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  • Another "E" Upon Which to Obsess

    Readers, I must tell you. I am not a loyalist. I don't stick to the same orange juice brand, I'm all over the place with favorite underwear, and I don't, ahem, only buy vintage clothes on eBay. Sometimes, honestly, I just can't take the rejection and "Oh my God, this must be MINE!" wolf-like drive the site requires. Not that I will ever give it up for good, but in moments when I need a little vacation, I turn my vintage-clothes-loving gaze to the quiet market environs of Etsy. Though it's not as exhaustive as eBay, there are definitely steals to be had. For example, today I spotted this fabulously sexy, gilded party dress that reminds me of something Liz Hurley would've worn in the early '90s (obviously, I'm on a bit of a black dress kick). If you haven't explored the site, check it out.

    Also, tonight, check out my friend and Lucky web editor Ami Pak's holiday gift tutorial on Etsy, which is sure to be fun and of fine taste, just like the lady herself.

    The most affordable

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  • Health Resolutions: 5 small changes you can make for a healthier heart, brain, breasts and more!

    New Year's health resolutions don't have to fail. Make yours last all year by focusing on one small change. We found 10 that are so simple you'll be willing to start before January!

    Gaming for brain power
    Try sudoku or do part of a crossword puzzle for a few minutes every day. According to one study, after two weeks of memory exercises and puzzles, the brains of participants actually used less energy while thinking. (Did you now that breaking a sweat makes you smarter?)

    Hug your way to a healthier heart
    Hug someone at least once a day; it triggers the release of oxytocin, a hormone that has been shown to increase cardiovascular health. Cuddling and holding hands count too!

    Change your shoes-get softer feet
    Change up your footwear. Alternating flip-flops with closed-back shoes will help keep your heels from becoming cracked.

    Avoid that not-so-fresh feeling
    Sleep naked! Clothes, including your skivvies, can cause the genital area to be damp, which may lead to inflammation and a

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  • Delicious: 20 dishes in 20 minutes (each)

    I always love recipes that not only promise lightning fast results, but give you a very specific time frame in which they will be completed: you will have a steaming hot dish on your table in exactly 20 minutes! they say. And I always wonder, do they take into account how long it takes to assemble your ingredients? To figure out where the heck you left your mustard powder, which you haven't used since the Clinton administration, to find a clean knife, to eye all your bowls and very carefully and with great deliberation select the correct size? Do they take into account, once you are in the thick of things, your average chopping speed, how good you are at, say, separating an egg without sliming your entire kitchen and the dog, the point where you remember oh no, I forgot to measure out three and four quarters teaspoons of sesame seeds while you are in the middle of whisking a sauce that will burn if you stop, even for a split instance. I suspect, in the end, not. But I suspect that

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  • Ask Dr. Kate: Yes to Bareback, No to Baby

    Hi Dr. Kate,

    My boyfriend and I have been having sex for just over a year. We were using condoms, and now that I am on the pill, we rarely use them (we both prefer sex without one). I would really like to experience what it feels like to have him ejaculate inside me, but we are both freaked out about this for the obvious reason. Is there any time during the month when it would be "safest" for us to try this?? (When would the least likely time to become pregnant be?)


    Dear Inquisitive,

    If you're using the birth control pill consistently (taking a pill every day, not skipping any), you're protected against pregnancy every day. The pill in essence turns your ovaries off while you're taking it. And they stay off, even during the placebo pills. So "perfect pill users" are 97 percent protected against pregnancy while they use it, no matter what day of the month they have sex. (Find the right birth control for you.)

    Now, if you miss or skip pills, that's a different

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  • Health at every size, athletes of every variety

    3064383077_bf94c15a23.jpgOne of the best and most empowering things that the Elastic Waist Fitness Challenges have demonstrated is that you can be active and strive for fitness no matter what the number on the scale (or on the dress tag) says. I love that about you guys. I love that you refuse to believe that the only people who get to have fun in sports or work out at the gym are the people who look like the glowy hardbodies on the cover of Self or in the Nike and Reebok commercials. I know, from your comments, that many of the participants in the fitness challenges are struggling with body issues and that I'm not the only one who is over size 12 (and distinctly larger than Oprah).

