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  • If Your Guy is a Slob at Home it Could Be His Job's Fault, Says New Study

    by Amanda MacMillan

    photo: John Dolan photo: John Dolan Whether or not your man helps out with chores around the house may have something to do with his job, suggests new research from the University of Notre Dame. It turns out that men who are employed in what are considered to be female-dominated occupations, like teaching, child care or nursing, spend more time doing housework compared to those with traditionally male occupations.

    And here's some even better news for ladies whose live-in partner has that type of gig: When the men do more housework, the women also tend to do less, too. #GirlPower, right?

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    The study, which is being presented today at the Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association, also found similar results when it came to women: Those of us in traditionally female jobs spend more time, on average, doing housework, while those in male-dominated workplaces spend less time on chores.

    Interestingly, occupation was largely unrelated to time spent

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  • by Alexandra Samuel

    photo: via Vevo/YouTubephoto: via Vevo/YouTube I think my neighbors might kill me if I pump me if I pump "We Can't Stop" by Miley Cyrus one more time. I freaking love it. I can't help it. And as much as I wanted to rock her grill out this past Saturday night, I realized her gold talons are much easier to pull off, although I won't be opposed if any of you ladies wanna buy me a grill. Anyway, here's the mani how-to.

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    If you have long enough nails, file them into a square shape. Otherwise, go for squoval so your fingers don't look stubby. (Glitter tends to make nails look shorter than they actually are.)

    Start with a base coat and a double layer of a metallic gold polish, but make sure the formula doesn't have glitter: You want the finish to be smooth so it looks super professional later. My favorite new lacquer is Essie Good as Gold, which is so shiny it practically has a mirror-like finish.

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    Let the polish dry about ten

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  • Get Kerry Washington's Belly-Fat Blaster

    by Thailan Pham

    Getty ImagesGetty Images If you're a Scandal fan, you haven't been alone in marveling over Kerry Washington's fit physique (and fantastic wardrobe) throughout the past two seasons. She always seems to look fab from head to toe, not to mention the tight tummy she shows off in those steamy love scenes, right?!?!

    The actress plays the always-on-top-of-it "fixer" Olivia Pope on Scandal, which will re-air its first two seasons, marathon style, on BET. But while prepping for her role as Pope, Washington worked with trainer Tadeo who devised a routine from his soccer-based Brazilian workout, Cuerpaso.

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    "She has a great waistline and a nice, firm stomach," says Tadeo, who worked with the star to blast belly fat and carve a six-pack with moves like Abs with a Twist. A bonus? The move gets more fun (slash challenging, depending on who you ask) if you can do it at the beach or on grass. "It's like an earthquake, slamming the ball down on the sand!" he

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  • DIY Hair Mask for Beach-Parched Strands

    by Alexandra Samuel

    photo: Dave Yoderphoto: Dave Yoder We've totally reached that time in summer where everyone has an eternal glow and looks a little bit more relaxed than usual -- even if they are drowning in work. I credit sunny weekends and beach trips.

    But, I also blame these same sunny weekends and beach trips for the fried hair everyone is rocking (myself included). That extra sun, salt and chlorine do a number not only on your skin, but more so on your poor, neglected hair that's easy to throw up, get off your neck and promptly forget when you're soaking up the sun -- safely, of course.

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    There is an easy answer though! It doesn't take a trip to the salon or lopping off your locks. In fact, my lil' recipe will cost less than five bucks per treatment, is totally edible (just an FYI, if you're curious) and can be whipped up in two minutes flat. Give it a try once per week to see substantial change quickly.
    Here's what you'll need, plus why you need it.

    * One

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  • Chocolate May Be Good for the Brain, According to Some Breaking News

    by Amanda MacMillan

    photo: Grant Cornettphoto: Grant Cornett Breaking news from the totally sweet department: A new study shows that drinking two cups of hot chocolate a day may help people keep their brains healthy and their thinking skills sharp. But before you go guzzling down the cocoa Kool-Aid, take note: The research was done on older adults (average age 73), and the authors say there's no hard evidence that it will do the same for a younger population.

    Published today in the journal Neurology, the study involved 60 participants, 18 of whom had impaired blood flow to working areas of the brain -- a condition that experts believe may play a role in disease such as Alzheimer's.

    All participants were given two cups of hot cocoa a day -- and no other chocolate -- for 30 days; they were also given tests to measure their memory and thinking skills at the beginning and end of the study.

