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  • Obesity epidemic cause of the week: Lack of sunlight

    Hoo doggie, nothing better than starting a week with a brand-spanking-new culprit in the war against obesity. The villain of the moment is vitamin D, that important little fat-soluble vitamin that gets sucked up into your body via your skin. That's right, unlike the rest of the vitamin alphabet that you have to stick in your mouth somehow, you can get vitamin D without swallowing a thing. When your skin is exposed to ultraviolet B rays, it starts cranking out the D juice.

    What does that have to do with obesity? Well, it seems that larger people tend to have less vitamin D in their systems. We all know that correlation does not imply causation, but the smarties at the Daily Mail have jumped on this as a chance to say that England's weather is making them fat. Okay then! Let's not pay attention to the fact that England has had the same weather since...well...ever, and the rate of obesity in England have been going up over the last 50 years. But sure, blame the fog! Denial is a happy

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  • The five healthiest cities for women in the U.S.A. and what you can do to make yours better

    Across this great land of ours, women are getting a vastly different experience depending on where they call home, but Self magazine has ranked 100 cities across the U.S.A. to determine which city was the best place to be a girl. Hands down, the lucky ladies in San Francisco, CA, are the healthiest overall, with the lowest incidence of obesity or diabetes of any other city surveyed, plus the most OB/GYNs per capita and the best dental health opportunities. San Francisco also was runner-up as having the fittest population and the healthiest eaters (gee, think those go hand in hand)? The city also received high marks for having one of the best environments in the nation. It really is better by the Bay!

    The five healthiest cities for women, overall, according to Self's ranking:
    1. San Francisco, CA
    2. Nassau-Suffolk counties, NY
    3. San Jose, CA
    4. Honolulu, HI
    5. Burlington, VT

    That's all great if you live on Russian Hill with a view of the harbor, but what about the rest of us?

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  • Crabmommy loves...little fluffy bunnies

    I'm feeling unusually pleased with myself: I found some très fab 1940s original children's illustrations (for pennies on eBay) and am about to frame them up for Crabtot's new(ish) room. Instant vintage sweetness!

    My search came about when I realized how dull small kids' bedroom walls can be. Too often one is tempted to put up pics of Winnie the Pooh or put up Mother Goose rhymes or whatever. Don't get me wrong: I heart Winnie and nursery rhyme art can be perfectly charming and all. But there are other ways to liven up a nursery or kiddo room, and lucky for you, I've found a couple of screamingly cute alternatives for your delectation.

    I'm not a big one for fluffy bunny themes but who could argue with this gorgeous Asian-inspired poster from artists Kozyndan, which can be ordered for $28 from Mahar Drygoods? Blossom280_3Blossomb280_3 Look closely (as pictured in the detail at right) and you will see that what first appear to be cherry blossoms are actually little piles of delicious bunny rabbits!

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  • Daily Find: Luco for A.P.C. Kids

    It was only a matter of time before children's clothing went the designer-collaboration route of Target and H&M. This summer, A.P.C. has partnered with a luxe French kids clothier Luco to create a small collection of Parisian-looking floaty yoke-collared tunics, mini-skinny jeans and canvas caps. There hasn't been a kid this chic since Madeline.

    Check out our editor's picks for more summer family fashion.

    More from Cookie:

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  • Building a mighty veggie garden in a small space

    The other day I was at the Minion's house, and I was completely enthralled by the tiny vegetable garden he has been cultivating. Since he rents, he didn't want to dig up the entire yard to facilitate his eating of fresh food - he made himself a modest plot where he grows:


    (8) Champion tomatoes
    (1) Cucumber
    (2) Bunching onions
    (5) Strawberries - there would have been 6, but one bit the dust...
    And a plethora of lettuces:
    (2) green leaf
    (2) arugula
    (2) mesclun

    ...all in a space that measures approximately 6' x 8'!
    He started his vegetable growing project last year, before he became my Jack - Of - All - Trades, so it wasn't my influence - if anything, it's the other way around. My vegetable dreams have become bigger because of his encouragement and enthusiasm. Sometimes, a 23 year old can have alot to teach a ... a more than 23 year old.
    What really knocked me out about MZ's tiny plot was the beauty of the lettuces,

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  • Instant gratification: Dr. Brandt's Daily UV Protection

    If I don't get immediate results from something, I give it up immediately (Retin-A, for example: I've never made it through the first hypersensitive six weeks). Similarly, I was never particularly adamant about protecting my face-I'd dutifully put on a little moisturizer with SPF, like 8 or 15 or whatever, but certainly not every morning. No immediate beautifying effect, no incentive. Terrible, I know.

