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  • Life with Cancer: You're going to want to read this update from Lea

    Happy Monday! Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend. Mine was lovely...and muy eventful. I plan to tell you all about it, but first I wanted to share this incredible post from Lea, our favorite guest blogger. As you know Lea had CML, just like me, but Gleevec didn't work for her. In December she had a bone marrow transplant from an anonymous donor and has been on the long, hard road to recovery ever since. Here's the latest:

    Hey everyone, it's Lea, almost 150 days post transplant. I am still nowhere near "normal" as far as energy and strength--and I take about 30 pills a day just to maintain where I am now--but I am ALIVE! And I have some very cool news to share: As you know, my bone marrow donor was unrelated and I am not to know her identity until one year post transplant. I am allowed to write her letters (I send them to the hospital where I received my transplant, they send it to the National Bone Marrow Registry, the NBMR sends it to the hospital where my donor donated, and

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  • Delicious: ReadySteadyGo's sweet & sour meatballs

    It has been previously documented that I'm a girl who likes her trashy, delicious food stuffs to be as trashy and delicious as possible. You can take the girl out to sushi (and she will be so grateful and love you until the end of time, because she sure likes sushi) but you can't take the love of trashy Americana out of the girl. You know: your cheetos, your mac and cheese, your green bean casserole, your fast and disgustingly delicious food.

    I try, I do. I try to cook fresh and healthy. And then into my lap falls, with a satisfying splorch, a new recipe that reaches new heights of trashy and delicious and I am lost, all over again. Helen calls My Dad's (Or Maybe My Grandma's) Sweet-and-Sour Meatballs basse cuisine. I call it kind of digusting in the best way possible. And accidentally, I might have bought ginger ale and ground beef at the grocery store this afternoon.

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  • 3 ways to get as fit as a teenage boy

    I may love all things pink and sparkly, but sometimes I swear, I am a boy with boobs. I laugh at fart jokes, love to watch football, and will almost never opt for cuddling over going to sleep after sex. And when it comes to fitness, I kind of love toys. A LOT. Now that the weather is heating up, there are a lot of fun unexpected fitness opportunities if you explore venues outside of traditional feminine fare like pilates or powerwalking.

    • Skateboarding might be a little rough and tumble, but padded up, it's on par with rollerblading, only cool to the nth power. You might have visions of the little Sk8t Betty of your youth, but today's boards are seriously high tech. Take one look at the RipStik Caster Board and try to tell me you wouldn't give it a run? Did I mention that it even comes in PINK.
    • Powerbocks are one part silts, one part spring and four parts awesome. Of course, there are all sorts of Cirque du Soleil moves you can try on these bad boys, but even just a simple walk
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  • Body of Work: Inheriting an extended family

    I missed my mom a lot this weekend. I mean, it was mother's day, so I am contractually obligated to miss her, you know, as a dutiful daughter who does not have a heart of stone. But I also realized that it's been about a month since I've seen her, and it's going to be another five months, probably, before I see her again, and that made me sad. I called her on Sunday, and got her voicemail; she called me back, and got my voicemail. We keep missing each other. You know what I mean.

    I missed her a lot Sunday afternoon, when we went to E's family's barbecue--all twelve million people in his family, flying through the house with giant bowls of potato salad under their arms, and baskets of chips and dips and fruits and wine and more fruit and more kinds of salad. They were grilling steaks the size of my face. That is not an exaggeration for comedic effect. There were stacks of hamburgers and platefuls of hot dogs and a bunch of chicken and everything was covered in Cajun spices and more

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  • Crabmommy: The Momocrite diaries

    Photo Credit: Getty ImagesPhoto Credit: Getty ImagesI'm going to share a motherhood tip that I hope will be useful to you. I'm going to tell you how to eat a donut right in front of your preschooler without her catching on and wanting one too.

    I've long been meaning to keep a journal of motherly hypocrisy, recording all those things I swore I wouldn't do until I became a mom and now do constantly (from judging other moms to encouraging my kid to watch some TV). Being a momocrite of course also extends to doing the very things that you tell your kid not to do.

    In my case, I have bad teeth and want Crabtot to grow up with good ones. So I try to keep sweets to a minimum. I try to do the same for myself, but while the mind is so often willing, the body, my friends, is weak.

