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  • Top Five Halloween Events Across the Country

    Here at Going Places, we can't get enough of Halloween. Since a night of neighborhood trick-or-treating just isn't enough to satisfy our desire for all things spooky, we found some great Halloween-themed events for this weekend. So, pick one of these destinations, hop in the car, and gear up the family for a haunted weekend getaway.

    1. Haunted Happenings (Salem, Massachusetts): In this most bewitching of towns, take part in a "Witch Trial Trail," by hearing the story and witness the sites of the 1692 witch trials or just enjoy the costume ball and the live music. Going on now through November 2.

    2. Country Mercantile Maze & Harvest Fun (Pasco, Washington): Come and celebrate the holiday with a straw bale maze, petting zoo, pumpkin patch, and hay rides. October 31, 9 am to dusk.

    3. Boo at the Zoo (Sacramento, California): Dress up the kids in their costumes and bring them to the Sacramento Zoo for trick-or-treating, live entertainment, and spooky crafts. October 31, from 4:30

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  • Meal planning can be the cutest

    mini_meal_planner.jpgSo meal planning is probably the key to eating well, every day, without scrounging around in your cabinets and pulling together a dinner on day five that consists of toast scraped along the grease spatters on top of your stove and maybe an apple core. Meal planning is, however, a chore. Chores are boring. Unless--unless! You make them fun. Remember your mom trying to make chores fun? No, seriously, it'll work this time! Because Etsy seller Briones & Co.'s tiny, adorable little mini-meal planners are not only fun to look at, they are fun to use and ridiculously adorable. You will hesitate to write in them, they are so cute, and then you will break out all your sparkly pens and scribble out your dream meals for the rest of the week. Can I get a "whee!"?

    Take the stress out of planning a week's worth of tasty, low-calorie meals with this helpful shopping list!


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  • Woman Breaks Plastic Surgery World Record to Look Like Barbie

    Talk about "plastic" surgery (cue the sitcom laugh track): A 49-year-old British woman (and self-proclaimed "Real Life Barbie") Sarah Burge has broken the world record for cosmetic procedures (she's had more than 100) in an effort to turn herself into a living doll. Her actions trump the previous record-holder, our own stateside "Barbie" Cindy Jackson, who also says her surgery obsession is spurred by her desire to look like the iconic Mattel toy. (FYI Jackson now seems to make a living through sales of her autobiography and microdermabrasion products, among other things) Now, I'm no doctor but…

    I would think that this Barbie-copying business could be a sign of body dysmorphic disorder, where your perception of your physical appearance becomes very distorted. Granted, I could be wrong and these surgery fiends--with their good "I wanted to look just like Barbie-and now I do!" line--could just be incredibly PR-savvy. Either way, what really stumps me is why anyone would want to look

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  • The search for a non-slutty Halloween costume

    Does Halloween reflect the roles of women in society? Afterall, your choices are slut or slutty nun.

    More from Elastic Waist and SELF:

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  • My Budget Wedding: Skimping on everything but beauty

    I'm skimping on flowers. I'm serving chicken. I'm taking a cab to my ceremony. In a self-indulgent turn, however, I'm dedicating serious time and energy to hair and makeup. Maybe it's a beauty editor thing--and maybe not.

    I've been slathering myself in Dr. Brandt's Poreless gel to minimize stress breakouts, drinking foul-tasting omega-3 Udo's oil (good for skin), and running five miles every day before work.

    But this week--the week before the "big day"--I'm stepping it up:

    Tuesday: Makeup run-through with Amy Kernahan (of Amy Kernahan Studio on the Upper East Side).

    Wednesday: Shu Uemura lash extensions with Soul Lee at their Soho outpost--I love false lashes but these are supposed to last for weeks (even when I'm swimming in Bora Bora).

    Thursday: The Barshop Brow (which I raved about last week) at Completely Bare on Bond Street.

