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  • Your Cell Phone Might Be Doing THIS to Your Skin

    by Alexandra Samuel

    CN Digital StudioCN Digital StudioMy girlfriend is all of a sudden getting crazy breakouts on the right side of her face. She tried everything: Washed her pillow, wore her hair back, ate better -- anything to help stop the zits. But the breakouts persisted. Finally, after like three week of this, she realized she was on her phone constantly and was convinced that was why she's getting the breakouts.

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    So, can your cell be the cause of mysterious breakouts? Absolutely, says Paul Jarrod Frank, MD, a cosmetic dermatologist in NYC. You phone holds germs and every time you chat, those germs transfer to the skin between your temple and chin. Gross.

    What to do? Well, first -- and most obviously -- clean your phone. Pick up a pack of Mobile Clean & Go, which is a travel-sized cleanser and cloth that's perfect for stashing in your purse. Then, exfoliate your skin to get rid of gunk and dead cells -- which build up , then use products that help skin cut back on

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  • How to Fix Gross Cuticles in 60 Seconds

    by Alexandra Samuel

    Arthur BelebeauArthur BelebeauRagged cuticles are a total buzz kill. In fact, I think 80 percent of the reason I'll get a professional mani in the first place is because my cuticles look way better when an expert cleans them up. But the truth is, we don't have to spend time at the nail salon to get nice cuticles. You can do it at home in one minute. Swear.

    So, grab an orange stick, some cuticle oil (I live and die for CND SolarOil, but any hydrating oil does the job -- even olive oil from the kitchen!) and get ready for some well-groomed tips.

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    After you hop out of the shower, add a drop of cuticle oil to a nail, massage in really well and then use the orange stick to gently push back the cuticle skin. Repeat on every nail. That's it.

    Why after the shower, you ask? Your cuticles will be at their softest. (Think about when your nail technician soaks your tips in a bowl of water. Same idea.)

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    That's it. It's

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  • Almond Butter: 4 New, Delicious Ways to Enjoy This Superfood

    by Sarah-Jane Bedwell

    Courtesy of TuttiDolci.comCourtesy of It doesn't take much to make almond butter taste good. [Ed. note: Amen to that. - RJ] It has a nutty, slightly sweet flavor and creamy texture that makes it perfect on a sandwich or for slathering on a banana. But these unique recipes take this protein-packed superfood to a whole new level of deliciousness. From savory burgers to sweet baked bread, you'll be surprised at what this better butter can do. And, natch, thank me later.

    Almond Butter Banana Bread: When I saw this recipe, I was frankly a bit disappointed I didn't concoct it myself. Nutty almond butter is the perfect accompaniment to creamy, sweet bananas; the almond butter was an easy stand-in for the butter or oil typically found in banana bread recipes. What's more? This recipe also keeps things light by using low-fat buttermilk and subs whole-wheat flour for some of the regular flour. Nutritional score!

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    Smoked Almond Butter with Crispy Rosemary: Sure, you probably

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  • How to Prep Your Arms for the Sheer Sleeves Trend

    by Jaclyn Emerick

    Courtesy of Peter Som, John Aquino/WWD, Giovanni Giannon/WWD You need two things to pull off this subtly sexy fall trend: smooth skin and some muscle tone.

    The Look
    A little peekaboo fabric has the same "whoa!" factor as a flash of leg. Since whites and creams get too here-comes-the-bride with neutral skirts and pants, pair with bold autumnal colors, like marigold, red or plum. Black sleeves look glam with a textured bottom.

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    The Product Nothing kills a bare look faster than bumps. Keratosis pilaris (those seemingly indestructible bumps on the back of arms) happens when excess skin gets trapped in hair follicles. Wipe them out with a glycolic acid wash. Glytone KP Kit ($64) has that, plus a lotion for a one-two punch.

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    The Move
    Larsen & TalbertLarsen & Talbert To tighten triceps fast, try skull crushers with a bridge (so you also tone your butt and hamstrings). Lie faceup, knees bent, feet flat, one 15-pound weight in hands, arms up. Lift hips; bend elbows to lower weight

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  • 26-Minute Pumpkin Ravioli

    by Laraine Perri

    Kana OkadaKana OkadaWe lightened this sweet and nutty fall favorite by losing the heavy cream. Our other secret: Wonton wrappers make for perfect, easy "pasta."

    1. Combine: 1/2 cup canned pumpkin, 1 lightly beaten egg yolk, 2 tbsp grated Parmesan, 1 tbsp breadcrumbs, 1/4 tsp kosher salt, 1/8 tsp sugar, 1/8 tsp black pepper and a pinch of nutmeg in a bowl. In a second bowl, lightly whisk 1 egg white.

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    2. Arrange: 16 wonton wrappers on parchment paper. Place a round tsp of pumpkin filling near corner of each wonton. Brush edges with egg white; fold into triangles and press around filling outward. Cover with damp paper towel.

    3. Cook:
    Ravioli in simmering water in two batches until they float, 4 minutes per batch. Transfer to a serving plate with a slotted spoon.

