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  • Searching for that which cannot be named

    When I was a junior in high school, there was a certain college which I very much wanted to attend. It was close-ish to my parents, had a good program for what I wanted to study, and its tuition was something we could kind of afford. It, however, had a terrible name. One that I could not necessarily wear on a sweatshirt without risking ridicule. I was just shallow enough to pass on applying-my loss, probably. I bring this up because today I was thinking about how lovely, retro, and ladylike it would be to carry around one of those old-timey handwarmers. You know, the ones made out of (preferably fake) fur, where you insert your hands all snug-like and carry them in front of your waist. They're like dressier gloves! So cute! But then I thought: Yikes. They sort of have a dirty name, at least to my 13-year-old boy mind, and this is a family blog. In any case, take a look at the ones I found on eBay today-this, this, this, this, and this-many of which double as adorable purses.

    Keep warm

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  • Body of Work: Side effects of weight-loss surgery--an exporter of natural gas

    Some of the side effects of the duodenal switch procedure for weight loss: it is necessary to take vitamins for the rest of your life, because you malabsorb them, and nutritional deficiencies are possible. You can develop intolerances to certain foods. Your body odor can change. If you are not vigilant with the amount of protein you consume, your hair can thin, and sometimes drop out. Your bowel movements will be frequent and unpleasantly loose. And if you eat some foods--particularly high-fat, high-carb foods, and sometimes dairy--you will experience noxious gas, and so will everyone around you. Sometimes, even if you don't eat anything but protein, you'll experience noxious gas anyway.

    Some of those things, I've dealt with--I take my vitamins, some days more vigilantly than others, but I am working on making it an unbreakable habit. I've become lactose intolerant, to my great horror. My body odor hasn't changed, and after a scary few months where I could see my baby-fine hair

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  • Is ugly the new pretty?

    ugly_betty.jpgOn last week's episode of Ugly Betty, Amanda (whom I love, despite the fact that she is standing between me and my bff Mark St. James) gave us a rare glimpse at her vulnerability when she said, "You know, Betty, you're lucky. When someone falls in love with you it's real. I've never had that. I never know if I'm loved for who I am or because I'm so pretty." Personally, every friend I have, and every guy I've ever dated, I know they were into me for me, despite (or perhaps in spite of) the fact that my appearance certainly doesn't fit the Sex and The City ideal. The New York Times investigates the culture of beauty and society's supposed acceptance of the ugly:

    "The show's willingness to challenge conventional notions of beauty has been championed by audiences and television critics," Ms. Esch wrote. "It has been pegged as part of a larger shift away from the unreal perfection of stick-thin and airbrushed models and the fashion fetishism of the 'Sex and the City' set."


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  • Michelle Obama Looks Back (and Ahead!)

    Michelle ObamaMichelle ObamaThe next First Lady and mom of two talks to Tonya Lewis Lee about politics, marriage and what she wants for young women.

    When I first interviewed Michelle Obama for Glamour in July 2007, I was moved by her generosity of spirit, her conviction and, most of all, her realness. At that time, her campaign trail "entourage" consisted of two staff members and one really good friend.

    Fast-forward one year, and I am interviewing Michelle again in the heat of her husband's campaign for president. As I approach the downtown Chicago hotel where we're meeting, I see that some things have changed-and drastically so. There's a considerable Secret Service presence now, and her staff seems to have doubled. And yet Michelle still, somehow, seems so relaxed.

    Read what Glamour had to say about Michelle's election night look.

    One thing I respect about Michelle is her ability to really put her family first. I know what it's like to be a career-minded mother married to a man with a big, busy

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  • Delicious: Sometimes dinner is popcorn and wine

    Sometimes, you can't do it. It's been a long day, and you are tired and irritated and your feet hurt because you wore poorly-thought-out shoes and the idea of cooking is right off the table, but even the idea of picking up the phone, having to talk to someone about what you want and then having to wait until food arrives at your door sounds unbearable. Those are the nights you curl up on the couch in your ratty pants and have popcorn and dinner for wine. Popcorn has fiber! Wine has antioxidants! It's perfectly healthy!

