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  • Would You Spend $300 on Snail Slime for Your Face?

    by Alexandra Samuel

    When Immunocologie Super 7 Elixer Face showed up at my desk, I immediately pumped some out onto my hand, rubbed it in and took a wiff -- you know, the usual stuff you do when you're testing a new product -- and loved it. It felt cool on my skin, smelled amazing and made my hand instantly softer.

    Obviously, I started using the stuff on my face right away. Had I know it was pumped with snail slime beforehand, though, I may have thought twice.

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    Yes. Snail slime. Immunocologie's new serum is formulated with snail mucin -- the technical term for slime -- as the primary ingredient in this brand-spankin-new, $300 facial serum. I mean, I had heard of snail facials and, of course, the brand touts it as a regenerative and immune-protecting superstar, but I was seriously skeptical. Three hundred bucks -- and snail slime?! To get the skinny on the slimy ingredient, I caught up with cosmetic chemist Ni'kita Wilson.

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  • Fight Burnout at Work with This Quick Yoga Routine

    by Sara Angle

    I sit at a desk ALLLL day, as do most of my colleagues (we're not at the gym all day, swear.) And what better way to stretch it out than with a few yoga poses? (We have staffers who swear by it for morning efficiency.) So needless to say I was excited when I learned about a new yoga series created by Rina Jakubowicz, owner of Rina Yoga studios in Miami, designed to work against the stressors of office life and stretch and strengthen muscles that take a beating from sitting at a desk all day. Jakubowicz noticed a spike in corporate clients looking to de-stress and decided to make it her mission to bring energy up and stress levels down in just a few minutes a day.

    "The daily pressures we feel at work are brought on by our over-reactive sympathetic nervous system, or our fight-or-flight response, where our sense of stress and panic comes from an email that wasn't sent on time, not actual danger. Which is exhausting! It is essential to shut down that part of our

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  • Get Brighter Eyes with a Trendy New Eye Mask

    by Alexandra Samuel

    photo: Kyle Ericksenphoto: Kyle Ericksen
    Why does everyone look like they've given up sleeping for the winter? Nothing personal to everyone around me (I mean, I'm no Cover Girl myself in the darkest days of winter), but come on! Just because you're eternally freezing your bum off while work is out of control and your immune system is on strike, doesn't mean you need to let dark circles basically broadcast your woes to the world.

    So what do you do? Well, reach for an eye mask for starters. These trendy new things will perk up your lids and deflate your bags faster than you can uncork a bottle of wine after a rough day. Fake it till you make it, right?

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    Glamglow Bright Mud Eye Treatment definitely gets my vote for the works-better-than-12-hours-of-sleep award. Not only does this stuff have that same pepperminty tingle as the Glamglow face masks (just not as intense, atch), it's got caffeine from six different sources to boost circulation and depuff

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  • Listen Up! Music to Boost Your Mood This March

    by Jacqueline Risser

    Columbia Records/SonyColumbia Records/Sony

    March can be rough: You're so over this whole wearing-three-sweaters-and-trudging-around-on-slushy-sidewalks thing, but spring seems a long way off. Fortunately, we have the music to boost any March mood.

    When you're reading post-Oscars gossip: Pharrell Williams' "Happy" from G I R L, drops March 3

    It's no wonder that Pharrell's ebullient lead single earned an Oscar nom for Original Song (of course, it faced stiff competition from Frozen's infectious "Let It Go"). The Renaissance man seemed to be part of every megahit last year, dominating the airwaves with his smooth vocals and slick production. His new album is loaded with sure-fire hits, guaranteeing that we'll be hearing even more Pharrell on the radio in 2014.

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    When you're recovering from St. Patty's Day: Imogen Heap's "You Know Where To Find Me" from Sparks, drops March 3

    So you need something kinda soothing on the morning of March 18, huh? Imogen Heap

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  • Detox Your Hair in Two Minutes with This Beauty Trick

    by April Franzino

    David GubertDavid Gubert
    In just 120 seconds, you can do a lot of things. Like down a green juice. But you could also detox your strands. The hair equivalent of a cleanse: adding a teaspoon of baking soda to a blob of shampoo. (We like Kerastase Bain Volumifique Shampoo, $39.)

