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  • Last-Minute Gift Idea: A Candle for Every Personality (No, Seriously)

    by Alexandra Samuel

    Michael WeschlerMichael WeschlerGuys, if there's one holiday gift that EVERYONE slash ANYONE could enjoy, it'd be the candle. They (usually) smell delicious, are gorgeously packaged and kinda just work, you know? And while we hear our mother ringing in our ears yelling, "Be careful with that fire!" we'll still be gifting a few of 'em out -- we've got a few more (perhaps slightly random) people on our list. Check our picks for every personality, then share yours in the comments below!

    For your cousin whose been saving up for a trip to India for, like, three years: Diptyque Indian Incense, a deep, spicy, carnation and incense candle that look like it's wearing a sari.

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    For your office-mate who needs a drink just as badly as you do: Rewined Candles. They're only $28 and come in ten different wine varietals. The yummiest: Champagne, which smells like honey and bread and citrus and other amazing things.

    For your friend who just moved in with her man: Le

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  • Three Super-Easy Steps to Cure a Case of the Winter Blues

    by Kafi Drexel

    Terry DoyleTerry DoyleBTW, one of the steps is literally taking steps. (Shocked, aren't you?!)

    Yes, we know freshly fallen snow is pretty, but winter in the city or 'burbs (FYI: SoCal, Florida and other warm places, we know you can't relate) also makes us think of below-freezing wind chills, runny noses and getting out of work when it's pitch black outside. Which forces you indoors. And all that inside time can be a major downer. But we've got a few easy ways to fix a serious case of the end-of-year yucks, and hey, burn some bonus cals while you're at it.

    "Exercising inside or out--even in the winter--is linked to a lessened index of depression," says Jordan Metzl, M.D., a sports medicine physician and author of the new book The Exercise Cure: A Doctor's All-Natural, No-Pill Prescription for Better Health and Longer Life. We love his doc's orders on how to slip in more movement this month:

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    Sneak in walking.
    Do you take mass transit to

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  • Glitter Makeup Done Classy, Not Trashy (You'll Love It!)

    by Alexandra Samuel

    courtesy photosYou guys, we know this is the season of glitter: between strings of tinsel, sequined LBDs and sparkling Champagne glasses, we're feeling all things shimmery. But glitter makeup? That's a tricky trend to pull off right there. Load on too much and you'll look something like this -- definitely more Halloween-party scary than NYE chic. The secret to doing it right is picking just ONE feature to play canvas to your cosmic creation instead of entering, um, escort-esque territory. Here are a few ways to pull off the look right.

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    EYES: Our favorite way to rock glitter on lids is to keep it simple by choosing a sparkly shadow that's actually close to your skintone. Your lids will catch the light gorgeously -- without looking like you just left a '90s rave. Our current glitter shadow go-to: Bobbi Brown Sparkle Eye Shadow, which has a wide range of skintone-like shimmery hues to pick from. Get the look by first lining eyes with a

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  • Scoop Up a Pair of Track Pants for Yourself, Then Look Incredibly Chic

    by SELF

    Jason Jean Track pants: so hot right now. Thanks to luxe fabrics and tailored fits, these "sweats" are a cool alternative to trousers. So we turned to our Fashion Director, Evyan Metzner, for styling tips on how to pull off the comfy-chic look.

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    * If you're picking up a pair of these comfy pants (which you really should), know what shoe you should pair 'em with. The good news? You don't have to wear heels -- flats work, too -- just as long as you're showing a little skin, like the models above.

    * Look for interesting details or luxe fabrics, like these silk maroon ones from Rag&Bone, which elevates the elegance factor.

    * Rocking a patterned pair? Make sure to keep the rest of your look simple -- and in the same color family. Neutral hues work, too.

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  • by Sara Angle

    Larsen & MichaelLarsen & Michael

    Wanna burn major cals and be smiling all the way through your workout? Grab a partner. Team- and partner-based workouts are having a moment in the fitness world right now -- and we can bet you'll see tons more of these workouts popping up in 2014. With elements of both competitiveness and camaraderie, group workouts that truly put you in a "for the good of the group" mindset are quite simply, crushin' it.

    "Group fitness is still really individualized, so we wanted to create our own category called 'team fitness,'" says Brian Gallagher, co-founder of Throwback Fitness, one of several new indoor rowing spaces to pop up in New York City over the past few months. While Throwback's workouts are based around intervals on rowing machines, the workouts also borrow elements of playground games to create fun, circuit-style routines.

