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  • Snooki is Engaged!

    Jionni LaValle and Nicole Snooki Polizzi
    According to People, Jersey Shore star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, 24, is engaged to Jionni LaValle! The couple met during the third season of the show.

    Polizzi hinted at an upcoming proposal in January: "I know he's the one, so I know the ring's gonna come soon," Polizzi told People on Jan. 12. "Well, not soon-soon. He knows it should be big, cuz if it's small I'm saying no. Like, 'Get another ring!' "

    Despite some turbulent times, as Jersey Shore fans know all too well, Polizzi has been ready to settle down with LaValle for months:

    "Jionni is a great guy, so I am so down to making guido babies with him...I don't hook up anymore. I'll always be this crazy, fun person, but by the time I get married, I'm going to be this amazing wife," she said on Good Morning America in August.

    According to several sources, a "guido baby" is in their future as well -reports claim Polizzi is three months pregnant and, yes, LaValle is the father.

    Polizzi and Jenni "JWoww" Farley

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  • 95-Year-Old Bride and 98-Year-Old Groom Become the World's Oldest Newlyweds

    When Lillian Hartley, 95, and Allan Marks, 98, tied the knot this week, they unknowingly became the world's oldest newlyweds. Their combined 193 years broke the previous record of 191 years.

    "Honest to God? Oh, I can't believe it," Hartley told The Desert Sun about breaking the record. "Oh, I'm impressed with myself."

    Lillian Hartley, 95, and Allan Marks, 98.

    The happy couple met 18 years ago at temple on Yom Kippur in Palm Springs. He complimented her dress, and their relationship grew from there.

    "I believe in fate and destiny a little bit and I think that was meant to be," Hartley told ABC News. "I had been a widow for six years and I really loved my freedom. …I said, 'Oh, I don't want a relationship,'…and then he came along, and somehow hooked me."

    The couple moved in together soon after they began dating. Over the years, they had discussed marriage but, because of their busy lifestyle-they love to travel, go to temple, and watch the Los Angeles Lakers-they didn't find the time until Leap Day (guess

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  • The Truth About Leap Day Proposals

    Would you pop the question on Leap Day?
    It's only natural for a day that comes around just once every four years to attract some fun folklore and superstitions. We did some digging on the tradition of women proposing to men on this day, as seen in the 2010 flick Leap Year.

    These days, we all know it's perfectly fine for a woman to propose to a man. But centuries ago, it was unthinkable-except on leap day. As the story goes, St. Bridget struck a deal with St. Patrick after complaining that women did not have the right to propose marriage. St. Patrick suggested that women have the right once every seven years, but St. Bridget negotiated it down to once every four years-and that day would be leap day.

    The more likely scenario is that, since February 29 was seen as a "bonus" day, people felt that the traditional rules of conduct did not apply. Regardless, it's become a fun tradition over the centuries for leap day to become a Sadie Hawkins Day.

    Although there's a myth that it's illegal for a man to refuse a

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  • Is a Destination Wedding Right for You?

    One of the first decisions that a newly-engaged couple has to make post-proposal is not only when to get married, but where. Beachy destination weddings are becoming especially popular, but in my opinion, they are simply not a good fit for everyone. I'd love to share my experience attending my sister's wedding in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, with you, in the hopes that it will help you decide if it's the right choice for you and your groom. I'll also share what it's like to be a guest in this scenario, so that you can get some insight on what to expect if you'll be jetting off to a loved one's wedding soon. Let me take you through some of the details...
    My sister's wedding ceremony in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.My sister's wedding ceremony in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

    1. How do you feel about an informal dress code? The dress code for a destination wedding is likely to be more relaxed than a formal wedding, especially if the ceremony is taking place on or near a beach. Embrace it! My dad wore flip-flops as he walked down the aisle and Corey sported khaki shorts. Typically, if you're attending a

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  • How to Write Your Own Wedding Vows

    Don't go by the book! Add a personal touch to your ceremony by declaring your love in your own words.
    No doubt you've worked hard to stage a wedding reception with tons of individual style, so why should your wedding ceremony be any different? Get personal, and consider writing your own wedding vows. It's not as daunting as you might think. Here's how it's done.

    1. What's Your Style?

    Decide if you want to say separate wedding vows (you write yours, he writes his), or if you'd rather each recite an identical, all-encompassing wedding vow that you compose together. You can also combine these options: Take turns making personalized promises to each other, and then solemnize these statements by exchanging more formal, traditional vows ("I, Jason, take you, Kimberly, to be my lawful wife, to have and to hold…") or a variation that you decide on together ("I, Stephanie, promise you, David, to always be your wife, your friend, your lover…").

