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  • Can the reality of exercise ever live up to the idea of it

    My latest theory is that everything is best when it is hypothetical, and I am currently testing that with my workout routine. If I were to get up early, hop into my gear, and fling myself out the door to run in the darkness of the early morning, it would be wonderful. I would feel awake, alive, and energized as I pounded along the silent, chilly streets. Or I could slip into the front row of a yoga class and feel my entire self waking up as I stretched all the way up from the tips on either end of my body. It would be an actual, full-body kind of zing, and every part of me would be alive. Or I would dive into the pool, and as I immerse myself completely, the buoyancy of the water, the strength of the waves pushing back against me would make me, in turn, feel buoyant and strong. I would lap my way back and forth until I burst from the pool after swimming miles, and the crowds would be cheering. (The next time you're diving in, try out this refreshing water workout!)

    No matter what

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  • Crabmommy loves...acorns: Crafty, cute finds from Etsy

    Crabkid and I are all about acorns. We have our share of oaks here in Crabcity, and we spend lots of time competing with the squirrels for our own stash. My kid loathes carrying anything for longer than four seconds so she offloads her findings on me, stuffing them into my hands and back pockets. So, when I open my purse or try and set my coffee cup in the car cup-holder, a forest of acorn caps greets me amid my usual assortment of vintage Ricola cough drop wrappers and UPS receipts: woodland treasures in a sea of man-made junk.

    Acorn caps make excellent fairy plates. Acorns themselves can also be magical, as any kid who has seen My Neighbor Totoro will tell you. And acorns are also just dang cute to look at and be inspired by. Here are some cheapmommy picks for fall acorn-inspired Etsylicious delights. (More cheapmommy favorites here.)

    Could anything be cuter than these 3 magnets by joojoo (at left), made of real acorn caps and clay? Too delicious! And at $12, they hit my

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  • Aim for the pink: Show your support for the cure

    We're well into Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and I certainly hope that you've been inspired to reacquaint yourself with your boobs, or your favorite pair of someone else's boobs. That pink ribbon is everywhere this month, but it's not just a gimmick and certainly isn't something we should ever allow out of our minds. You have to read Misty's explanation of why she got a seriously kickass tattoo, because it absolutely makes me tear up:

    "Here in 2008, we literally stand planted in a place where we can almost see the end of this debilitating disease. A disease which shames some people to think about. A disease which, sadly, some people downplay. They're just boobs... (Yes, someone actually said that.) When I chose to become proactive and passionate about breast cancer awareness, the pink ribbon wasn't even a fashion trend yet. As many people as we see, with pink ribbon water bottles and little rubber bracelets, there are thousands more women who sit in fear, denial, or ignorance

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  • Halloween Party Music Playlist

    These subtly spooky songs will get everyone in the spirit. We've done the Mash; we've done the Monster Mash. And we'd like to avoid another year of having it stuck in our heads.

    By Justine Lorelle Blanchard

    1. Lil' Red Riding Hood by Sam the Sham & the Pharoahs
    2. Somebody's Watching Me by Rockwell
    3. Werewolves of London by Warren Zevon
    4. Black Magic Woman by Fleetwood Mac
    5. Thriller by Michael Jackson
    6. Boris the Spider by The Who
    7. It's Halloween by The Shaggs
    8. My Moon My Man by Feist
    9. Spooky by The Atlanta Rhythm Section
    image via

    For more Halloween party ideas, check out this hour-by-hour party guide.

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  • Delicious: A pudding for your bread

    So maybe you went and got yourself an awesome bread maker, and now you are making chemical-and-preservative-free tiny loafs of bread which you think of as raw toast, or on which to enjoy very delicious gourmet sandwiches. But maybe there is only so much toast you can eat (blasphemy?). Or instead of a sandwich, you enjoyed some leftover squash pie for your noontime meal. What do you do with the remainder of that tiny loaf, before it goes stale? Slashfood suggests that bread pudding is possibly the greatest answer to that question. The recipe is for leftover nazuki bread pudding, but any leftover bread can be used if you try to scale the wet ingredients to the amount of bread you have on hand. And in the end, you've got one of the nicest lazy-weekend breakfasts in the world, and everyone wins.

