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  • Do you have sex on your period?

    A friend of mine--a wonderful, brave, strong, body-loving, all-natural woman--went on a romantic vacation recently. And when I asked her how it was, she said that it was not so great. That it was, in fact, ruined because she got her period. Oh no! I said. You mean your cramps were that bad? Oh god, you poor thing! No, she said. Because you can't have sex during your period.

    I was taken aback for a moment. I had not gotten that letter. You really don't have sex during your period? I asked her. For real? For five to seven days, no sexual contact at all? No, she said, and I could hear in her voice that she thought I was crazy. What kind of maniac would want to get naked when they are bleeding vaginally? Who feels sexy and desirable when they are bloated and crampy and bloody?

    Ease the ache of menstrual cramps for up to eight hours.

    When you put it that way--no, when I've eaten too many fish and chips and drank too much beer and then have fallen down the stairs and come staggering away

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  • Will Our New First Lady Successfully Avoid Helmet Hair?

    Sorry that I'm about to take last night's historic election down to a superficial, beauty-centric level (hey, that's what we do in the Beauty Dept.!), but can you believe the gorgeousness of our new First Family? As I stared at them, I began to wonder whether Michelle will keep her hair straight, with the occasional up-flip at the ends, or whether she'll end up with one of the more helmet-like hairdos generally associated with her new role. It's the Hairbot hairdo of the political realm.

    One example: When Hillary Clinton first became First Lady, she traded in straight shoulder-length hair similar to Michelle Obama's for a curled helmet 'do in the tradition of Lady Bird Johnson, Betty Ford and Rosalynn Carter. Thank goodness it loosened back up over time!The curled-helmet tradition continued through Nancy Reagan and Barbara Bush, and Hillary and Laura Bush only managed to break free a little bit; their styles were still always short and appeared to require several cans of

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  • Delicious: The hangover cure

    Oh, hi, good morning...uh, afternoon! Did you have a long night, last night? Did you spend the evening drinking bourbon to steady your nerves while you watched returns? Did you stay up late celebrating with champagne, or drowning your sorrows with tequila? And as a result are you, shall we say, in a delicate condition this morning? No, not pregnant (though I hear that can happen after a long, booze-soaked evening): hungover. Brutally, painfully hungover and I'm sorry, is the text on the screen too loud? I will try to keep it down.

    In the meantime, try this hangover cure from the geniuses at Married With Dinner--a brandy milk punch that is incredibly easy to make. Just brandy, simple syrup, sugar or agave nectar, and a splash of milk. Your system is craving the sugar and protein, not to mention the hair of the dog, and you need something to wash down the Advil, am I right? You'll be up and about in no time.

    image via Married...with dinner

    Most women have no idea how much they're really

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  • The Case for Organic Baby Food

    Once your wee one starts eating solids, you'll have to decide whether to nourish her with fresh, frozen, or jarred foods. Here's our case for organic and healthy baby food.

    By Deirdre Dolan and Alexandra Zissu

    Sometime around 6 months, your babe will go from an all-liquid to a liquid-plus-puree diet. Advice abounds on how to introduce these solids; everyone and their neighbor will offer their theories on which foods to give first, what order they should be tried, and how best to avoid an allergic reaction. But welcome to another dilemma: trying to figure out where the food should come from-a jar, the vegetable bin, or one of the zillion new frozen options.

    As the authors of The Complete Organic Pregnancy, we think that baby's spoon contents should be organic. We generally avoid jarred foods, because they are the least nutritious. "Jarred food is heavily cooked to avoid contamination," says pediatrician Michel Cohen, author of The New Basics. "It's processed food that stays in a

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  • Gladmommy! Obamania overcomes me

    Even though Crabmommy is a US citizen (though raised in South Africa), I didn't vote in this election. Being a busy mom, I just forgot, until it was too late. And now I'm feeling as guilty as all get-out.

    Ha! Settle down, people. That was my anxiety dream the night before last. Naturally I cast my ballot in this historic election along with everyone else who Mommed the vote, Popped the vote and just plain voted. Coming from South Africa where people know a thing or two about historic elections, I wouldn't miss my chance to have my voice heard in this one. However, since I'm a big Palinmommy, as you readers know, Crabmom is nursing a few wounds today.

