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  • Crabmommy: How to deal with rude mommies

    There's a species of Rude Mommy that really tweaks my vibe: the mother who can't take a compliment about her kid without being smug in response.

    Today I encountered a delightful, impish toddler at the grocery checkout. When I complimented the mom on her charming little daughter she responded with "Yup, we got a good one." Say, whaa? Let's pause here for a moment. I tell Mom her kid is cute and her response is to heap another compliment for herself on top of mine? We got a good one. That's a line I've heard before in various ways--haven't we all? It's a variation on that whole "We're really blessed"/"We're really lucky" schtick mamas are prone to when talking about their children, words that may not seem offensive at first, but what Mom's really saying is that her kid's a superior sort of tyke, which implies that other kids are inferior, turning a simple compliment into a competition with winners and losers.

    Now, I realize that when folks say this stuff they don't mean to be

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  • Getting waisted: A deep appreciation of the all things high-waisted


    I wore an old pair of low-waisted jeans on Sunday and was immediately reminded of their sartorial horror--of the years of sitting with my underwear (and worse) sticking out, desperately trying to make my cotton tees stretch just one more inch over my flesh. It made me feel so grateful for the high-waisted trend, for clothing that makes one feel pulled in and snug. So grateful, in fact, that I want to go even higher--perhaps with skirts that rise up to just below my chest. Picture_6 I remember trying this before, in like eighth grade, and it being a slight disaster, but I'm confident I'd do better this time. The first item IPicture_8 found on eBay was this cashmere piece from Alexander Wang, which I think would basically be like a comfy sweater for your rear. I also like this sexy, structured look by Tsubi, and wouldn't this shimmery brocade skirt look pretty at a holiday party?

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  • Delicious: bread you don't knead, fast

    Say that you are intrigued by the notion of a bread machine, but it is a little pricey for you, you don't want to give up the counter space, you'd feel guilty looking at it every week and not having the time to actually use it except for rarely and you would feel its laser eyes boring through you every time you opened up your sack of store-bought wheat. That's okay! There's a solution for people who would like to bake bread without gadgets, and rumor has it, is fast, delicious and easy. Those are the kinds of buzz words that make our ears perk up and our pointer fingers click through.

    Two years ago, Jim Lahey's no-knead bread tore up through the food blogosphere. Last week in his Minimalist column, Mark Bittman talks about an even faster no-knead bread and this time it's made one hundred percent from whole grains.. The recipe is here, the feeling of accomplishment and go-getterism will live in your heart for days, and your sandwiches all week will be just perfect.

    What else can you do

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  • Delicious: The kids won't eat it, but you will

    On Suburban Bliss, one of those blogs frequently referred to as being in the "mommy" genre, is a regular feature called "Did They Eat It?" in which the author features a recipe she's made, and put in front of her notoriously picky family. The reactions of her family, recorded faithfully and for posterity, are hilarious and awesome. But it's only recently occurred to me that also, the recipes are always fast, relatively simple, easy to make, and I do not need toddlers and young-sized children and a husband in order to enjoy the simpleness, the easiness, and the fastness! These are qualities which anyone can benefit from! Especially me. Come for the comedy, stay for the easy to make and delicious-sounding Shells with Grilled Chicken and Mozzarella, which is the kind of recipe that more or less goes, cut stuff up, cook it, mush it together. That's the kind of recipe I can get behind.

    Don't underestimate what the sandwich can do for you. Follow these recipes and stack your way to a

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  • 5 Great Style Tips from Isaac Mizrahi

    When it comes to learning new style tricks, I'm a fan of Cliff Notes-type sources that allow me to cram as much info in my brain in as little time as possible. So, you can imagine how excited I was the other day when Isaac Mizrahi told me he had 5 great style tips that were super short and easy! I loved them so much I thought I'd share them with all of you! Here's what he said:

    [Slideshow] Isaac Mizrahi's Top 10 Wardrobe Essentials: The clothing staples every woman should own.

    • Hold your own fashion workshop. Devote a day to emptying your closet, trying on outfits and taking pictures of yourself wearing them. "Wait a few days and look at the photos. Pictures are better than a mirror. They tell you what works and what doesn't," says Mizrahi.
    • Always wear a heel. (Even if you've got lousy feet, in which case you should opt for a diminutive kitten heel.) "Every outfit looks better with a little elevation," he says, "It makes your clothes look better."
    • Groom like
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  • What’s Your Favorite Black Eye Pencil?