    Carrie has created a new Flickr pool to serve as a visual reminder that people of all sizes are active. She writes:
    The goal is to work towards dispelling the myth that thin people are the only ones who exercise or have active lifestyles. I'm hoping to accomplish this by getting the word out and asking all of the fat or not

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  • Early evening New Year's Eve party just for the kids

    This New Year's Eve, raise a glass (whether it's filled with cider or champers) at an early-evening bash even the kids can enjoy. Then put them to bed and enjoy the rest of the night all to yourselves. Also, we've compiled a classic New Year's Music playlist to mix in with your favorites from 2008 to get everyone at the party in the holiday spirit.

    By Rebecca Miller Ffrench

    More from Cookie:

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  • Recession? What recession? Pass the lobster, please.

    The economy is in the crapper, we're all losing our jobs to the end of year budget slice-and-dice, and Christmas is going to be kind of depressing. You know that things are really bad when the price of lobster has dropped so much that it becomes recession-proof dining. Although, really, when you think about it, even at $10 a pound, it's cheaper to make lobster at home than go out for a mediocre burger at Applebee's, and at those prices, you can afford to get a little reckless with your ingredients and try something new. For instance, lobster bisque is the ultimate in luxury soups, but you can whip up a giant kettle of the stuff with the knock-off version of those Red Lobster cheese garlic biscuits and invite your friends over for a weeknight dinner party, all for under $20, and maybe save some of the lobster tail for a little lobster carbonara the next night. According to sources, these prices are going to adjust as demand pops back up, so don't wait too long!

    Seafood is low in

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  • Do you tip bathroom attendants?

    This topic may be somewhat city-centric; I don't see many bathroom attendants when I go visit my parents in Maine. But hopefully most of you have encountered the ladies of the night to whom I refer: They occupy the powder rooms of certain restaurants and nightclubs, primarily to help keep the facilities looking as presentable as the rest of the establishment. However, many take their role to the next level, hovering eagerly to hand you a paper towel, or even setting up elaborate displays of trial-size toiletries that you're encouraged to use. But there's a catch.

    If you help yourself to a spritz of hairspray or accept the paper towel (often the towel dispenser is empty, so you have to), it's customary to compensate the bathroom attendant by leaving a tip in her basket, which is displayed prominently amidst the sinks, with bills artfully dangled around its perimeter. Even if you don't take the towel or use the beauty products, there's guilt involved in exiting the bathroom

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  • Do you really need to eat all organic food to be healthy? the weekend, I was driving the countryside with my mother-in-law and we spotted a flock of wild turkeys, which always makes me crazy happy. We never used to see turkeys when I was a kid and that's all directly linked to the environmental impact of DDT on the Wisconsin wildlife. No turkeys, no hawks, no pelicans either, but now they're coming back and it's a beautiful thing. I found myself branching into a litany about the evils of pesticides, which then devolved into a rant about HFCS. Then I realized that the words coming out of my mouth sounded eerily very similar to a speech I'd heard from a crazy homeless person, only he brought his argument back around to Jesus, while mine cited the gospel of Michael Pollan. I apologized for getting on a soap box and then changed the subject, but I was left wondering how much of my crazy hippy childhood is now coming to the surface. When I was a kid, I purposely bucked against my parents' bulgar fantasies of organic foods, fetishizing Wonder

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  • Crabmommy's Momocrite Diaries: Judging Moms

    I'm no stranger to judging other mothers, but I hate it when people judge me. Sound familiar?

    Surely I'm not alone when it comes to this installment of the Momocrite Diaries? It seems to me that judgment just comes with the territory as a mother. You can't help it, you don't want it, but it's there, whether lurking deep beneath the surface or spilling out for all the world to see.

    In my case, the judging started even before childbirth. As a disciple of a natural birth-oriented childbirth class I had strong opinions on those "unenlightened" women signing up for voluntary epidurals. And as for those women who opt for elective C-sections to avoid pain! Just the thought of such a heinous crime had the Crabmom frothing at the mouth with self-righteous damnation! Don't worry, I wasn't walking around telling off pain-dissing epidural-loving, optional C-section wussy-moms to their faces, but you can bet your bottom dollar Crabmommy was judging them on the inside.

    After having

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