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  • The Biggest Mistake that New Brides Make

    One of the biggest wedding-planning challenges can be cohesiveness - presenting a consistent vision for your event from start to finish. As a wedding planner, I see brides (especially those who are newly engaged) struggle with this all the time. They've picked their venue, theme and dress...but none of the three really match.

    Throughout the process of falling in love with gowns, flowers, linens, and all things wedding pretty, you might find it difficult to maintain focus and your wedding can take on a life of its own. So, how do you prevent this from happening? The good news is that by outlining key factors early on, it's totally doable to execute your big day without getting completely lost in the process.

    I've put together some easy tips to help couples stay on track throughout the months leading up to their wedding. By no means do you have to follow these to a T. My hope is that you will find a way to personalize these steps and bring your vision to life in the most

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  • Chrissy Teigen Reveals Her Surprising Wedding Regret

    Chrissy Teigen

    When you're marrying a music mogul like John Legend, there can be a lot of pressure to pick the perfect soundtrack for your big day. Legend even performed his latest hit, "All of Me" - which is dedicated to his new wife - during the wedding. But the newlyweds skipped one of the biggest musical wedding moments at their Lake Como wedding: the first dance!

    "I do have one regret, and that's not having a first dance," the Sports Illustrated cover model told The Insider. "I refused to have a first dance because I can't dance, so I don't like dancing in front of people, but everything else was just perfect."

    She also shared the #1 tip she received from her married friends before the big day: "The most important thing is that you remember every moment of this, and it's gonna fly by. And I thought that the entire wedding. I was like, 'OK, it's going to fly by. Like, be happy every moment. Remember every moment.' And still it's hard. It really does fly by. It's hard to

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  • See Allison Williams' Gorgeous Engagement Ring!

    Allison Williams on 'Late Night with Seth Meyers'Girls star Allison Williams stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers last night to dish about her recent engagement to co-founder Ricky Van Veen - which caught her completely by surprise.

    "[It was] the best kind of surprise, and we're really, really thrilled," she said. "The funniest thing about that is I consider myself someone who is impossible to surprise, and yet I am constantly surprised by things."

    And, of course, she showed off her gorgeous engagement ring. "I'm obsessed with it. I stare at it a lot." she shared.

    Allison Williams' engagement ring

    With marriage on the horizon, she confessed that it does make her view her relationship differently.

    "The investment is there. It just changes the stakes, clearly," she said. "But it's really fun."

    Not only has being engaged raised the stakes in her own life, but it's made her view her favorite show, The Bachelor, differently.

    "Suddenly, the show feels real. I understand the stakes for the first time ever, which is so weird

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  • The 10 Biggest Post-Wedding Mistakes Newlyweds Make

    As you settle into married life, there are still a few important wedding-related tasks that you need to keep in mind.

    Taking Too Long to Send Your Thank-You Notes
    You may have heard that you have a year to write these. But the truth is, you have three months before people start wondering if you're ever going to send them. Immediately after returning from your honeymoon, put yourselves on a manageable schedule. Plan on writing five a day each: You can handle your family and friends, and your spouse can handle his or hers. Divide your mutual friends in half, and you'll bang out all of your thank-yous in no time.

    Putting Off Creating Your Wedding Album
    As soon as you receive the proofs from your photographer, start selecting your favorite pictures for your album. Have Post-its ready the first time you flip through your photos - mark anything that garners a reaction from either of you. That way, you'll gauge your emotional connections to your photos better than if you

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  • Wedding Dress Inspiration from the 2014 Oscars

    Still searching for the perfect wedding dress? Get inspired by our favorite celebrity looks from Hollywood's biggest night: the Academy Awards! From glittery embellishments to striking silhouettes to sheer effects, these gowns took the fashion world by storm.

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    By Stefania Sainato

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  • Adorable Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head Wedding Inspiration Shoot

    How would you explain your career to a three-year-old? Wedding photographer Chris Thornton decided to stage a wedding photo shoot using his toddler's toys to help him understand!

    And this isn't the first time we've seen a toy wedding shoot - just check out Barbie & Ken's dream wedding!

    More from Bridal Guide:

    By Kristen Klein

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  • Mary-Kate Olsen is Engaged to Olivier Sarkozy!

    Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy

    We're checking off another couple from our 2014 prediction list - according to Us Weekly, Mary-Kate Olsen is set to marry her boyfriend of nearly two years, Olivier Sarkozy!

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    The unlikely pair - she's 27, he's 44 - went public with their relationship in 2012 at a Knicks game. Not long after, they moved into a $6.25 million townhouse together in New York City. Sarkozy, a multimillionaire banker who is the half-brother of former French president Nicholas Sarkozy, has two children from a previous marriage - Julien, 12, and Margo, 10 - and the former Full House star is ready to embrace her role as stepmother.

    "Mary-Kate has made him a better father. She remembers all the kids' special events," a source told Us Weekly. "She thinks he's a great dad."

    And Sarkozy has won over Olsen's family as well: "Mary-Kate's family thinks Olivier is the best thing to happen to her," an insider revealed. "They love him."


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  • It's Official: Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis Are Engaged!

    After weeks of did-they-or-didn't-they speculation, E! News finally confirms that Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are, in fact, engaged to be married!

    The Ted actress, 30, was spotted shopping with her mother on Thursday at The Grove in Los Angeles wearing a hefty diamond solitaire ring on that finger.

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    Rumors first began surfacing in December when Kutcher, 36, accompanied Kunis to her brother's wedding in Florida, where she served as a bridesmaid. A source at the time told People that they've "talked about getting married for quite a while." Earlier this month, the couple were spotted celebrating another wedding: Kunis' twin brother, Michael, got married on St. Simons Island in Georgia.

    The high-profile couple has been notoriously gun-shy about discussing their relationship to the press - Kutcher once told Elle that "people will fill in the blanks however they want" - or via social media, but that's changed in recent

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  • Girls Star Allison Williams is Engaged!

    Allison Williams' on-screen alter ego, Marnie, may be grappling with a broken heart on Girls, but in real life, she has some happy news to share: she's engaged to be married!

    Her rep confirmed that the 25-year-old actress is tying the knot with her longtime boyfriend of three years, Ricky Van Veen, an entrepreneur and the co-founder of (Fun fact: Williams has written and starred in her own hilarious web clips, including a Mad Men-themed video and Funny or Die episodes where she played Kate Middleton.)

    More Wedding News: This Couple's Incredible Love Story Will Make You Cry

    The pair met while filming the pilot for her hit HBO series. The bride-to-be has her dad's blessing (NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams): "He likes him a lot," she told Larry King during a recent interview.

    Williams may be racking up acting accolades, but there's one role in particular that she's looking forward to down the line: being a mom. In Glamour's 75th

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  • First Comes Marriage, Then Comes Baby — 30 Minutes Later

    James and Brandi Anderson

    For James Anderson, everything was put into perspective when his pregnant girlfriend Brandi went into labor with their first daughter a week before her due date - he decided that he couldn't wait one more minute to marry her. "I just couldn't shake the idea of her having the baby without the ring on her finger," he told KHOU. "The only thing I felt was regret that I didn't do it a long time ago."

    After rushing to North Hills Hospital in Texas, James put his plan into motion. While Brandi was waiting for an epidural, he told her that he had to run to the store real quick. Baffled, Brandi couldn't imagine what he could possibly need from a store at that exact moment.

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    Next, James stepped out of the room and told the nursing staff that he wanted to get married.

    "At first, we didn't think he meant now," said Ashleigh Campbell, one of the nurses. "Once he told us, 'yeah, we want to do it here,' I think pretty

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