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    The compound boosts cleansing power to remove styling residue, explains Louis Licari, owner of the namesake New York City salon. Your hair feels "clean," shiny and silky. Easy enough, right?

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  • How to Kick Your Seriously Sweet Tooth

    by Sara Angle

    Romulo A YanesRomulo A Yanes

    From the outset of my nutrition journey, I knew my biggest challenge would be my sweet tooth. You see, I'm a self-proclaimed sugar addict, anything chocolate being my substance of choice. I've tried every cupcake in New York City and am known to be the first one to cut the pie(s) at Thanksgiving. Have I tried to cut back on sugar? Yes, I rid my cabinets of granola bars and cereal and tossed dried fruits and miscellaneous candies. But it's not that simple to ditch sugar. Sugar can be sneaky! And while I've stopped buying fruit-flavored yogurt, I just can't totally give up dark chocolate, so when I heard about Sarah Wilson, an Aussie author, TV host, blogger and wellness coach who's on a crusade against the sweet stuff, I was awed. She did what I consider to be the unthinkable: She quit sugar. This pretty much sounds like my worst nightmare (Case in point: I'm sucking on a Werther's Original right now as a method of avoiding the even worse sugar traps laying around Read More »from How to Kick Your Seriously Sweet Tooth
  • These Spices Make You Slimmer, Smarter, Happier

    Raid your spice rack and start using these. Science finds mixing them into meals adds a health boost.
    by Nicole Yorio Jurick

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  • Does Stress Really Cause Headaches?

    by Anna Maltby

    Stephanie RausserStephanie RausserEver find yourself reaching for the Advil when things start getting real? If you've always felt like your head starts aching when you're stressed out, science is now on your side -- according to a new study presented at the 2014 American Academy of Neurology meeting, having more stress in your life really does correlate with more headaches.

    Researchers asked more than 5,000 people to rate their stress level on a scale of 0 to 100 and to report how many headaches they experienced per month, having participants answer these questions four times a year for a two-year period.

    The researchers found that 31 percent of participants had tension headaches, 14 percent had migraines, and 11 percent had a combo of both. As for their stress levels? Tension headachers were 52/100 on the scale; migraine sufferers were 62; combo sufferers were at 59. (Unfortunately, the available study materials do not report stress levels of those in the study who did not suffer from

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  • Academy Awards Countdown: Get Gwyneth Paltrow's Killer Legs

    by Jacqueline Risser

    WireImage; Getty ImagesWireImage; Getty Images

    In preparation for Hollywood's biggest night, we'll be posting our favorite hot bodies from Oscars past along with the beauty product and fitness move you need to get their red carpet-ready looks. Come back each day to check out a new star!

    Yesterday, we raved about Halle Berry's abs at the Oscars in 2002.

    Next up: Academy Award winner Gwyneth Paltrow.

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    The Look: With the exception of the deep neckline, from the front, Gwyneth looked like her usual fit (and we know she's fit thanks to her bestie Tracy Anderson), statuesque, glowy self. Almost a conservative look, right? Then, she turns to the side, and bam: girl flashed a whole lotta leg on the 2011 Oscars red carpet!

    The Product: SELF Beauty Editor April Franzino recommends St. Tropez Wash Off Instant Shimmer Stick ($23) to boost all the tonage in your legs. "Glide this solid bronzing stick down the center of legs for instant slimming definition," she says. "It's a celeb

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  • The Everyday Behavior That's Killing Your Relationship

    You probably don't even realize you're doing it. Nix this little habit for a stronger bond. by Zahra Barnes

    John Dolan John Dolan Consistently rolling your eyes during fights may be a sign that your relationship is doomed, according to Happify, a digital gaming platform that allows you to "train your brain" into becoming happy. The company's new infographic The Science of a Happy Relationship, which is based on research complied by their in-house team of neuroscientists and psychologists, shows that certain behaviors can determine whether or not couples have what it takes to achieve long-term happiness. Personally, I was shocked when I saw such a tiny action was listed as an indicator of an unhappy union--but I did some digging and it all started to make sense.

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    According to Dr. John Gottman, co-founder of the Relationship Research Institute and the lead researcher behind a landmark study about divorce predictors, rolling your eyes when your partner speaks

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