    Friday: A rosemary-eucalyptus manicure and pedicure at Sweet Lily in Tribeca. (I haven't picked a color--but I'll take

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  • Delicious: All the kinds of chili

    When I did Weight Watchers, lo those many years ago, I owned a Weight Watchers cookbook, and I cooked one single meal from it--their lowfat turkey chili. It was heavy on the corn and red peppers and light on any actual chili flavor, but it was a big pot of soupy, proteiny, flavorful, go-to deliciousness. I haven't cooked chili since those dark days, and have no experience with real chili, but this love letter to the stuff in the San Francisco Chronicle makes me long for cumin and spice, a bubbling pot and heaping hot bowls of perfect flavor blends and happiness right there on the end of your spoon. With one basic recipe, you can go anywhere--they've got the basic recipe, plus a handful of suggestions for the anywhere, from all vegetarian to meaty-licious. Chili is fast, pretty easy, freezes well, totes beautifully to lunch, and I want a bowl right now, please.

    For another great chili recipe, try SELF's Better-Body Chili and make yourself a delicious, nutritious meal.

    image via

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  • Crabmommy: All treat no trick?

    As Halloween approaches I find myself once again turning to crabby thoughts on this the sweetest day of the year. I'm all for the mini-Snickers and the decorating of pumpkins. I'm all for the cute little ones going door to door on our pleasant street. I'm all for the camaraderie of strangers and friends as we celebrate all things spooktacular. That said, the holiday still feels a little too sugary-sweet for my liking, and I'm not just talking about the candy.

    On a day when being bad is--theoretically--celebrated, I'm a little sad that all our kids are so good. If this year is anything like last year, there won't be any toilet paper in the trees, nor egged cars in my neighborhood. Just truckloads of candy and the same-old same-old warning about razor blade and apples (or, in the modern version, that would be Chinese teflon in the candy corn or whatever). But what about a real hint of evildoing on this the one night of the year when our children are free to dress as evil

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  • The Fur Dilemma

    My friend Zoe and I were out having drinks the other night and, out of nowhere, she leaned in and whispered conspiratorially, "Do you own a fur?" "No," I replied. "Do you kind of want to?" It's an interesting question that I'm sure most people who like getting dressed up have pondered. The truth is, while I definitely consider myself a person who would never own a real fur, there are times when I do see the appeal (so luxurious! So warm!). I've tried to justify this desire by telling myself if the piece is already vintage, like this incredible/funky fur vest, the animals are already long gone and it's actually more like recycling. But then I pet my cats and feel horrible and guilty for ever thinking anything close to a pro-fur thought. It's a fashion struggle. Where do you all weigh in?

    Find out what Jennifer's final decision is on fur.

    More from Lucky:

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  • Delicious: Find the weekend during the week

    Usually what happens is that in the early part of the week, I am committed, firmly and irrevocably, toward a full five days of home-cooked, home-packed, packed-full-of-nutrition-and-flavor lunches that will make me glad to be alive and perhaps keep me from shattering a third story window and plummeting to my death. By day three (who am I kidding--day two. Sometimes, first day fail) I am booking across the street for a sandwich, or throwing a Hot Pocket into my bag to nuke come noon thirty when I want to gnaw off the arm of my chair and escape back into the wild from whence I came.

    All this to say: the LA Times's Weekend Cook reminds me that a few comforting hours in the kitchen on a Saturday morning--before the crazy running around kicks into gear and I am racing flat out and straight ahead trying to cram my free time up until it is anything but with chores and obligations--can yield an entire week of satisfying food and flavors to be slowly reheated and enjoyed with great gusto. A

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  • Wormy love: Make your own compost bins!


    I love worms. These tiny wigglers make something so healthy and important - and composting with worms is so easy ANYBODY can do it! I wanted to make certain that any of you who want to make your own worm bins had the info ... I didn't expect any of you to be taking notes while watching The Bonnie Hunt Show! Things have to happen so FAST when doing these little televised 'How-To' segments - there is really no way you can understand, remember, and follow the steps for building your own bins and making your own worm compost - so Germi to the rescue! Follow these steps, and you can have the richest compost that will make your garden sing with joy!

    So here are the basics - Compost is decomposed organic matter that is used as a soil amendment and fertilizer in our gardens and in our container plantings. If we make our own compost, then we know that it is absolutely organic, which is so important to the health of our planet, and to our own health and well-being especially if we

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