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    4. Melt: 2 tbsp unsalted butter in a medium pan over medium heat and stir until golden, 3 minutes. Add a handful of sage leaves; remove pan from

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  • Emmys 2013: The Legs, Abs and Curves We're Crushing on Today

    by Jacqueline Risser

    Left to Right: WireImage, WireImage, FilmMagic, WireImage Last night's Emmys brought out the silliness (our obsession with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler is still in full swing, Will Ferrell and his sons were just too cute, Merritt Weaver's hilarious G2G), the sadness (Edie Falco on Jimmy G, Jane Lynch on Cory Monteith), and the oh-so-exciting upsets (Jeff Daniels?! The Voice?!).

    And as much as we love gabbing about the above, let's talk eye candy. TV's best didn't let a little red carpet dress code keep them from showing off some serious skin.

    Our body crushes of the night? Claire Danes, Rose Byrne, Taylor Schilling and Sofia Vergara. More on them and the moves we're maybe doing right now at our desks to get their looks...after the jump.

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    Claire Danes brought some sexy back (no, we will never get tired of that joke) in a nude Armani Prive. To get the Homeland winner's glow, Claire's makeup artist, Matin Maulawizada, used Leonor Greyl's Huile Secret de Beaute. But we all know

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  • Hammerhead Provides Cyclists with Easy-to-Read, Turn-by-Turn Navigation

    by Amanda MacMillan

    Courtesy of HammerheadCourtesy of HammerheadIf you've ever biked your way to an unfamiliar place while trying to read directions directions on your phone, you know it can be a total hassle at best -- and downright dangerous at worst. Even with a handlebar mount for your phone, you either have keep your screen on the whole time (like hello, low battery) or constantly fidget with it -- hopefully while stopped in a safe spot -- to wake it up periodically. And it's not like people actually memorize directions before they go places anymore; what is this, the nineties?

    That's why we are so stoked about Hammerhead, a turn-by-turn navigation system for cyclists that sends you visual cues -- but won't sap your phone's energy -- while you ride. A small black device (shaped like, you guessed it, a hammerhead) mounts to your handlebars and syncs up with your cell phone to provide directions for your route in real time: Left turn coming up? The lights on the left side of the device flash. Distance to your destination?

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  • Let Miss America 2014 Inspire Your Next Workout

    by Jacqueline Risser

    Getty ImagesGetty ImagesWe were -- and, okay, still are -- such huge fans of the Bollywood performance by newly crowned Miss America, Nina Davuluri.

    Not only did we love that she brought her culture to the pageant, but also dug the high energy the dance brought to the stage -- and the show. Frankly, we could almost feel the cals being burned off our own bodies while watching.

    If you want a taut tummy like Nina's, check out one of these Bollywood-inspired DVDs featued after the jump. It's like dance cardio. But better. And way more fun. Just look at Nina's smile!

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    Step 1: Invite your friends for an all-out Bollywood boogie sesh.

    Step 2: Get inspired and have a group viewing of Miss America's full performance.

    Step 3: Try one of these workouts. (You know, in case you can't quite catch all of Miss America's choreography right off the bat.)

    * For a little taste of a Bollywood workout, head on over to the 16-Minute Bollywood Cardio Workout (on

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  • Yay or Nay: Cherry-Scented Dry Shampoo

    by Alexandra Samuel

    courtesy photocourtesy photo So, I am not big on washing my hair. Plus, any beauty girl knows you never wash your day everyday. Personally, I usually wash it twice a week, or otherwise I end up with fried, flat strands). And when my hair is clean, I end up loading it up with product.

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    One product I couldn't live with out in particular? Dry freaking shampoo. And not because my hair is greasy, but because my hair is majorly flat -- even when it's clean. Needless to say, I've tried basically every single bottle of the stuff.

    So I was super excited when Batiste -- my drugstore fave -- released their new Cherry Scented Dry Shampoo. You may not think you want to smell like cherries (it's usually not my style, either), but this stuff is awesome. For just eight bucks, you get major volume and oil-soaking powers with just the slightest hint of a tart fruity scent, not Yankee Candle-style scent overload. Also, I swear it cuts static if you have fine hair

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  • by Rachel Jacoby

    Courtesy of Victoria's Secret SportCourtesy of Victoria's Secret SportThe Victoria's Secret Angels are, well, angels. They're totally gorgeous -- and they definitely work hard for it (wearing super-cute VSX workout gear, no less!). Two of our favorite girls, Lindsay Ellingson and Candice Swanepoel fill in our blanks and spill their secrets to SELF. But expect more from the ladies this week: Each day, we'll be rolling out a new workout video from the team at Victoria's Secret Sport exclusively on SELF. So you know what to do: Learn about the Angels today, spend rest of the week copying their fitness moves. Done.

    1. If I could only do one workout, I'd dance! It's fun and tones your body beautifully.

    2. When I need extra motivation, I tell myself [I'm not competing in an] Iron Man!

    3. I can't stop moving when "Turn the Night Up" by Enrique Inglesias comes on my iPod.

    4. After a great workout, I feel so healthy and happy!

    5. When hunger strikes at 3 PM, I grab a Greek yogurt with honey and berries.

    6. You're at

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