    Usually, it is also screwtop wine and microwave popcorn, I imagine. There's not a lot you can do about the wine--you don't necessarily want to open up your best when you're pairing it with Orville's finest--but the popcorn doesn't have to be boring. It can be French-herbed, you guys. Via Everybody Loves Sandwiches (a true statement if I've ever heard one) comes this super-simple topping for popcorn that will make you happy, elevate dinner into art, and inspire you. What

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  • Women Do Get Colder Feet

    Are you always complaining to your boyfriend or male co-worker that you are cold? Do you wrap yourself in a blanket at your desk or on the sofa, while he lounges in a T-shirt? Well, it seems that biology may be on your side.

    Your extremities, or hands and feet, are what dictates to the rest of your body how cold you will feel. And, according to a new article in the London Times, women are better at conserving heat than men, which means that they also feel the cold more. Besides gender, the article also points out that factors like diet, smoking and physical activity can also help determine our biological temperatures. So my constantly cold feet are, um, out of my hands…

    Keep yourself stylishly warm in fall's hottest trends.

    by Fiorella Valdesolo

    image via


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  • Hey guys, The Women of the Year Awards was awesome. Really, one of the best events I've been to in years. For all the glorious details, head over to Storked! (Chrissy did a recap, with photos!). Here, we've got a much-anticipated update from Sarah on her major health scare. All I can say is, Phew!


    Hi everyone! That's me in the photo in my messy kitchen (looking enormous, I know-eek-people ask me if I'm having twins every day) along with my son, Carson, and golden retriever, Paisley. A while ago I shared some pretty scary health news that I was facing with my pregnancy-an ovarian tumor/cyst that was growing at a scary rate. For the first time in my-cancer-free!-life words like "malignant" and "oncologist" and "surgery" were being thrown around. And as you can probably guess, I was an anxious mess. Not only did it throw me down that awful "what if" path, but I was worried for my unborn baby-surgery may have meant that he'd be born early and forced to spend his first few weeks

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  • How do you avoid convenience foods?

    Okay, we all know that we're not supposed to be eating convenience foods--boxed things, bagged things, canned things. They're all full of things that will immediately stop your heart, one time in twenty, and if it doesn't, it will inch you that much closer to death anyway, and then you will start to excrete gravy from your pores and develop a facial tic. Seriously, I've seen it happen. It's also the reason I wear a mask (don't look at me, I'm an animal).

    Eating right just got easier! Simply buy what's on the shopping list to make a week's worth of tasty, low-calorie meals.

    But there is something about the convenience foods that makes me keep coming back. Maybe because--they're convenient! There really is nothing like being able to throw a little tray into a microwave and end up with a totally mediocre pile of calories at the end of two minutes. There are tradeoffs--the mediocrity, the facial tic, and the heart murmur--but some days, the flavor doesn't matter and the health problems

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  • Do you overshare?

    This weekend, I was surrounded with a gaggle of awesome friends who all looked sexy and awesome and were loaded with compliments and gossip and snarky salty goodness. It was a good weekend, a great weekend actually, and exactly what I needed after a pretty miserable few weeks.

    While I was getting ready for one of our numerous social outtings, I threw on a baby doll-type dress and hated how it looked, so I pulled out of my suitcase "the Iron Maiden." It looks like a simple girdle, but in reality, it's closer to a Pretty Hate Machine. In fact, I know from experience that I have to put it on BEFORE doing my hair and makeup because the resulting struggle will turn my face into a sweaty hot mess.

    It's so evil that just getting it over your shoulders fills you with all kinds of self-doubt. Maybe it shrunk in the wash? This can't possible fit me! Perhaps tiny little elves snuck into my lingerie drawer and replaced this garment with one that is fifteen sizes too small? Once it snaps over my

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  • Back to the grind with the 30-minute breast cancer fitness challenge

    You guys were so amazing and awesome with your suggestions when I was awash with grief and lack of direction. Thank you for that. Thank you so much. And you were right--things have started to turn around. I still walk around a little dazed but I'm no longer sitting at my desk, allowing tears to roll down my cheeks, and I'm no longer bursting into uncontrollable sobs when I'm alone in the house. One of the unfortunate side effects is that my attempts at jokes are still falling flat and people are misinterpreting my impatience and random unconscious frowning as some kind of commentary on something they are doing. As a result, I find myself needing to apologize more than normal, but at least I am able to process those social cues and empathize with their reactions, which was something that wasn't happening two weeks ago. And I've been able to actually get excited about things, actually feel the thrill percolating up in my head. On the morning of my call with Eddie Izzard, I was doing

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