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  • Delicious: Bacony Cinnamony Rolls

    Convenience foods, we've all agreed, are bad for you; high in calories and artificial crap; way too expensive; and nowhere near as good as real, whole food. Except for some convenience foods that are sometime-indulgences that we just can't help. For me, no matter how good the homemade stuff is (and it's goooood), it's mac and cheese in a box, and the occasional tube of cinnamon rolls...though I haven't had either--especially the rolls--in years. I hadn't been especially tempted, either, until I ran across this brilliant brainflash courtesy of the site I am so glad exists, Bacon Today. (Related: Bacon flavor without the bacon heart attack)

    Our intrepid reporter looked at ready-to-bake cinnamon rolls, looked at a package full of bacon, and realized that the world could, so very easily and with so little effort, be made so much better a place in 20--23 minutes. He added one to the other and the result was reported to be, as you can imagine, sublime. What I am doing the next time I have a

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  • Pregnant? Eat (sushi), Drink (wine), And Be Merry!

    "Expectant mothers are treated like criminals if they're caught with a glass of wine or a plate of sushi--but it's time to change that."

    So begins a very sensible essay on how being pregnant in our culture corresponds with the denial of everything from caffeine to brie, but according to this piece, much of what we deny ourselves is perfectly harmless, in moderation. In this article (the first in a new column, The Kid's Menu, at Gourmet), writer Lesley Porcelli stirs a bit of common sense into what is all too often a zealously puritanical affair in America: pregnant women and what we put (or rather, don't put) into our bodies.

    Because it's her job to eat fancy foods and write about them--plus she just digs a good glass of vino and a spot of sashimi--preggie Porcelli investigates the culprits we demonize as potential hazards to our babies' health, and uncovers that few of them pose any real threat. She also mentions a very promising-sounding book, The Panic-Free

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  • Pre-teen beauty obsessions that were much too mature

    The day I turned 12, my mother took me to the Trish McEvoy counter at Saks and made me buy a lipstick. A celebratory first grown-up makeup purchase was her idea; I wanted eyeshadow. No, she said, you're too young.

    The mind reels.

    I have a full-on painted mouth in every photo from junior high, and it's all Jodie-Foster-in-Taxi Driver, Brooke-Shields-in-Pretty Baby, little-Britney-in-the-rodeo-costume kinds of wrong. (My fondness for sneaking a generous school-morning spritz of Tresor didn't help the cause.)

    I still wear the Tresor, but the matte red (!) we got that day has been discontinued. Perhaps in reaction, I'm partial to this little deodorant-like stick of colorless SPF balm, a fantastic emollient for lips or cheeks or elbows or wherever--and a better purchase (if one must be made) for those who have recently been 11.

    What did you use that was way too grown-up?

    While we're traveling down memory lane...remember these products that filled our teenage lives?

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  • On the hunt for...A.P.C.

    Though I have friends with wildly varying styles, I've never met anyone in the fashion world or any other world who doesn't love Paris designer A.P.C. Its pieces are just so classic, French-y, and stylish. They're also well made and well-cut--the kinds of things you pull out of your closet time and time again. I love them, but I can rarely afford them. Except, occasionally, on eBay. I found some truly beautiful items on the site today, including Katharine-Hepburn-esque trousers, my dream trench, and a supple leather motorcycle jacket, which is probably way cooler than I am, but ... tres chic!

    Getting the real deal on designer labels on eBay can sometimes get tricky.
    Guarantee you don't get fooled with these handy eBay shopping tips.