    Last week I was grocery shopping at Albertson's when I wheeled past their delectably, hideously fabulous donut display. A whiff of trans-fatty deliciousness greeted my nostrils and there was no turning back. It didn't help that I hadn't eaten all day and

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  • Fake it! Going green with SYNLawn

    By now, everyone must know that having a lawn is one of the biggest environmental no-no's -- especially in the warm, dry areas of the country. If you have loads of natural rainfall -- go for it, but if you have to supplement your lawn with irrigation to keep it lush and green, think hard on what kind of a price you're paying for that emerald carpet.

    Researchers agree that the depletion of fresh water due to global warming will be an extremely serious problem in the very near future. So why are we using SO MUCH of it to grow something that gives back so little? As if that wasn't bad enough, having a good looking lawn (in the traditional sense) takes liberal applications of herbicide, pesticide, and chemical fertilizers. Think about that when you let your toddler roll around on the grass in your neighborhood park

    We at Elysian Landscapes are hot on fake lawn. We use SYNLawn, but other varieties are out and about. The installation isn't cheap, but you save money on putting in an

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  • Cookie Magazine's Word of Mom: Dry idea

    When my five-month-old, Gavin, used to wake up in the middle of the night, it was usually because of a wet diaper. I came up with a little trick to stop that cycle. I keep a small stash of diapers one size larger than what Gavin usually wears, and those are the ones I put him in at night. Now when he goes to the bathroom, there's a little space between his skin and the diaper, which prevents him from feeling the dampness (and waking up as a result). I'm convinced it's how he sleeps through the night - and has since he was just eight weeks old!

    Here are the details: I buy the diapers only one size bigger-if he's wearing a size 2, for example, he'll wear a 2-3 at night, which keeps the diaper snug enough around his waist but not so loose around his crotch that liquid spills out. I also I leave his pajamas unsnapped in that area so that the diaper has room to expand outward, which helps keep the dampness away from his skin even more.

    --Kirsten McCallum, Cookie reader

    Have a

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  • Daily Find: The Built by Wendy Guide to Sewing Knit Fabrics

    Wendy Mullin has had a do-it-yourself approach to fashion since her years as a student, when she was studying by day, sewing by night, and selling her creations in the back rooms of Midwestern record stores. Now, she brings her vintage-inspired looks to the masses by offering her craftier fans patterns from which to make the clothes themselves, along with her original instructional manual Sew U. Her new book Sew U: Home Stretch, which just hit shelves, tackles the tricky world of sewing with stretchy knits, from a simple crewneck tee to the floaty "Madame Butterfly" dress. Get ready to indulge your every Project Runway fantasy.

    Click here for more spring style!

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  • Natural Products Association's Certified Label for Natural Beauty Products

    I am in fervent support of the new natural standards that a group of beauty companies agreed to last week. It is a relief to have a logo that means NO: parabens, phthalates, glycols, or anything else with potential suspected human health risks, instead of trying to decipher tiny and often inscrutable labels. ("Fragrance" listed as an ingredient can, for example, mean "with added phthalates.")

    To those who argue that some of these ingredients may in fact prove to be safe, I say, while the subject is under debate, I'll wait it out and not use them. Call me crazy-but by all means, let us know what you think!

    The label also means that 95% of the product-and the majority of the products in any company's line-comes from natural, sustainable sources. The logo will start appearing on products right away; the website,, has a list of participating companies (Burt's Bees, Weleda, Aubrey Organics, California Baby, W.S. Badger, Farmaesthetics, and Trilogy, to

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  • Like a Mother's Day card, only slightly longer

    It took me months and months to tell my mother I had gotten weight-loss surgery, and I still regret that. The only reason I emailed her, the morning I was going in, and told her that I had to be operated on, I was okay, I have a stomach ailment, was because my boyfriend at the time told me he really, really didn't want to have to call her up out of nowhere and tell her, Um, your daughter's dead. Sorry, bye! And uh, I kind of didn't blame him.

    But I was terrified to tell her, and there was no good reason for that--my mother is not a terrifying woman. She is, perhaps, the furthest thing from terrifying you will ever meet. She is very petite and very beautiful. She's got tiny hands and a loud voice and a louder laugh (I got that from her), and she loves to be silly. She is very silly, but so remarkably strong, very brave, ridiculously organized and efficient, kind, and compassionate. She's never been a gourmet cook, but she is a heck of a crocheter. My mother is an amazing woman, and not

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