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  • Did it matter that the Playboy CEO was a woman?

    I like Playboy. It's got really good articles and fiction to lie about reading, and it is generally classy, as far as magazines whose main purpose and point of existing is to showcase pictures of naked women lounging around and waiting to be rodgered by someone as virile as you. The Playboy bunny appears to me to be as impossibly genetically blessed and idealized as any woman in the media is, except that unlike so many "celebrities"and models, they've got flesh on their bodies. I don't recall ever seeing a visible ribcage on a Playboy model, and they are the living embodiment of tits and ass, a testament to the idea that maybe men really don't actually want scary-scrawny size 0 women--maybe they're willing to go as high as a size 4 or 6! As long as you've got legs for miles and boobs like buoys.

    New studies say that maybe hourglass figures aren't as sexy as everyone claims.

    Like I said, still an irritatingly impossible ideal, but one that is slightly less insulting, and sometimes, in

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  • Mission: Style Transformation (Part 1)

    A few nights ago, I finally went to see the movie Rachel Getting Married with my husband. And while he was right-the script was overwritten-I still loved it and blubbered like an infant through most of the film. That is, until the amazing wedding scene; a scene that is so vibrant, intimate, and imaginative, it's like a happiness explosion for the eyes. During one particularly incredible dance shot, I spotted a woman who will be my new style icon. She wasn't even a main character, in fact I believe she was just an extra, but she had three key things I want for my next look: Skunk hair (a caramel-ish blonde on top and, underneath, a warm chestnut-ish brown-an effect that looked completely cool when the hair was pulled up), deep brick-red lipstick with very serious mascara and an otherwise pale face (inspired by all these pretty vampires lately, I'm going extra-pale), and beautiful dangly Indian earrings (they were most like these, but I also love these and these. The look was elegant,

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  • You're Blow-Drying Your Hair the Wrong Way

    ...or, at least, I always did-which is why I gave up the whole pointless endeavor in disgust a few years ago. But now this: Nathaniel Hawkins (one of the loveliest, funniest stylists ever to touch Paris Hilton's head) says the most important thing to getting an actually straight, actually unfrizzy, actually long-lasting blowout is that you MUST GET YOUR HAIR ABSOLUTELY, COMPLETELY, TOTALLY DRY. This SOUNDS easy, and you may THINK that that's what you're doing, but when hair is hot it's near-impossible to judge whether there's a last lingering bit of dampness. Blast your hair with the cool button. That's it. With your hair cold, you'll be able to tell where it's damp (a.k.a. where you need to go on blasting hot). If you start by spritzing with a heat-protecting spray, it will look even better-but it's really the drying-till-the-bitter-end that locks in the blow-dry.

    "Get the perfect blow-dry with tips for every hair type."

    In an odd turn of events, my dryer has just broken in

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  • Oprah feels like a failure because she weighs 200 pounds

    oprah-cover.jpgThe big news today is that Oprah has gained weight. Not just gained weight. She claims that she now weighs 200 pounds. She stands on the cover of her magazine, next to a thinner version of herself, looking at her former body apologetically, hiding in a freaking jogging suit, as though the approximation of workout wear lessens the blow.
    "I'm embarrassed," she writes. "I can't believe that after all these years, all the things I know how to do, I'm still talking about my weight. I look at my thinner self and think, 'How did I let this happen again?"' (Source)
    I haven't read the whole article, only snippets leaked early to AP, but what I have read seems to amount to self-flagellation. She whimpers about not setting a good example, and uses the words "failure," "disappointing" and "fat cow."

    What do you think about Oprah's vegan diet?

    How sad is it that the richest woman in show business, arguably one of the most inspiring success stories for anyone who has ever tried to start

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  • Delicious: Gifts that are edible, lovable

    This year I did all my holiday shopping online, over the course of just a few hours. Some time in front of the computer, a couple of clicks of the mouse, and I've got the whole thing wrapped up and ready to go, with no fuss and no muss. A week later, though, I'm realizing--I miss the fuss. I miss the muss. I put a lot of thought into what I bought everyone, chose everything carefully, sent it of with a lot of love and the best intentions, but it still feels a little sad to be finished so quickly and easily and with no actual effort; it feels sad that it was so impersonal, in the end. I think that's why I'm loving Slashfood's series of edible gifts--every day, a Gift of the Day, from scented salts to simple chocolate fudge. Maybe it's a mawkish cliché, to say that the best gifts are handmade and from the heart, but it's probably a cliché for a reason. (Check out our very own Kim's homemade gift ideas that definitely won't disappoint.)