    More fun things to do with bread: A banana bread recipe just for you.

    photo via Slash Food

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  • Formula for the longest-lasting pedicure ever!

    I got a terrible pedicure. After three days, the polish was dull and on the verge of chipping, and my feet looked scruffier than before I started. Determined to salvage it without starting over completely, I put on a fresh coat of Sally Hansen clear polish, covered my cuticles in Barielle cuticle cream, and wore Vaseline-and-socks to bed.

    It has now been three WEEKS (I only did the maintenance procedure one time), and my toes look better than they did on day one. My nails are shiny and chip-free. I'm thinking quick, cheap pedicures and a little extra work at home may be the way to go.

    Related: The manicure that will not die!

    --Dawn Spinner, associate beauty editor

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  • The food hangover

    After a drunken night, Kim has to deal with the food hangover.

    Related: What to do when you eat one too many burritos.

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  • Ask Dr. Kate: I bleed during sex. How do I to stop this from happening?

    Dear Dr. Kate,

    I have been sexually active for about 6 years now. Today me and my man had sex and I started bleeding during it. I think it might have been caused by the sex position--doggie style--because I also had the same problem with one of my exes. It seems like when we try that position it hurts more than usual--obviously not one of my favorites but it's one of his. How can I enjoy this position more without bleeding? Will this bleeding go away?

    Bleeding From Behind

    Dear Bleeding,

    The position alone shouldn't cause bleeding, though that position can cause discomfort (from him hitting your cervix with the deeper penetration). So I think there's two issues...I think you should see your gyno to make sure that your pap smear is fine and that you have no vaginal/cervical infections (the most common causes of bleeding with intercourse). But the pain issue is a separate one. You don't have to try ANY position that makes you uncomfortable--or worse, in pain - no matter

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  • Delicious: Steel cut oatmeal just waiting for you

    This is what I do not have: a butler who gently, discreetly, knocks at my door every morning, tip toes quietly into the room and sets a small silver tray by the side of the bed. On that imaginary tray is a chrysanthemum from my hot house, a carafe of hot Kona coffee and a little pot of organic cream, a folded issue of The New York Times with all the bad news carefully scissored out (so, just the crossword puzzle), and a hot bowl of incredibly healthy, protein-and-fiber-rich steel-cut oats with fresh fruit and a sprinkle of brown sugar which will keep me satiated for hours and hours.

    Here is what I do have: a canister of very delicious organic steel-cut oats, a crockpot, and a few minutes every night to set the whole situation up, so that I wake up in the morning to creamy, slightly nutty oatmeal, to which I can throw on a handful of thawed strawberries, a squeezing of honey (or agave nectar), a crapload of raisins and some brown sugar to enjoy in the morning while I skim

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  • How not to annoy your friends who don't have kids.

    The Haves and the Have-nots usually refer to socioeconomic classes, but could just as easily apply to women with and without kids. In the interest of shrinking the chasm that sometimes forms between the two, we offer an open letter on behalf of childless gals to their mother-bear pals.

    Acknowledge the elephant in the room when you breast-feed in front of us.

    Just a simple, good-natured, "Winnebagos, right?" will do, because it's killing us to pretend we're not enthralled and distracted.

    Keep track of mileage.

    The distance between your place and our place is indeed a schlep, especially with a crabby toddler in tow, and we agree that it's easier for us to come to you. Just please do not take this for granted: Don't make plans with us and then say, "Great, so you can come out here on Saturday the 7th, Sunday the 15th, or any night the following week." Offer to make the trip occasionally--maybe once every four visits. We'll be so bowled over by the gesture, we probably won't even take

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