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  • Last-minute kids' Halloween costume ideas

    Some mixing and matching is all you need to pull together a dashing last-minute Halloween costume for your kids. By Sonja Marks

    Come trick-or-treating time, why does it seem that there is no middle ground between McCall's patterns and the "seasonal" aisle at the drugstore? In fact, there is. It's called the broom closet, the garage, or maybe even the junk drawer. (Matching Halloween costume ideas for kids and parents)

    Cat Burglar

    Black top and tights + mask + handfuls of costume jewelry


    Tank top and pleated skirt + electrical tape + mop heads

    Cotton Candy

    Pink onesie + cotton batting + pink water-based spray paint


    Striped hat + overalls + bandanna


    Plastic pith Helmet + khaki duds + favorite stuffed animal

    Check out for more kids' Halloween ideas.

    image via

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  • Weigh-in Day

  • Um, have you ever passed gas during sex?

    Dear Dr. Kate,

    Is it common for women to pass gas during sex? There have been times when my man is downtown doing a fine job and I lose control of that particular area. Is there anything I can do about it? I'm so embarrassed when it happens...fortunately it doesn't seem to faze my guy. I still would like to know is there a way to stop it? What if the next guy won't be so accepting?


    Dear Embarrassed,

    The fact that you're that relaxed during sex (especially oral sex) is fantastic! Unfortunately, when you're relaxed all over, sometimes your sphincter relaxes as well. It's not unusual at all, and my guess is that any guy you're with has had it happen before. There's not much you can do to stop it -- don't eat foods that make you gassy before or on a date night, and chew your food slowly. And if a future partner is not as understanding about how funny sex can be, he doesn't deserve you. Though, is there a chance that the sounds are from your vagina, not your rear? I hear

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  • Delicious: The uses of apples

    One of the things I've been craving, aching, dying for, when it comes to the switch-up of the seasons and the fall rolling in, has been apples, crisp sweet and perfect. (Apparently, they've been on Weet's mind as well.) I've been walking around assuming that, with the cold snap where I am, I wasn't going to get any fresh-picked ones this year, and I had accustomed myself to the (totally brand new, since it didn't bother me so much last year. Or any year, really) disappointment, until I read Sarah's gorgeously sensual ode to the apple, fresh and sweet, and the recipe she posted for Tarte Tartin. She promises that the recipe is not hard, and that the tart is exactly the right thing for dessert, and a snack, and breakfast, and there you have it--a celebration of the season and eating for days, all wrapped up in one lovely package.

    Try a savory way to use your apples with this delicious recipe: Roasted Butternut Squash with Apples.

    photo via Pink of Perfection

    More from Elastic Waist and

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  • A tough call: Would you ever keep your cancer from your kids?

    On Monday, Jendro, a loyal commenter and fellow CML mom asked a really interesting question about a dilemma she is currently facing:

    My problem is this...I have CML and don't appear sick (nor feel sick for that matter). My children are so young that I don't think they would understand and it might scare them to hear that I have cancer. So the big question is, Should you tell your children that you have CML (or similar, chronic-type cancer)? And if so, when?

    Wow. That is not an easy question to answer. And it's one I will be facing sooner rather than later. Here are my thoughts: I am a big believer in telling anyone who wants to know pretty much everything about me (hence, this blog), but when it comes to kids, I just don't know. For those of us with chronic diseases, we could very easily omit the C word from any discussions with our children--at least until they're old enough to understand fully.

    Could that spot be cancer? Test yourself with this quiz.

    I was the kind of

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  • Do You Put Lipstick On at the Dinner Table?

    Growing up, I'd always get reprimanded by my mother for whipping out my lipgloss or lipstick at restaurants for an after-meal color refresher. "It's rude," she'd insist. I never really understood what was so bad about it until the other night when I sat across the restaurant in sight of a woman who reapplied her lipstick after almost every single bite of food she took. It made me anxious just watching this lady and I wasn't even eating with her. (There's a right time for everything--Is Courtney Cox a "don't" when she wears red lipstick to a casual event?)

    I can't imagine how I'd feel if I were her dining companion. It just seemed so...I don't know...self-obsessed. Then I started to wonder if that's what I looked like when I applied my lipstick at the table and I cringed. So that night, I did something that will make my mom extremely proud: I excused myself to the bathroom to reapply my gloss.

    And now I'm considering whether I should really give it up for good or if it's really

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