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  • Why a Guy-Style Statement Watch is the Best Building Block for Your Wrist Wardrobe

    by Lucky Staffers

    These oversize timepieces are as classic (and cool) as it gets.

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    Versatile, practical and still chic: We love a menswear-inspired watch. Go all-out tomboy and wear one with slouchy jeans and a button-down, or use it to balance a flirty dress and heels. And there's no need to wear a watch solo, either. Laddered with wooden bangles or friendship bracelets or even worn two at a time, it's the perfect statement piece that never feels overpowering, adds just the right amount of sparkle and goes with seriously everything.

    Courtesy of retailers

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  • Yes, You Can Wear Your Leather Pants This Summer!

    by Jenna Gottlieb

    Just Cavalli Spring 2013; photo: WWD/Davide MaestriJust Cavalli Spring 2013; photo: WWD/Davide Maestri
    After taking a super-giant leap and investing in a pair of leather pants this past winter, the absolute last thing I want to do is stash them away this season. It just makes me too sad to think of them stuffed into the back of my closet, nestled for months between my cumbersome coats and fuzzy sweaters.

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    So, it's not happening. Instead, this season I'm summer-izing my leather skinny pants with breezy, warm-weather staples in soft neutrals. The lighter pieces soften up the tough-girl pants and, of course, eliminate any chance of overheating. Check out the look below for an outfit perfect for summer dinners, rooftop bars or simply for when you get tired of your flowy printed dresses (it happens!).

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  • Would You Pay $4,200 for a Bottle of Chanel N°5?

    by Syrett Cleary

    Modern Bride/Thomas IannacconeModern Bride/Thomas IannacconeSo let's say you wake up this morning, spontaneously buy a lottery ticket and win several thousand dollars. How ever will you spend it all? On a resort vacation? The perfect spring wardrobe? Or, perhaps, on a giant bottle of Chanel N°5?

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    If you think the last option sounds a little crazy, you're not alone: ever since the brand released the 30-ounce "Grand Extrait" size of its iconic fragrance, people have been debating its value. From a logical standpoint, there isn't much. Smell fades from perfume after a few years; that's just long enough for one person to use up a standard one-ounce bottle. So even those with Marilyn Monroe-like devotion to the scent would be hard pressed to use up all that gold-colored liquid in such a short span of time. Forget about just wearing it to bed--one would have to bathe in the stuff to get through it.

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    Still, as Market Watch reporter Charles Passy argues in the WSJ, the

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  • Rihanna's Second River Island Collection Will Include 'Clothes for Fat Days'

    by Elana Fishman

    WWD/George ChinseeWWD/George Chinsee Fans of Rihanna's first capsule for UK high street brand River Island, which included unzipped-up-to-there maxi skirts, crop tops and utilitarian onesies, will be psyched to learn that the collection is coming back for another round. Rihanna for River Island's summer collection drops May 25, and impatient RiRi fans can get a sneak peek at the goods to come in the video, which shows the star and designer Adam Selman tweaking the pieces during a fitting.

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    While the slinky, clingy silhouettes and midriff-baring cuts Rihanna's first collab contained aren't going anywhere, it looks like the summer range will contain far more prints. The songstress insists that her muted florals are more "gangsta" than "chic," extols the virtues of a tie-dyed jumpsuit and curiously claims that she wanted to make "clothes for fat days." Personally, we're not about to slip into a completely sheer macramé crop top when we're feeling heavier than usual, but

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  • The Secret to Looking Classy in a Crop Top

    by Lucky Staffers

    courtesy of Apiece Apartcourtesy of Apiece Apart The other day, my mom gasped when I told her I planned to wear a crop top to my cousin's engagement party. She was clearly having flashbacks to my adolescent, belly button-bearing days. But I assured her that this time around, abbreviated tops are actually quite sophisticated. For those still not convinced, don't fear, this trend is easier to pull off than you may think.

