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  • Make This DIY Lip Scrub and Balm for Winter-Ravaged Lips (You Know You've Got Em!)

    by Alexandra Samuel

    Francois Deconinck Francois Deconinck Lip scrubs are some kind of beauty genius. While they may sound like an optional, almost unnecessary step in your daily get-pretty regimen, lip scrubs tend to deliver more benefit than a typical facial exfoliator would: they tend to be very hydrating on top of smoothing rough flakes away. Plus, the scrubby granules are often extra small, gentle and effective for lips' very different skin. And adding on a hydrating balm on top helps to seal in the newfound moisture with occlusive ingredients. But why buy when you can DIY?

    Sugar is the ultimate exfoliant for a few reasons. First of all, it's gritty, but not so gritty that you feel like you're rubbing sandpaper on delicate skin. It's also a humectant, which means it attracts moisture. So when you rub on lips, the sugar knocks out flaky, rough skin while attracting major moisture to the freshly revealed skin underneath. I add coconut oil as a base because I love the texture and the taste:

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  • Sleep Under Yoga Blocks for Bag-Free Eyes

    by Alexandra Samuel

    David TsayDavid Tsay We've all picked up a magical cream, or an eye mask or sliced up raw veggies in the name of less baggage (around our eyes, that is). Sadly, no matter how many jarred-miracles you use, there's one enemy to looking bright eyed in the AM that's impossible to ditch: gravity.

    Yup. Gravity. When you lie flat in bed, fluids in your body pool around your eyes leaving 'em puffy and swollen-looking in the AM.

    Instead of sucking it up, you can turn the beauty foe into your beauty BFF by simply elevating your head, which will cause all those gnarly fluids to draw down into the rest of your body. This is also a great move if you get dark circles that may originate from sinus issues versus discoloration from skin pigmentation. Propping your head higher than the rest of your body helps your sinuses drain more efficiently which makes you less congested.

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    The only problem with this seemingly-easy fix is forcing yourself to

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  • Tone Your Whole Bod with a Wall

    Welcome to the wall workout: No-equipment moves that require only a wall. Tone your abs, butt, thighs, arms and more. See the moves done step-by-step in our video!
    by SELF

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  • Stressed Out About Fitting in Workouts? Try Our Special Stress-ipe

    by Kafi Drexel

    Arthur BelebeauArthur Belebeau Double-whammy truth: The things that stress us out -- like not being able to find time to exercise each day -- make us age faster.

    So sign us up for any way to minimize the anxiety, which is where the new book from registered dietitian Elisa Zied, Younger Next Week, comes in. She reminds us that "physical activity is the ultimate anti-aging remedy." For real! Check yourself out in the mirror after your next Spin class (and a shower of course). The increased blood flow alone makes your skin more supple. The biggest reason we heart Zied's book: Easy-to-follow tips, or more like recipes for stress, that she's dubbed "Stressipes." We asked her to design an exclusive stressipe for SELF readers to tackle this all-too-common stressor:

    "I'm never motivated to work out. I always put it off or talk myself out of it. It creates this awful cycle -- I'm stressed that I'm not working out, and not working out is making me more stressed. Help!"

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  • by Alexandra Samuel

    Kyle EricksenKyle Ericksen
    Winter and dry skin go together like mornings and coffee, right? So it only seems natural to grab your favorite scrub in search of that baby-faced goodness that's somehow way easier to get in the summer. But overdoing the scrub-love will make skin more susceptible to UV damage, accelerate aging and even wreck your lipid barrier so skin can't hold on to moisture on its own. Yikes.

    If think you're on the road to over-exfoliating, look for these seven tell-tale signs you should lay off: Skin will feel tight and be noticeably parched, either all over or just as patchy areas. Your parched skin may also be red and itchy, or even more sensitive to other skin products than usual. And if you've really overdone it, you'll start to get acne and irritation -- which starts a totally addictive cycle of wanting to scrub more to get rid of all that flakiness. Not good.

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    If you're guilty as charged, send your skin to rehab until the

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  • Study Drop: Did You Know Yoga Has This Awesome Benefit?

    by Anna Maltby

    George ChinseeGeorge Chinsee
    You already know yoga makes you feel all kinds of Om-azing, but new research in the Journal of Clinical Oncology gives scientific evidence that it can significantly help reduce fatigue and inflammation, particularly in breast cancer survivors.