    Related: SELF cover girl, Giada De Laurentiis, has

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  • Can a woman's scent change?

    Dear Dr. Kate,
    My question is this: I have a friend that is a 26-year-old married man. He's been married for about five years and has three kids. We were talking the other day in a circle of friends and the subject (as usual) turned to sex. He said that the smell and taste of his wife's vagina had changed dramatically since she had given birth and the odor was quite pungent no matter what. I have since been horrified--will my vagina have a strong odor and/or bad taste in the future when I decide to have children? I asked my friend about it and he said it happens to all women. Say it isn't so!

    Odorless in Orlando

    Dear Odorless,

    I'm so glad you wrote--your email is horrifying. To set the record straight: every woman has a particular scentand taste to her vaginal secretions. Unless she has an infection, she should consider them normal and a part of her. So many things can change this scent--your diet, your hormones, your workouts. But childbirth won't necessarily change it. And in the

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  • Beauty Confession: I Wore Men’s Cologne (And I Liked It)

    The second I sniffed Patrick Dempsey's new scent for men, Unscripted, I loved it. And I swear it wasn't only because the gorgeous actor-yes, Dr. McDreamy himself-was standing next to me at his fragrance launch event at the time. I just really dug the woody scent, and for weeks, I stashed the bottle in my dresser drawer, figuring I'd give it to the next guy I end up dating. Then yesterday on a whim I decided to give myself a spritz on my way out the door…

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    And now, I just may be addicted to the stuff.

    See? The bottle (on the left) now has a place on honor on my dresser.

    I should say upfront that the scent is almost unisex to begin with. The notes of fig and musk are light enough that they don't really scream any particular gender. But it makes me feel earthy, confidence and sultry-like a gal you'd refer to as a "broad."

    If you're interested in trying Patrick's scent, head

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  • Do you eat differently when men are not around?

    Esteban is embarking on another week-long business trip, which always reminds me how he affects my eating habits. For instance, during a usual weeknight, we make dinner, usually comprised of some kind of chicken affair, paired with steamed veggies, and if Esteban is cooking, sometimes he'll make something potatoey.

    When I'm alone for a week, I tend to make myself vegetarian meals, usually stir-fry with brown rice that I will then eat for the rest of the week, as well as at least one dinner that consists of a giant spinach salad and a bowl of cottage cheese. And sometimes, I'll find myself starving around 9:00 p.m., and I realize that in the absence of someone asking, "What do you want to do about dinner?" I have totally forgotten to eat. Esteban has mentioned that he does the same thing, only instead of spinach salads, he ends up withmacaroni & cheese or sometimes he eats canned ravioli (a guilty pleasure product for him, as I find that stuff disgusting) or goes out to a neighborhood

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  • Delicious: Real-live home economists know from cooking on a budget

    You know who probably has some inkling of how to really watch your grocery dollars, some good advice regarding shopping smart and cooking well and healthily with a budget in mind? My guess would be a good, old-fashioned home economist. The Times Online is running a series in which two food experts examine a household's food and cooking habits, budget and spending patterns, and then entirely revamp and renew their menus, nutritional profiles and cash layout. And in the end, they're left happier, healthier, richer, and with way more leftovers for lunch and a whole whack of money in the bank to spend on shoes! Or possibly save.

    Eating on a budget is easy with a little help. Check out these 10 delicious meals for 10 bucks each.

    The experts and their kitchen makeover participants are all British, but the advice still stands across the board. There are tips for planning meals in order to stretch them through several permutations of recipes and leftovers and shopping carefully, and the menu

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  • 4 Gifts for the Family for Under $25

    Snag incredible presents for everyone on your list and keep your budget in tact with these great gifts for under $25. Head over to for all 25 Gifts Under $25. Plus, check out our guide to Holiday Gifts for Everyone: Our favorites for kids, moms, dads, teachers, and sitters with exclusive discounts

    By Erin Renzas

    More from Cookie:

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