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    By the month's end, an 8.3 percent improvement in blood flow to the brain was seen in

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  • You Can Eat Apples HOW? 3 New Ways to Chow Down on This Superfood

    by Sarah-Jane Bedwell with additional reporting by Alexis Joseph

    courtesy of SheKnows.comcourtesy of SheKnows.comIt's no secret we're huge fans of apples here at SELF. This stunning superfood has a whopping six grams of filling fiber per serving and is famed for its ability (thanks to all those antioxidants) to fight cancer -- not to mention to quickly de-bloat before a night out. We all love grabbing an apple on the go or slathering one with peanut butter for a quick snack, but have you ever thought about using it as a crust? Or in mashed potatoes? Check these three unusual ways to get in apple's amazing superfood-tastic powers.

    Walnut Apple Cheddar Pizza: OK, so this isn't your obvious pepperoni, right? But that's alright, guys: Apples on a pizza may sound a bit funky, but trust me, they are the perfect complement to the sharp cheddar on this pie. The toasty walnuts not only add tasty crunch, but they're also packed with brain-boosting omega-3 fatty acids.

    Apple-Crusted Salmon: This recipe pairs roasted salmon with both red and

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  • Get Fit in 35 Minutes (for 30 Cents a Day!) by Trying THIS

    by Amanda MacMillan

    I know. 35 minutes? 30 cents? It sounds crazy, but it's true. If you've ever been the type to watch fitness vids online, you're probably familiar with BeFit, a super-popular YouTube channel featuring free home workouts for all fitness levels. But if you don't like watching workouts on your tiny computer screen -- or you don't always have an Internet connection available -- you'll love the newest offering from BeFit: a three-month program featuring daily 35-minute workouts, available for digital download today and on DVD September 3.

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    The new package, called BeFiT in 90, features three DVDs (one for each month) -- each with 30 days' worth of mixed-and-matched workouts.

    What you won't get in this program is 90 completely different workouts for every single day. Rather, you get 90 days of different combinations of routines (which includes rest days!) -- 225 minutes of content over all three months, total: Month 2 workouts, for

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  • The Real Deal on Fat-Melting Procedures, According to a New Study

    by SELF Staffers

    photo: Mattias Olssonphoto: Mattias Olsson We're seeing a lot of buzz about fat-melting procedures here at SELF of late -- and you guys are asking, too. A new study published yesterday in the August issue of Aesthetic Surgery Journal suggests that cryolipolysis -- commonly known as CoolSculpting -- is a safe and effective method for reducing subcutaneous fat volume on the body.

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    And there are other methods out there, too, including Zerona and Venus Freeze, that claim to non-invasively melt fat. Zerona works using a low-level laster to melt fat cells; the Venus Freeze delivers pulsed radio frequency.

    Wanna know what works best? Check in with our Beauty Director, Elaine D'Farley, who has the 411 on what works -- and what's a big waste of cash.

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  • Surfer Girl Bethany Hamilton's Lower-Body Strengthener

    by Thailan Pham

    NBCU Photo Bank via Getty ImagesNBCU Photo Bank via Getty ImagesSurfer girls have the best jobs in the world. They essentially get to grow up and live out every little girl's fantasy--to become a mermaid! "As a pro surfer, I've been blessed to spend a ton of time as a mermaid in the ocean," says Bethany Hamilton, who'll compete in the Ford Supergirl Pro, the largest female surf competition in the world.

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    The surfer, who famously lost her arm in a shark attack ten years ago, has been hard at work training for this weekend's festivities in Oceanside, Calif. She swears by the Duck Walk exercise, which keeps her legs, butt, and hips strong and flexible. It also helps increase her range of motion while mimicking a position of being close to her surfboard.

    Another bonus to move? It's pretty darn hard to do it without cracking a smile! "Duck walks just make me happy, not to mention fit for surfing, adventures and overall life," says Hamilton. Sounds like a swagger we'll be picking up pretty soon!

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  • Want to Be a Morning Person? Go Camping, New Study Says

    by Amanda MacMillan

    Camp Twin LakesCamp Twin Lakes New research published in the journal Cell Biology suggests that camping out is good for resetting our internal clocks, which can help us wake up feeling rested in the morning -- even after we return home. Not to mention the other things we love about camping: great hikes, outdoor workouts and of course some good old grilling.

    In the study -- which I totally wish I'd participated in -- University of Colorado Boulder researchers studied the circadian timing (sleep/wake patterns) of eight adults in their normal environments of work, school, social activities and most importantly, electric lighting. Then they took those same adults camping for a week, with their only source of light coming from the sun and a campfire -- no flashlights or smartphones allowed -- and let them sleep on their own individual schedules, without any formal structure.

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    The researchers found that in a modern, electricity-fueled environment, many people

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