    Researchers at Ohio State University assigned 200 breast cancer survivors to either a twice-weekly 90-minute hatha yoga program or a control group (whom didn't do any yoga) and found that yoga practitioners had significantly less fatigue, more vitality, and lower blood markers of inflammation after three months than did control group members.

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    "We wanted to look at breast cancer survivors because fatigue is an important problem for them post treatment, as is cardiorespiratory fitness. Data from other labs suggest that 30 to 40 percent of breast cancer survivors may experience significant levels of fatigue that interfere with daily life in some cases several years post

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  • Is it OK to Eat the Same Thing Everyday?

    by Sara Angle

    Coliena Rentmeester Coliena Rentmeester

    I once had a friend whose eating philosophy was that "Variety is the vice of life." In her opinion, there was less of a chance of slipping off her healthy-diet wagon if she limited the choices available to her. When I pictured myself drinking the same cup of tea and eating the same bland yogurt every morning the way she did, I wanted to run to the nearest Whole Foods buffet -- where there's a constant rotation of unique nutritious dishes -- and surround myself with variety. And although I'm by no means overweight, I couldn't help but wonder if eating the same thing all the time is a foolproof approach to a svelte figure? From what I knew -- or at least thought I knew -- switching up the foods you eat is a great path to good nutrition.

    Recently, I noticed my boyfriend packed the same lunch every day for a few weeks, while I packed a different meal for every day of the week. I couldn't help but scold him for not having enough variety in his diet.

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  • Guilt-Free Eating with Applebee's New Lighter Options

    by Sarah-Jane Bedwell, R.D.

    Courtesy of Applebee'sCourtesy of Applebee's
    Applebee's is not only the world's largest casual dining chain, the restaurant was also one of the first of its kind to offer better-for-you menu options when they first partnered with Weight Watchers back in 2004. Now Applebee's is introducing even more lightened-up New American choices with the new Great Tasting and Under 550 Calories Menu. Here's the skinny on the latest two dishes added to their already-great lineup of fresh, healthy choices that you don't need to cook up in your own kitchen.

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    5 Simple Steps to Cellulite-Free Skin

    * Roma Pepper Steak: This grilled seven-ounce sirlion is topped with chunky Roma pepper relis, and served with a grilled Portobello mushroom cap that's stuffed with a creamy, white wine artichoke cheese spread. We're not entirely sure how this is diet, but we'll most assuredly take Applebee's word for it.

    * Savory Cedar Salmon: A smoky, fire-grilled salmon filet is a welcome new addition to the menu, especially

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  • Young Adults Are Bearing the Brunt of Flu Season: Here's How You Can Protect Yourself

    by Anna Maltby

    Terry DoyleTerry Doyle

    We've been pretty freaked out by all the scary news about the flu this year -- not only does everyone around us seem to be getting sick, but people are actually dying. Which is not really OK. In fact, just in the last week alone, flu deaths in the state of California doubled, from 45 to 95. And while we usually think of older people and little kids as being at risk, the more common strains this year seem to be hitting young adults.

    We asked SELF's medical adviser, Harry Lodge, M.D., associate clinical professor of medicine at Columbia University Medical Center, for more info.

    "The H1N1 -- swine flu -- strain has been more prominent this year than it usually is," Dr. Lodge says. "It hits young people harder, and it's pretty contagious, but it's one of the three strains of flu covered by the regular vaccine."

    See more: 5 Simple Steps to Cellulite-Free Skin

    Translation? Getting your shot could go a long way toward protecting you. And Dr. Lodge says it's

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  • Chrissy Teigen Works the Oh-So-Chic Athletic Aesthetic

    by Jacqueline Risser

    Getty ImagesGetty Images
    Fresh off the Grammys red carpet, where she joined hubby John Legend wearing a glittery gown and a peekaboo braid, model Chrissy Teigen attended the "The Night That Changed America: A Grammy Salute To The Beatles" event. This time, though, Teigen shook off her gilded sequins for a white-hot, athletic-inspired ensemble. Perhaps what we're loving most, though, is the subtle-without-being-overtly-sexy bits of skin she's flashing all over her lithe figure.

    If you work hard, you should totally flaunt it, ladies. Use Chrissy as a how-to primer: Follow these steps below to nail her style.

    1. Try the new athletic-inspired styles in stores now.

    2. Have a lean upper body? Show it off in sheer -- sheer insets (see 'em on Chrissy's top?) or sheer sleeves are both feminine and sexy ways to play up your assets without feeling straight-up nekkid.

    3. You not sure how to flatter those flat abs? Crop top, baby. Make it chic and pair it with high-waisted bottom. It's

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