    Ha, again! Except that it's true I'm a little sad to see Palin and her tribe step off the stage. Who can we poke fun at now? Indeed, Crabmommy had her own sport with Palin's baby names, Bristol's adorable illiterate baby daddy, and of course Ms. Palin's own eloquent statements regarding foreign policy and whatnot. But that's all

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  • Body Image in the Olden Days

    When it comes to body image, Kim thinks olden-day bombshells had it easy. A visit from Marilyn Monroe herself makes Kim appreciate being a modern girl, curves and all. Related: Are you loving your body today and every day?

    More from Elastic Waist and SELF:

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  • My new obsession with herringbone

    I'm not sure how this happened, but I have a new, all-consuming pattern obsession. Herringbone has been creeping onto my style radar for a while now, elbowing out plaid and easily winnowing away my love of florals, polka dots, stripes, and even its pattern cousin, houndstooth. Composed of boxes of short parallel lines (which slope in different directions to resemble the bones in a fish), it's a handsome, timeless design-elegant in small form and playfully '80s when oversize. I love it on skirts, trousers, vests, and right now, especially coats. Check out the excellent examples I found on eBay today: a pale double-breasted jacket, which would be awesome with a miniskirt, tights, and ankle boots; this collegiate look, which I'd love to wear with broken-in jeans; J.Crew's hooded version; a chic cape style; and a crazy sophisticated piece from Valentino (again with the Valentino, I know), which reminds me of a 1977 business lady in the best possible way.

    Don't be shy about mixing prints

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  • Body of Work: Two years out from weight-loss surgery

    Exactly two years ago today, I woke up in a hospital room to find that the Democrats had taken the House, and the surgeon had taken a big chunk of my stomach and a long length of my intestines. I've recovered from the surgery, but I still haven't entirely recovered from the physical fact of it--I elected to have a portion of my anatomy removed, and my intestines re-routed. Two years later, I am an entirely different person, in an entirely different place, with an entirely different life from the one I had started with. Once upon a time, I was three hundred and twenty pounds.

    At one hundred thirty five pounds, I am not living the happily-ever-after I expected to be--things are every bit as turned upside-down as they used to be, and my problems have not been solved. Some things are far easier when you're skinny, when you fit into airplane seats, when the first thought someone has about you is less likely to be a judgment about your size or your shape, when the very act of buying clothes

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  • Delicious: Election cake

    Happy election day! It's the day that's been keeping me in a low-level state of panic for the past six weeks, and terrorized, and living around the fear like a rock in my belly. It's finally here, and I cannot be more relieved. I am also telling you guys right now that if you do not vote, I am going to come to your house and beat you with sticks.

    It's been a long year, a long few months, a long couple of weeks, and it is going to be a long, long day and a longer evening, waiting for the returns to come in. A lot of drinks will work wonders for its calming, tranquilizing effects, but we also have to keep our bellies full and our strength up. Serious Eats has got a recipe for an extremely traditional, very patriotic cake that was originally created in the 1700s to both celebrate election day and to fortify those taking part in the great and glorious festival of democracy. Now we can use the effort that goes into baking it to distract ourselves from the exit polls all night, and to soak

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  • Alternative Beauty: Make a Condiment into a Conditioner

    Sometimes the best beauty products aren't in the aisles of Sephora, but in your kitchen. Welcome to a new TGIBD feature I am calling Alternative Beauty, where I will subject myself to a variety of homemade beauty treatments and remedies and report back. This week, a favorite sandwich ingredient doubles as a deep conditioning treatment.

    Mayonnaise, which, in its purest form, is simply a combination of egg yolks, oil and vinegar, has long been rumored to be a highly effective conditioner. And while there are beauty versions of the remedy-Sally Beauty sells something called Silk Elements Hair Mayonnaise Treatment-I wanted the real stuff. So I bought a jar-I opted for Trader Joes organic variety, versus Hellmans to avoid any extra additives-and gave it a go.

    After scooping the mayo out of the jar and combing it through my dry hair, all the while resisting the urge to add salt and pepper, I covered my head with a plastic shower cap (saran wrap will also work) I swiped from a

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