    2. What Makes a Good Wedding Vow?

    Keep in mind that at the heart of every wedding vow is the idea that you're making a pact. The

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  • 15 Signs You're Too Obsessed with the Wedding

    Being excited about your wedding is normal, but when you let it become an obsession, it totally takes the fun out of the experience! Too many brides allow their big day to become their all-day, everyday reason for living-annoying everyone around them in the process-and often, they don't even realize that they've gotten that bad. Read on for all the warning signs (and ways to reclaim your sanity).

    1. You're Too Obsessed If … You promised no wedding talk, but you do it anyway.

    This can happen during date night or girls' night out, and it frustrates the people who want to spend time with you.

    How to Dial It Down: Tell loved ones, "If I start talking about the wedding, just tell me to stop." This shows that you're aware you have a problem, and you'll all get a laugh each time they "catch" you veering into wedding mania. Have a sense of humor about it and friends and family will lighten up, too. What doesn't work? Giving them a dollar each time you mention the big day-that

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  • 11 True Wedding-Night Confessions

    Real brides share what actually happened when they and their grooms stole away for the wedding night.Real brides share what actually happened when they and their grooms stole away for the wedding night.
    The Big Day is over, and you and your new husband head up to your hotel suite for a romantic champagne toast, followed by an amazing romp in bed. Well, anyway, that's what happens in Hollywood films. Since real life is often not so picture perfect, we asked some recent newlyweds to share what really happened.

    1. "Before the wedding, my husband and I had separate hotel rooms, but we were planning to stay in my room on our wedding night. So after everything was over, I went upstairs, changed into my lingerie, filled two glasses with champagne and waited for my new husband. But he never came! It turns out I'd forgotten to give him a room key. And I was so tired after the long night that I fell completely asleep and didn't hear either my cellphone or room phone. He waited for 30 minutes in his room and spent another 30 minutes begging the hotel staff to let him into mine. To verify that he was who he said he was, a hotel employee had to come in with him. And there I was,

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  • Woman Weds on Her 100th Birthday

    Newlyweds Dana Jackson and Bill Stauss currently reside at the Rosewood Health Care Center in Kentucky.
    On February 6th, Dana Jackson celebrated a century of life with about 100 of her nearest and dearest at the Rosewood Health Care Center in Kentucky. An ice cream cake in her honor was frosted with the special message, "Congratulations, you are never too old." But this wasn't your average birthday party, not even for a centenarian: Jackson decided to mark the momentous occasion by marrying boyfriend Bill Stauss, 87.

    Stauss never imagined that he would ever wed again, since his previous marriage lasted 55 years. However, Jackson was the exception: "I found one that's just as nice as can be. Treats me good. Like a human being should be treated. It's rare to find a girl like that."

    "I feel 50," Jackson told BG Daily News. "I don't feel 100."

    This was Jackson's third trip down the aisle, but the first time she wore an engagement ring and traditional gown. Her first wedding took place when she was only 15 years old. She marveled at how much has changed since then: "Gettin'

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  • 10 Questions to Ask...A Photographer

    Interviewing potential vendors is like going on an awkward first date. Here's what you should ask before booking your photographer.

    Meet the Experts:

    Josh Lynn is a New Jersey-based photographer serving all of New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania as well as destination weddings. Described as unobtrusive and still able to capture the special moments. Josh Lynn has been photographing weddings for over 15 years.

    Casey Fatchett is an award-winning New York City-based wedding photographer with more than 10 years of experience. He also recently went through the wedding planning process himself, giving him a unique perspective on the wedding industry from both sides of the fence.

    1. Is photography your main business? What percentage of your work is composed of weddings?

    First, you need to gauge how much experience a potential vendor has. Photographers' time commitments and skill sets vary-some only work part-time or might mostly photograph something else

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  • The Most Adorable Wedding Trend on Pinterest

    Instead of having your flower girls scatter rose petals (let's face it, they'll never do as good of a job as your florist), or having your ring bearer carry fake rings on a pillow, have the smallest members of your wedding party announce your grand entrance in style with a "here comes the bride" sign.

    Sure, your guests likely already know to expect your walk down the aisle right after the flower girls, but that doesn't take away from the cute factor of these signs. Check out the photos!
    Flower girls carrying sign.Flower girls carrying sign.
    Flower girls carrying sign.Flower girls carrying sign.
    Pillow boy and flower girl carrying sign.Pillow boy and flower girl carrying sign.
    Pillow boy carrying sign.Pillow boy carrying sign.
    Pillow boy carrying sign.Pillow boy carrying sign.
    Flower girls carrying sign.Flower girls carrying sign.
    Babies in a wedding procession wagon.Babies in a wedding procession wagon.

    Even furry attendants are getting in on the fun!
    Dog in a wedding procession wagon.Dog in a wedding procession wagon.

    Tell us: Will your flower girls/ring bearers be carrying signs?

    - Kristen O'Gorman Klein

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