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  • 10 Foods for Radiant Skin

    Lee Walker Helland, SELF magazine

    What you eat shows on your face. Dig in to these delicious beautifiers-research shows they'll bring you a smooth, clear, "I just ran 5 miles" glow. Plus, we found beauty products that deliver the same nutrients, fast.

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  • What NOT to Eat at the Fair

  • Do You Need a Drink or a Shrink?

    Amanda Woerner, SELF magazine

    Sometimes, when life feels out of whack, a cocktail with a good girlfriend can be enough to get you through. But other dilemmas require the big guns: a therapist or a life coach. Figure out who to call before your next meltdown.

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    Your guy's getting on your nerves.
    Why has he been acting like such a jerk?

    Grab a drink. It can be a cocktail or coffee-the point is, have it with a pal you can confide in. "Sharing a problem with a close friends helps you clarify what you're really upset about," says Gabriela Cora, M.D., a psychiatrist in Miami. You may realize that you tend to sweep frustrations under the rug and that it's time to talk things out. Just admitting there's a problem can help you feel better. Plus, commiserating lends perspective-every relationship has bumps. Cost: your bar tab!

    But see a shrink... If you always end up unhappy with a guy. A therapist can help you analyze the past dating

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  • 7 Tips for Delicious Sex

    Robin Hilmantel, SELF magazine

    A new survey finds that 54 percent of women think about food more often than sex. How to use that appetite to sweeten things up with your honey tonight.

    Satisfy an A.M. Urge: Ignoring your rumbling belly at breakfast is a bad idea, and so is postponing a morning mash-up. Your guy probably wakes up ready for action (men are like that), so start the day with a score. It will up your oxytocin, the bonding hormone, says Ian Kerner, Ph.D., coauthor of The Big, Fun, Sexy Sex Book. Another result: You'll feel hotter all day.

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    Tease Your Taste Buds:
    Even if you have a main squeeze, you can still appreciate a bit of eye candy (e.g., the cute guy from IT or David Beckham in an undies ad). "Men tend to get aroused from one stimulus-you, naked. But women often need multiple sexual cues to get turned on," Kerner says. Noticing other dudes isn't a betrayal; it actually revs you up for the one you love.

    Savor Every Nibble: A cookie

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  • The Scale Lies!

    Cristina Goyanes, SELF magazine

    Those digits can deceive, making you feel pudgy when you're not or giving you false slim-security. Use BMI or body-fat percentage (BFP) to suss out your true fatness. SELF has the skinny on the way that's right for you.

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    Who it's for: Athletes or fitness fanatics who might be dubbed overweight by BMI because their muscle mass makes them naturally heavier. BFP is also a wake-up call for "skinny fat" women, whose BMI is fine but who, because their muscle tone is zilch, could have dangerously high body fat, which can increase the risk for diabetes, heart disease and other serious ailments. (Not either? Anyone can use it to gauge her body fat.)

    How it works:
    The easiest way to get an accurate BFP reading is a skin-fold test. Calipers (they look like long prongs) measure thickness near your hip at and at your thigh and triceps.

    Where to get it:
    Many gyms offer the test gratis to

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  • Olympian Lolo Jones's Go-To Snack

    Courtesy of Red Bull Content Pool/Dustin SnipesCourtesy of Red Bull Content Pool/Dustin SnipesErin Bried, SELF magazine

    At the 2008 Olympics, Lolo Jones was a favorite in the 100-meter hurdles. She was on pace to win gold--until she tripped over the penultimate hurdle. Devastated but not defeated, she fought her way back to break the American record in the indoor 60-meter hurdles in 2010. This could be the year of Lolo's 100-meter revenge. "Bad things can be good," she says, "if you use them as motivation."

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    What do you say to yourself when you're winning? "'Keep things tight.' Because the moment you get lazy or think, "Oh, I'm in the lead!" is when everyone will pass you."

    What's your go-to snack?
    "I travel with dark chocolate to relax me, and Goldfish crackers, which don't have a lot of calories."

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    How do you stay focused?
    "I zero in on the track. It's my place of peace, where I'm most at ease, and my home. At the last Olympics, I don't even remember hearing anyone in the stands, but I can tell youRead More »from Olympian Lolo Jones's Go-To Snack
  • Tweet Your Way to a Great Job

    Courtney Rubin, SELF magazine

    Twitter can get you noticed--or totally mess you up if you use it wrong. We deconstruct some winning messages (and a few epic fails). Now the power is in your hands.

    The share

    @LawyerLisa0!0 Went for a 5-mile run today--a record!
    #Win Make one in four Tweets about you, not about work.

    "Showing your personality creates a connection, which can help turn a follower into a new boss or business associate," says Deb Dib, coauthor of The Twitter Job Search Guide. What's too personal? Sex (duh!), spats, politics and religion (unless you really want the last two as part of your personal brand). And if you've just created an account, post 10 Tweets before following anyone. You'll gain tweeps of your own faster.

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    The overshare

    @PartyPrincess!!! Way too much tequila last night. Hangover city!
    #Fail If it isn't something you'd want your manager (or Mom) to know, don't go there.

    The rant

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  • Does This Baby Make Me Look Fat?

    Jennifer Wolff Perrine, SELF magazine

    Cutting calories. Diet pills. Cleansing. In a survey by SELF and, half of pregnant women confess to disordered eating and body hate. Will you be one of them?

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    Nearly half of women polled use disordered eating to control weight while preggers.
    - Eat only certain foods: 49% of the disordered eaters do this. Pregnant women need to avoid some foods for safety reasons, but experts warn against doing so to control your weight.
    - Restrict calories: 21% Although it's important not to gain an unhealthy amount of weight, you shouldn't ever try to lose during pregnancy, the March of Dimes says.
    - Exercise too much: 4% Pregnant women should get 30 minutes or aerobic exercise most days. But this minority takes it to extremes, risking metabolic effects or injuries that could harm the baby.
    - Use diet pills or laxatives: 3% No one should do this, period. To be safe, pregnant women should get the nod from a

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  • Food Pairing Power Couples

  • 10 Reasons to Lose 10 Pounds

    Jessica Girdwain, SELF magazine

    Take off just 10 pounds and you'll...

    SAVE BRAIN POWER: Women scored one point lower on a memory test for every unit higher in body-mass index. Translation: Fat may make you forgetful. Shed that last 10 and chances are you'll stay brilliant.

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    GET FASTER: Flab's a drag. Literally. For every pound of fat you lose, you run up to 4 seconds faster per mile; with 10 gone, that's up to 40 seconds off your mile time, says Paul Vanderburgh, Ed.D., an exercise physiologist at the University of Dayton. "Your body won't have to work as hard to go forward."

    IMPROVE YOUR MOOD: You can feel more confident and upbeat by peeling off that tenner. It's enough of a change to raise your body image and energy level; it may even help lift depression.

    BE READY FOR BABY, WHENEVER: "just a small amount of excess weight may alter pregnancy hormones such as progesterone-which can affect egg quality and prevent ovulation," says Meike Uhler,

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