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    "It's motivating to work with someone else," agrees Mike Jock, trainer at Exceed Physical

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  • 4 Ways to Make Sure You Actually Work Out During the Holidays

    by Kafi Drexel

    Grace Huang Grace Huang Holiday travel season is all up in our faces (we're still smarting from the whiplash of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah flying by). And with Christmas and New Year's hurtling in our direction, there's still plenty of road to drive, places to hit and skies to soar.

    But during all that racing around, the old family Subaru shouldn't be the only thing getting a workout. After all, you want to feel confident in front of family and friends you haven't seen in a Romy and Michele minute. And if you're lucky enough to be escaping to the beach, something's gotta balance out all those chips and Daquiris you're downing. That's why we're totally into these easy fit travel tips from trainer Nicole Glor aka, Nikki Fitness.

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    Pack fit gear first.
    Guys, there's no need to look like a Kardashian when you deplane, so skip the extra cans of dry shampoo and pack your fave kicks. "Sneakers may be clunkier, so wear them on the plane, train, or bus

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  • Let's Play Battle of the Blondes: Cameron Diaz Vs. Kate Upton Edition

    by Jacqueline Risser

    Getty ImagesGetty ImagesSo Cameron Diaz wrote a book, you guys. And she's pretty stoked about it. It's called The Body Book.

    And she's already found a fan in her girl (and fellow blonde), Kate Upton, who she co-starred with in the movie, The Other Woman, which is set to be released in April.

    Naturally, Cameron responded to Kate's props with a little sass: "Thanks Friend!! I want your BODY... To read my BOOK!!"

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    Of course now we're inspired to play this totally legitimate and time-well-spent game: Which Leggy Blonde Bod Would You Rather Have For 24 Hours?

    Both excellent options, right? And both Kate and Cammie certainly can rock a bikini.

    But let's say you have to choose one...

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    Would you go for the super sporty, down for any activity Cameron?

    Or are Kate's toned curves what you crave?

    What would you do for your 24 hours?

    These are important thoughts, people.

    Share your pick

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  • Could Having More Sex Add Years to Your Life?

    by Anna Maltby

    John DolanJohn Dolan When fruit flies think a potential mate is sexually available, but those same flies aren't able to actually mate, their health and longevity suffer, according to a study published in the journal Science. "They experienced severe health-related consequences, including significantly reduced lifespan, stress resistance and fat storage," study author Scott Pletcher, Ph.D., of the University of Michigan told SELF.


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    "This is the big question. The short answer is 'We don't know,' although we have some hypotheses we are testing now," Pletcher says. "Different types of sensory perception can have big effects on health and aging -- one might speculate that when male flies perceive females nearby, they devote energy to prepare for reproduction, and if that does not happen, they suffer the consequences."

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    The other question: Could this finding translate to humans? The researchers

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  • Study Drop: Ditch the Vitamins, Doctors Say

    by Marjorie Korn

    Aimee BarychkoAimee Barychko Is taking a multivitamin in the morning as routine for you as brushing your teeth? This is one healthy habit that some doctors are urging you to ditch. In an editorial in the Annals of Internal Medicine published this week, the authors are blunt: "stop wasting money on vitamin and mineral supplements." There's no good evidence that vitamin supplements offer health benefits, they say. What's more, there's some evidence that high doses of certain supplements -- beta-carotene, and vitamins E and A -- could potentially be harmful.

    At best, you're kinda flushing money down the toilet. For example, take that vitamin C supplement pack you take at the onset of the sniffles, which contains more than 1000 percent of your daily value. Science shows that your body can't use the excess vitamin, so you'll just pee it out. Then there are also store-bought products, like breakfast cereals and breads, which are often fortified, so you get a double-dose of certain nutrients, again,

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  • 5 Beauty Gifts that Give EVERYTHING Back to Charity

    by Alexandra Samuel

    courtesy imagescourtesy images I don't know if it's the fact that it's snowing perfect, fluffy white flakes outside in NYC or if it's because my boyfriend and I set up our tiny little Christmas tree last night (it is pretty cute), but I am feeling especially festive. And something about this time of year makes me want to volunteer and donate and just be a better person.

    While I'd love to write a big fat check to my favorite charity, I've still got to get Christmas gifts to give to some of my favorite peeps. But I figured there was a way to make both happen, kinda, at least? So, I did a little digging and found five gorgeous gifts that give 100 percent of proceeds to charity for the beauty-lovers in your life. Now that's some feel-good gift giving, am I right?!

    1. Kiehl's Creme de Corps is amazing. I literally shower at the gym just so I can use it, which is why I'll definitely be scooping up a jar of the Kiehl's Limited Edition "Grapefruit" Whipped Body Butter ($38). It's the yummiest,

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