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  • Kate Hudson Shares Her Beauty Secrets

    by SELF Staffers

    Kuba DabrowskiKuba Dabrowski
    SELF's beauty director, Elaine D'Farley, got the naturally stunning star to spill her secrets.

    Your skin is pretty much perfect. What's the trick?
    Kate: "I have really sensitive skin, so I can't do too much or it gets crazy. I do get facials for deep cleaning; otherwise, I'm a soap-and-water girl. I just wash my face, dab on eye cream and use moisturizer only in the morning, plus at night when I'm in a very dry climate."

    Do you think diet affects your complexion?
    Kate: "When I'm eating well -- lots of healthy fats like avocados -- I can see it in my skin; it's more hydrated. But honestly, I'm bad at being consistently good!"

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    Any product must-haves?
    Kate: "Egyptian Magic cream is my all-around go-to because it literally heals everything, from dry skin to a burn, even diaper rash. I always have it with me. Liquid lip balm -- one in every purse -- and a tube of CC cream for when my skin's tired and I

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  • Best Grammy Red Carpet Beauty Trend: Peekaboo Braids

    by Jacqueline Risser

    Teigen, WireImage; Caillat: Getty Images; Bareilles: WireImageTeigen, WireImage; Caillat: Getty Images; Bareilles: WireImage Braids! Cute, little braids! Stars like Chrissy Teigen, Colbie Callait and Sara Bareilles are rocking bits of braids on the Grammys red carpet tonight. We're totally feeling this look, too: Braids are a laid back yet unexpected detail that can freshen up casually styled strands (as demonstrated by Chrissy and Sara) or be softly tucked into a bun (like Colbie). They also happen to be one of spring's biggest beauty trends.

    You might be thinking, "But it's the Grammys! How is it okay to rock such perfect-for-the-gym hair on an awards-show red carpet?!?"

    The trick, we noticed, to pulling off such a beachy (yet dressy) look at a formal event is to make the braids accents to your style, rather than the style itself. Bareilles, who rocked a handful of braids throughout her half-updo, cited inspiration from Katniss Everdeen. And to us at SELF, there's nothing like a strong, sexy girl. (And J. Law.) But we digress. Back to the braids.

    See more: 5 Simple Steps to

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  • Beyonce and Pink Show Off Rockin' Bods in Bodysuits at the Grammys

    by Jacqueline Risser

    WireImage WireImage

    The 2014 Grammy Awards were exactly what we hoped they'd be: Totally danceable ("Get Lucky" with Stevie Wonder, anyone?), incredibly fun and, as music's hottest night, an unofficial display of some of Hollywood's hottest bods. And two of SELF's favorite celebs, Beyonce and Pink, showed off their seriously fit figures in some body-baring bodysuits.

    We're still reeling from Beyonce's performance of "Drunk in Love" with hubby Jay-Z, a track off of her secretly released album that broke the internet. Our jaws dropped when she appeared in her strappy bodysuit, which she paired with a choppy, wet-looking bob. (Remember how actresses at the Golden Globes were all over this beauty trend?)

    Beyonce's cinched waist looked teensy-eensy, and we could spy some majorly flat abs through her sheer costume. But we couldn't stop body crushing on those killer legs of hers. Seriously, from ankle up to the hip, her legs could not have been more toned -- and we know that going

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  • Is This Habit Killing Your Dating Game?

    by Anna Maltby

    Mary Ellen MarkMary Ellen Mark Ok y'all, we know you know smoking is bad, but some of you are still doing it -- in fact, more than 20 million women in the United States smoke (like these girls, tsk tsk!), and they're quitting at slower rates than men. C'mon, ladies! So check out these stats we hope will scare you straight: Nearly 90 percent of respondents in a new survey from and Chantix (the prescription-only drug designed to help smokers quit) said they'd rather not date a smoker.

    We know the results might be a little skewed because the survey was partly funded by Chantix, but the numbers are still reason for concern -- for example, even if that number were closer to 50 percent, that's still half the dating pool who'd take one look at a smoker and say, "Ehh. No thanks."

    Other stats from the survey: 57 percent of respondents said they would "never" date someone who smokes; and when asked about dealbreaker moves on a first date (AKA actions that are unacceptable on a first date),

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  • How to Reset After a Bad Day of Eating

    by Sara Angle

    Devon JarvisDevon Jarvis

    Hey guys, remember me, the Nutrition Newbie? Well, I've been working hard at maintaining my new, healthy eating plan, which is high protein, low carb, low sugar and high in good-for-you fats. My program allows for a lot of flexibility and there is no calorie counting (score!), just lots of clean, fresh meals. But I confess, I fell off the boat last week -- and wow could my body feel it.

    It all started with an unexpectedly insane workday -- one that I didn't plan in advance for with homemade, healthy meals. (That was my first mistake!) I had a 5 AM wake-up call -- earlier than I usually start my day -- so I went right for a giant coffee with milk and sugar. I managed a healthy breakfast later: a banana, almond butter and chia seeds, but I was out and about during lunch, so I ended up just picking at random things all afternoon instead of eating a nice square meal. Then, it was dinnertime. Where even more of the trouble started.

