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  • The 10 Most Outrageous Fashion Week Looks

    By Andrew Richdale and Mark Byrne, GQ

    Lampshades. Swimmer chic. Willy Wonka style. Kid Rock fetishizing. Presenting some of the more, well, unusual looks from the Spring 2012 collections in Europe.

  • Don't Be The Worst: The Fight Against Whimsy

    By Julianne Smolinski, GQ

    In the past year, I've learned to avoid men who want to take women out for baked goods.

    To most women, this doesn't say, "Wow, this is the kind of guy I want to let kiss frosting out of my bangs." This says other things. Like, "This guy probably has one of those bracelets that will alert his parole officer if he drinks," or, "I need to change my Google image results to look less like somebody who can be lured out of the house by pastry like some kind of Brothers Grimm orphan."

    Or worse yet: "This is one of those whimsy guys."

    Fellows, I beseech you: No more whimsy.

    Before I go any further, let me say that sometimes whimsy is great. I like a taxidermied armadillo holding a beer can as much as the next girl, and I think that turning a bunch of old Airstreams into a pricey motel is an important step in taking some of the stigma out of trailer living. But I would like to suggest that we take a scented panda eraser to whimsy in the realm of adult, grown-up

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  • Drink It Up: The GQ Guide to Summer Beverages

    Master the perfect warm weather cocktail, discover the must-have gin, and brew your own sweet soda with this foolproof plan.

    By Michael Hsu, Caroline McCloskey and Stan Parish, GQ

  • How to Fight Aging

    By Meredith Bryan, GQ

    Want to look younger, but not like Wayne Newton? Here are six-safe-ways to fight the effects of time.

  • What I Gave Up to Be a Dad

    By Gavin McInnes, GQ

    The most beautiful word in the English language may be "Daddy" and the first time you hear your kids say it, your heart explodes. You know what else explodes? Your life-it's blown to smithereens. Especially if you have the party-real-hard habits former Vice co-founder and current Street Boners blogger Gavin McInnes had. He's given up about a hundred things to be a father. Here's a few.

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    No Ogling
    Women complain about being invisible after 35 but they are not exactly drinking down gallons of old guys with their eyes. If you ogle women at dad age, you get a "You're kidding, right?" look from them and if you're with your kids the look becomes, "Die!"

    No Female Friends
    "Bye honey, I'm going camping with Lesley for a few days." Yeah right. Every female friend you had in your single days was either someone you wanted to get with or someone you wanted to help you get with someone else.

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  • Arm Yourself: The Only 12 Kitchen Tools You Need

    By GQ

    Screw the immersion blender, the gelato maker, and the electric spice grinder. With these durable, no-nonsense pieces, you'll be able to master almost any dish.

  • How to Brew the Best Iced Coffee At Home

    By Mark Kirby, GQ

    No one seems to understand why iced coffee costs so much more than the regular stuff. Sure, some theories exist: that it's more labor-intensive, that plastic cups are more expensive than paper ones. But on an unseasonably warm spring day recently-when people were lined up out the door of the Starbucks across from my office, waiting to buy iced coffees that cost 30 percent more than hot ones-another idea occurred to me. Namely, that coffee chains and convenience stores had converged on a simple truth: Like flip-flops and sundresses, iced coffee is one of the undeniable pleasures of summer. And regardless of how high the price, people will just pay more for it.

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    10 Secrets of a Lower-Calorie Lifestyle

    Well, coffee barons, your days of ripping us off are officially over. Making iced coffee from scratch requires less effort than brewing it hot, and if you do it right, you'll produce a smoother, richer, less bitter concoction than anything you'll find in

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  • The Technique: Freeze Your Own Ice Cream

    By Jon Wilde, GQ

    We officially live in a world where "artisanal" ice cream costs $17 a pint. Luckily, it's less hassle to make your own at home than it is to get that plastic seal off the pint container.

    Food hipsters will buy anything "handmade" and "small-batch," which is why we're in the midst of a full-blown artisanal-ice-cream movement. In Malibu you can buy a single scoop at Italy-transplant Grom for $5.25, while New Yorkers can sign up for a three-month subscription to MilkMade-only $50 for three pints! I'm sure it's all delicious, but there's no way in hell I'm spending that much just to feel smugly superior to Edy's eaters.

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    Instead, I recently dropped $80 on the Cuisinart ICE-30BC, a simple two-quart ice cream machine, and started whipping up my own frozen delights for comparative chump change. After the first spoonful, I was ruined forever-the homemade stuff is as indulgently rich and creamy as anything sold in an organic

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  • GQ's Guide to Living Large in Your Own Backyard

    By GQ

    Something isn't adding up here: We spend thousands of dollars decorating a dining room we hardly use, yet we eat off an old ketchup-encrusted picnic table in the backyard. We curate our coffee-table books even though we've never read them, but we make our friends sit on rusted-out lawn chairs. We let the lawn grow wild, eat alfresco under Gitmo-style floodlights, and generally treat the outdoors as if it's the last vestige of our college dorm room. It's time for a change. It's time to extend the same sense of style and design and un-laziness to what should be the most beautiful living space of the house. We're not saying you need to build a koi pond or a formal garden or turn your roof-deck into a boutique-hotel-worthy wet bar (though we wouldn't argue against that, either). We're just saying: Pay attention. It won't take much. All you need are a few sound pieces of advice, the smarts to invest in the right stuff, and the confidence to keep things simple. Oh, and a projection

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  • Alan Richman's 10 Essential Proseccos

    By Alan Richman, GQ

    It's not champagne, you philistines. Our correspondent reveals the joys of Italy's version of light and bubbly.


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