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  • 10 Big Nail Trends to Try Right Now

    By Alyssa Shapiro, Glamour magazine

    If you thought sky-high heels and fancy party dresses were the only covetable styles to hit the spring Fashion Week runways, think again! Look a little closer and you'll notice a slew of standout, must-try nail trends headed our way soon-and the best part is, you can get a jump on these trends now! And why not? As the amazing Essie told us, it's the only makeup that you get to see all day!

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  • 5 Healthy Foods That Aren’t

    By Camille Noe Pagán, Glamour magazine

    Between the fat and calories of these surprising offenders, sometimes you might as well have a doughnut!

  • How Guys Really Feel About Cheating

    Does a tipsy kiss count? A flirty tweet? A sext? In the ever-expanding gray area of fidelity, 102 men explain what's wrong to them.

    Have you ever cheated on a woman?

    Yes: 27%
    No: 73%

    If so, did your wife/girlfriend and the other woman know each other?

    Yes: 46%
    No: 54%

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    If so, did your wife/girlfriend find out?
    Yes: 43%
    No: 57%

    If your wife/girlfriend found out, did you stay together?

    Yes: 33%
    No: 67%

    Has a woman ever cheated on you?

    Yes: 32%
    No: 50%
    Not that I know of:

    Would you ever cheat on a woman with one of her friends?

    Yes: 12%
    No: 88%

    Would you sleep with a woman who you knew was in a relationship?

    Yes. Her relationship isn't my problem: 50%
    No. I wouldn't do that to the other guy: 24%
    No. Cheating is wrong, period: 26%

    If your partner makes out with another woman, is it cheating?

    Yes: 14%
    No: 86%

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    If someone cheats while drunk, is it excusable?
    Yes. He/she didn't know what he/she was

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  • The Dos & Don’ts of Fall Fashion

    By Megan Gustashaw, Glamour magazine
    We get it: Navigating all the new trends coming at you right now can be a difficult process. Hoping to make shopping for-and wearing-fall's new looks easier, we've pulled together a few pointers on how to dress for fall success.

  • The DOs and DON’Ts of Transitioning Your Wardrobe From Summer to Fall

    By Meredith Turits, Glamour magazine

    It's sweltering out. No, wait, now I'm freezing! How am I supposed to pick an outfit?! If this internal monologue sounds just a bit too familiar, you'll want to pay attention: We've got a ton of fashion advice for what to wear during that tricky transition between summer and fall.

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  • Why He Hasn’t Proposed (Yet)

    By Brenda Della Casa, Glamour magazine

    Think every man who doesn't propose is afraid to commit? Don't be so sure. Read on for eight very real reasons even a man in love might not pop the question.

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    1. His Parents' Marriage Didn't Make It

    Our parents' relationship offers us our first glimpse of the pros and cons of marriage, so if his mom and dad communicated best through lawyers, saying "I do" might be a huge don't. "I know a few guys who remember their parents' relationship as being full of poison, and the idea of marriage brings up the pain they felt when their parents divorced," says Steve, 31, of Boston. "So instead of proposing to the women they loved, they broke things off when it got to that point in their relationships."

    2. He's Focused on His Career
    Many men place the same emphasis on their career as some women do on their relationship status, which means that unless he's made a name for himself at the office, he

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  • 20 Outfit Ideas To Steal From New York Fashion Week

    By Megan Gustashaw, Glamour magazine

    Whether it's a cool color combination, an unexpected accessory or just a great little dress, the ladies at New York Fashion Week are full of cool outfit ideas that we can't wait to try out this fall. Here are some of our favorite looks, straight from the Spring 2012 shows.

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  • 7 Fab Fall Boots for Under $200

    A new pair of fall boots is one of the best things about the season-right along with changing leaves, apple cider and all the mini-candy bars that starts filling shelves in late August in preparation for Halloween. Here, a few styles you'll be proud to strut this season-but that won't strain your budget.

  • The Only 10 Styles You Need to Buy This Fall. Period.

    By Megan Gustashaw, Glamour magazine

    Add these trendy and versatile styles to your fall wardrobe to chic-ify it instantly. Want some extra good news? We've got ready-to-shop versions of each piece for under $150!

  • 10 Ways to Cut at Least 100 Calories a Day

    By Meredith Turits, Glamour magazine

    Let's do a little math here: If you were to cut 100 calories from your diet every day for a year, you'd be saving 36,500 of 'em-that's 10 pounds each year! Try these easy weight-loss tips to save those calories and keep your waistline happy.


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