    The SELF team ordered takeout to

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  • Enjoy a Hot Bath in the Middle of the Polar Vortex Without Drying Out Your Skin

    by Alexandra Samuel

    Stewart ShiningStewart Shining Wow is it cold out. And I know we've been saying that all week, but these negative wind chills are seriously not cool. What I really have been wanting to do, naturally, is take a steamy, super-hot bath, but I know better from years in the beauty industry. A hot bath, ladies, really dries out your skin. (Same goes for a long, hot shower. Bogus, right?) So while many derms have warned me against its effects, I've decided to go rogue and take the plunge. Literally.

    And there's NO way I'm the only one feeling that way. So if you're going to cheat and deal with parching you skin just this once, there are things you should do to minimize the moisture loss and ditch the post-bath dry-skin itch, according to the Shirley Madhere, M.D., a plastic surgeon in NYC who helps her clients' skin glow like crazy on the regular.

    See more: 5 Simple Steps to Cellulite-Free Skin

    Put a Humidifier in the Bathroom. I know it sounds weird because the bathroom gets all steamy, but

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  • Do You Have More Self-Control Than You Think You Do?

    by Anna Maltby

    Greg DelvesGreg Delves
    If it feels like you have no willpower at the end of a long, tiring day (pass the barbecue chips, right?!), think again, suggests an opinion piece recently published in the journal Trends in Cognitive Sciences. The authors say that while self-control is harder for us in moments of fatigue, we still do have some. It's not that we can't control ourselves, but rather that we don't feel like it.

    "When people are 'depleted' or fatigued, they experience a change in motivational priorities such that they attend to and work less for things they feel obliged to do and attend to and work more for things they want to do -- things they like doing," lead author Michael Inzlicht, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto Scarborough, told SELF.

    See more: 5 Simple Steps to Cellulite-Free Skin

    That's significant, Dr. Inzlicht says, because it's counter to both popular belief and what some psychologists have been preaching for some time now.

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  • Boston Market's New Under-550-Cal Menu Has Perfect, Lower-Cal Comfort Food

    by Sarah-Jane Bedwell R.D.

    Courtesy Boston MarketCourtesy Boston MarketDo y'all remember when I told you about Boston Market's great holiday meal offerings? Well, the good news is that Boston Market is pushing their healthy initiatives beyond the holidays -- you can get a healthy meal there year-round. Specifically, the (delicious) rotisserie chain just announced its "Meals Under 550 Calories" menu, which contains more than 100 (yes, 100!) mix-and-match options of their favorite entrees and sides. You can also use their new, customized, interactive nutrition calculator to build your own lower-calorie meal. Plus, you won't pay a fortune for these better-for-you meals either. From now through the end of March, guests can enjoy two individual meals with two sides, two desserts (watch those sweets!) and two fountain drinks for only $20 as a part of Boston Market's "Complete 2 for $20" deal. But before you go mug down, check out my RD-approved picks.

    Mediterranean Chicken Carver Sandwich on Multigrain Artisan Roll without

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  • Want to Stay Younger, Longer? Do This!

    by Anna Maltby

    Walter ChinWalter Chin Old age may be way far in the future, but isn't it kind of a bummer when you see your dear old Aunt Sally walking at a snail's pace or struggling with daily activities? Turns out, there may be a really fun way to stave off that kind of declining physical function: enjoying life! (Yes, it may just be that simple!)

    Researchers from University College London looked at about 3,200 men and women aged 60 or older over an eight-year period -- they found that people who agreed with statements such as "I enjoy the things that I do" and "I enjoy the company of others" at the beginning of the study, which is being published this week in CMAJ, experienced a slower decline in physical function and a lower chance of developing impairments in everyday activities such as bathing, showering or cutting up food

    See more: Easy Ways to Slim Down in 14 Days

    "The first thing we thought about is, perhaps the reason for this effect is that people who do not enjoy life are already

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  • Lindsey Vonn: How to Be Fearless

    After a series of devastating knee injuries, Lindsey Vonn ended her Olympic hopes in early January 2014, saying in a statement: "The reality has sunk in that my knee is just too unstable to compete at this level." We applaud Vonn for taking care of her health--even if it means delaying her dreams. And we'll count her down but certainly not out, because this athlete is fearless. Learn how Vonn faces her fear and embraces happiness. Then go behind the scenes at her video shoot.
    by Erin Bried

    David GubertDavid Gubert

    How can you be so fearless, not just skiing but also in your life?
    What's the point in being afraid? I've crashed a million times. If you go around being afraid, you're never going to enjoy life. You have only one chance, so you've got to have fun. Getting divorced [last January, from her former coach, Thomas Vonn] was the scariest thing I've ever done. I'd been dating him since I was 18, and I realized I wasn't happy anymore. I wasn't sure if I was strong enough to be on my own, but I found Read More »from Lindsey Vonn: How to Be Fearless


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