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    It all comes down to fit and proportion. Start by thinking of an A-line dress--there's a reason that shape is so popular. Channel that silhouette by revealing just a hint of the upper waist, meaning the ribcage area. Luckily, for most women, that is the most flattering, slimmest part of the midsection since it hides the tummy (read: no extra crunches or skipping dessert!). Then balance it out with something high-waisted, whether it be a skirt, shorts or pants. Fit is also key. While festival crop tops tend to be flimsy and a bit boho, structured or fitted

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  • What Does a Celebrity Makeup Artist Keep in Her Kit?

    by Maura Lynch

    Rob LoudRob LoudIf there's one thing makeup artist Fiona Stiles knows, it's how to create subtley-glamorous, wildly gorgeous, natural-looking makeup (see: Jessica Chastian, Halle Berry, Kate Hudson, etc.)--which is what I immediately noticed about her when I met up with the Mark celebrity makeup artist for coffee in Soho (well, that and her stack of Phillip Crangi rings). I demanded to know what she carries in her kit, so she sent me this picture of it (above) later that day:

    1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz pencil: "Brows are like sisters, not twins--everyone can use a little brow love! The colors and textures in these pencils are perfect."

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    2. Mark Wet/Dry Eyeshadows: "I love the versatility and finish on these. The mattes don't skip and the shimmers glide on beautifully. The neutral colors are my daily go-to's."

    3. Dior Nude Natural Radiance Bronzing Powder: "The perfect neutral bronzer. It's not orange or sparkly, so it's really flattering and

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  • Emma Roberts on Her New Movie and Her Off-The-Clock Style

    by Julia Friedman

    Fairchild ArchiveFairchild Archive Remember when Emma Roberts came onto the scene back in the mid aughts, starring in Aquamarine, Nancy Drew, and Hotel for Dogs? And then, in 2010, there were her roles as the virgin teenage babysitter in 2010's ensemble film Valentine's Day and as a clinically depressed teenager in It's Kind of a Funny Story. In 2011, she appeared in the fourth installment of the Scream film horror series and, last year, we saw her alongside Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg in the 2012 rom com Celeste & Jesse Forever, as teen poptart princess Riley Banks. If Roberts seems to wants to prove anything, its that she cannot be typecast. And her latest role as an aspiring poet working in a sex shop certainly shows the young actor's versatility.

    Adult World premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival last week. The film (directed by Scott Coffey) is the story of Amy (Roberts), a recent college grad, broke and living in upstate New York, dreaming of becoming a poet. To make ends meet, Amy begins

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  • 6 Ways to Beat a Jeans & T-Shirt Rut

    by Natalie Matthews

    Miranda Kerr wears some really fabulous jeans and t-shirt-based outfits, pairing floral denim and striped tees with perfect pointy-toe pumps. But that's not the kind of jeans and t-shirt rut we're talking about.

    We're talking about the ho-hum jeans & t-shirts combos you throw on when you're just out of the shower and realize you need to pick up something from the drugstore ten minutes ago. It's sort of like eating the slightly stale rolls at a restaurant: need-fulfilling but not exactly satisfying. Especially when you're in your skinny Madewell blue jeans and soft Splendid gray tee--both absolute staples, but not inherently exciting--and you run into an ex-boyfriend. And then you're all "I don't look minimalist-cool I look boring," and freaking out.

    So maybe, sometimes, it'd be worth trying a different default template than that one. These ones below are just as one-two-go as jeans and a tee, but a little more inventive-looking, which is always good to have

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  • The Surprising News that Means Big Changes at Coach

    by Alison Syretty Cleary

    WWD/Steve EichnerWWD/Steve Eichner Most people associate Coach with a horse-and-buggy logo, tassel embellishments and supple leather--not its president and executive director of over 16 years, Reed Krakoff. But while his leadership role at the company is lower profile than say, Karl Lagerfeld's at Chanel, or Alber Elbaz's at Lanvin, he's no less important to the brand. In fact, it's a testament to his talent that the label is associated with buggies, tassels and kidskin instead of his face. It means people are really into its product, not just the name behind it.

    So, given the Krakoff-directed vision of Coach we've grown to love over nearly two decades, it was a major shock to read he's leaving his post as of June 2014. According to WWD, that's when his contract ends and instead of renewing, he'd like to focus on growing his own namesake collection, which launched in 2010.

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    So what does this all mean for Coach? Well, to start, it'll have to find a new head of

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  • Outfit-Making Flats that Will Make it Look like You Tried

    by Natalie Matthews

    We like the getting dressed process, most days. But some days we're tired, or late, or both, and that's when we need outfit-making flats like these. With a simple dress, jeans & a slouchy t-shirt or other lazy, default outfits, they add the missing beat--the one that makes you look like you tried. (Which strappy, 5-inch-heeled stilettos can also do...just not comfortably.)

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