    If there is a makeup equivalent to the little black dress (LBD, for short), it's got to be the little black eye pencil--or, as I like to call it, the LBEP. You can use it to draw thin or thick lines, smudge it or pair it with a dressy shimmery shadow. Think of an occasion and there's a look you can pull off with your LBEP that's just perfect for it. Which is why I'm addicted to trying new ones. So I want to know: What's your favorite black eyeliner? (Or do you use colorful eyeliner like this Glamour girl?)

    It's a big question, I know. I can't even pick just one myself. In fact, here are the pencils I currently have in rotation:

    Clinique Khol Shaper for Eyes: Glides on super smoothly without even a little tugging on your lids.

    Wet N Wild Kohl Brow/Eyeliner Pencil: Perfect for when you smoldering effect since it smudges well without traveling all over your face. But my favorite part is that it only costs about a buck!

    Maybelline Define-A-Line Eyeliner in Soft Black:

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  • Travel-Size Beauty Products Have Gotten So Freakin' Chic

    Remember the old days when, before going on a trip, you'd either A) buy ugly reusable plastic travel bottles to transport your shampoo, body lotion, etc, or B) scour the trial-size aisle of CVS for travel minis, resorting to mini men's Degree deodorant or mini Prell shampoo if that was the best avai

  • Ebay shopping inspired by Mad Men, the best show on earth

    About a year ago, when it first aired, I wrote about how inspired I was style-wise by the early '60s show Mad Men. Then everyone started watching it and talking about it and now it feels a bit cliche to repeat how much I love it, but whatever: Mad Men is the most visually beautiful program on television and last night's episode was so amazing I actually dreamed about it. And, this morning, at around 7 AM, I went fishing on eBay for some of the pieces in the episode, which focused on Don Draper's business trip to Los Angeles. The airline lost his luggage--shown later to be a warm, caramel-ish Samsonite suitcase--and so he was already unmoored when he met a group of rich, hedonistic nomads, including one super-hot socialite wearing a beehive, perfect earrings, and an outstanding floral-print dress. Salacious shenanigans ensued in an interior design miracle of a house in Palm Springs. Back in New York, Peggy got a makeover from a coworker while sitting on her couch filled with

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  • Delicious: Dinner in twenty--saucy shrimp

    The last time I tried to make shrimp, I neglected to unshell them--just dumped the suckers in the pan and cooked them up. In the end, I had cooked shrimp that tasted, well, pretty much like cooked shrimp, sitting in a pan of really delicious sauce. It was disappointing. I swore I'd never cook shrimp again. Then I found a recipe that takes twenty minutes, max, and leaves you with a shrimp dish covered in a creamy, garlicky green sauce that sounds good enough to drink out of the pot. Also, it only takes twenty minutes. Did you notice that part? I was hooked and ready to get back on the shrimp wagon (in the shrimp net?) all over again. Add a side salad and some white wine, and you've got a super fast weekday meal. Just remember to take off the shells, okay?

    More delicious and healthy shrimp recipes from SELF: Grilled shrimp with spicy tamarind dipping sauce. You know, grilling seafood is easier than you think! Check out these quick and easy tips.

    photo via The Washington Post

    More from

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  • Fight cancer by stuffing your piehole with deliciousness

    We're already supporting breast cancer research and also squeezing 30 minutes of daily fitness into our uber-hectic lives, but this month's issue of Self packs a bunch of super simple little changes in your cooking and eating habits can reduce your risk of contracting various forms of cancer. For instance, heterocyclic amines (HCAs) have been linked to cancer, but by preventing food from charring and marinating your chicken breasts and tuna steaks before grilling, you can prevent HCAs from forming on your dinner. And we all know that dark chocolate is good for you, but a piece a day can chemically fight the aggressive forms of cancer, like colorectal. So take a walk to your favorite chocolate shop this afternoon, doctor's orders! And by using spices like ginger, cumin and tumeric, you can amp up your defenses naturally while enjoying oh-so-delicious cuisine. Here are some more of Self's foodie tips that are primed to keep you healthy:

    • Keep the grill temp below 325 degrees,

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