Husband

    (Pictured from left to right: My sister Lisa, Mom, me, Michael, Dad, my sister Laura, and future brother-in-law Kevin)
    Next Thursday, my fiancé Michael and I start the 100-day countdown until we tie the knot (crazy, right?). Naturally, we've switched gears this past week and are back in planning mode: purchasing my wedding shoes, picking up our invitations, and getting my makeup trial. In spite of the errands and hectic schedule, I've been thinking more and more about what life will be like post-wedding, with a million "what ifs?" swirling through my mind.

    Our first two weeks as newlyweds will be spent in Hawaii on our honeymoon, but what happens when we arrive back in New York? It's slightly embarrassing to admit, but I've lived in the same house with my parents for my whole life (24 years, for those who are counting). When it was time for college, my family, friends, and the scholarship funds I received were all perfect reasons to choose a school ten minutes away from my home. Needless to say, the idea of moving out can be rather upsetting, even though I'm looking forward to starting my

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  • How One Couple Lost 200 Pounds Together—and Kept it Off

    Kyle and Becky Turnow before and after their dramatic weight loss.
    As Kyle and Becky Turnow approach their one-year anniversary on April 30, they have another reason to celebrate-together, they have lost (and kept off!) 203 pounds!

    Kyle, who had struggled with his weight since childhood, reached his heaviest of 325 pounds in the summer of 2007. His turning point was when his weight began to interfere with his job as a robotics technician. "Working in a clean room, I have to change into protective clothing upon entering, and this was becoming a difficult task-to the point that taking a break was more work (dressing and undressing) than working!"

    When his workplace offered a Weight Watchers program with incentives based on weight loss and attendance, Kyle decided to join. "In the years leading up to joining Weight Watchers, I had gained weight fairly rapidly," said Kyle. "I had lost about 70 pounds on my own plan, but shortly thereafter, I had gained it all back-and then some."

    Becky met Kyle soon after he joined Weight Watchers. "I

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  • How to Handle a Groomzilla (It Happens More Often Than You Think!)

    Does it feel like your groom is taking over the wedding planning? Here's how to find the balance again.
    By: David Tutera

    Okay, we've all heard of the bride who lets the stress of her big day get the best of her… you know, the bride-turned-drama-queen we've secretly (or not so secretly) nicknamed bridezilla. That's bad enough, but here's another thought… What do you do if you have a groomzilla on your hands?

    I always say getting the groom involved in the planning of your wedding is a good thing. However, what's not so good is letting the groom take over the planning. This happens more often than you might think. It's important to remember that the wedding is one of the most significant moments in a woman's life. Having the groom participate in the planning is a great way to begin your relationship as a married couple. But when your groom starts making demands about your gown and accessories, your bridal bouquet, or what needs to happen when (and how), then I think the big question-besides am I marrying a groomzilla?-is, am I marrying someone who will start to take control

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  • 10 Things You Must Do Before You Have Children

    "I continually meet couples suffering from baby shock," says Tina B. Tessina, Ph.D., a marriage counselor in Long Beach, California, and author of How To Be a Couple and Still Be Free. "They tell me they had no idea what having a child would be like. They didn't think it through." Wondering what the two of you should do before that seven-pound bundle snuggles its way into your hearts and your home? Here are 10 suggestions that, hopefully, will reduce your risk of being zapped by baby shock-and strengthen your marriage in the process.
    Newlyweds should wallow in their coupledom in the early years.

    1. Live a Little

    Married three years, Lisa Giassa has a lengthy to-do list of tasks and experiences she'd like to complete before she and her husband start trying to have children. Giassa, 30, a book publicist in New Jersey, wants "to live life uninterrupted." By her definition, that means traveling as much as possible, renting a sports car just for fun, trying out new restaurants, seeing all the first-run movies she wants and-hey, why not-having

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