    If you're anything like me, I'm about to save your skin: I've found a sunscreen that makes you look so good that you will never-never-leave the house again without slathering it all over your face. It's Dr. "dermatologist to frigging Madonna" Brandt Daily UV Protection SPF 30 for Face in Medium Bronze-and it gives you the most fantastic glowy-but-not-shimmery, tan-but-not-orangey allover tint. And it's really sheer (this from someone who finds most tinted moisturizer too heavy). In a word: perfecto.

    -Cat Marnell, beauty assistant

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  • Are hookers the new reality TV stars?

    Daily Special correspondent Abby Holland takes to the streets to ask New Yorkers if they would watch a reality tv show starring a prostitute. Hey, we watch washed-up rockers, why not hookers? Photos via Splash.

    Check out more from The Daily Special on Elastic Waist.

    More from Elastic Waist and SELF:

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  • Weight Watchers wants you to know that they told you so

    Recent studies have shown that food journaling can double weight loss. I can just imagine the party and "We told you so" press releases floating around Weight Watchers' headquarters. But, there is validity to that. I finished the SELF Challenge back in May; lost 9 lbs. and 6.5 inches. I'm relatively sure I wouldn't have stuck to the plan had I not decided to blog about my experiences with magazine dieting.

    I'm no longer dieting, but I still take and post pictures of my food. As opposed to keeping me from making "fattening" choices, it keeps me from making energy draining choices. Energy is the name of the game with me. Do I care about what I weigh? Sure, I'm human. But what I'm concerned most about is keeping up with a hectic schedule. What writing about my food allowed me to do was to look objectively at what I ate and how I felt and see how the two were related.

    A day in the life of my digestive tract:



    • Whole Wheat English muffin with peanut butter
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  • What 18 years of friendship will do for you

    My friend Rod, who I have known for 18 years--can you believe that? It doesn't seem right, that I've been alive for way more than 18 years--is leaving tomorrow afternoon, after staying with me for a full week. On the one hand, yay! I get my house back and my days back and the proofreading that has been stacking up dangerously, terrifyingly high can finally dwindle again and I'll get to hang out with my boyfriend for more than ten minutes at a time and go back to my regular routines (for four days, before I leave for BlogHer, but I'll worry about that when it shows up and slaps me in the face).

    On the other hand, boo. This has been such a good week, and I have remembered all over again why Rod and I have remained friends since I was 17 years old and dumb and crazy and making mistakes all over the place. He lets me absolutely be myself--my most awful, bitchy, rotten self, my incredibly silly, bouncy, crazy self--in a way that few people can. I feel absolutely comfortable around Rod,

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  • Naked: Are you making mistakes in the bedroom?

    Getty ImagesGetty Images
    Do you know how many things you could do wrong in bed? According to a survey by Clitical, as reported by Anne Sexton, a woman can make up to 20 faux pas in bed. Twenty things you have to avoid doing, for fear of terrible failure while you're naked. It takes enough regular, every day confidence and bravery to be naked in front of another person--now you know exactly how much more you have to muster up, in order to make sure you are not mocked while you are naked, which pretty much ranks as the very number one worst time in anyone's life to be mocked or feel stupid.

    There's enough to worry about, when you have stripped down and are contorting yourself into any number of potentially embarrassing positions; do we really need to have had this survey taken, a checklist handily provided for us to tick down obsessively when we should be concentrating on how good our bodies feel and how well they work and how wonderful it is to not just be weird floating heads. Just the idea had already

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