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  • Why Kelly Rowland is Obsessed with Zumba Step (and You Should Be, Too)

    by Amy Schlinger

    Ryan KiblerRyan KiblerIf you're not so much the boot camp, instructor-screaming-in-your-face, Olympic-lifting type and instead prefer laughing and a bit more light-heartedness when you workout, you need to try Zumba Step. Take it from a few of us with two left feet -- even if you don't have the best rhythm, there's no way to not have fun dancing, twirling, and hip-shaking away the calories.

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    Zumba Step, unlike it's predecessor, plain old Zumba, focuses on the lower body, targeting mostly the glutes, legs, and thighs by doing moves like hip circles as you lower down to the floor, and then back up again. "I love the fact that you're burning so many calories," says spokeswoman Kelly Rowland. (BTW: Have you seen Kelly's body?) "Women have such a good time in the class, and the energy is infectious!"

    The biggest change Rowland has noticed from her bod since taking up Zumba Step? "My thighs and butt burn like crazy! But you have a good time.

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  • Whoa: Tanning Beds Cause More Cancer Than Cigarettes!

    by Anna Maltby

    Eric McnattEric McnattGuys, this news is so crazy and disturbing that we're just going to jump right in: Every year, indoor tanning causes more cases of skin cancer than does smoking for lung cancer.

    Let us repeat: The number of skin cancers we can blame each year on indoor tanning is higher than the number of lung cancers we can blame on cigarettes.

    And to put that in perspective, about 90 percent of lung cancer cases are attributable to cigarette smoking whereas only somewhere between three and 22 percent of skin cancer cases are attributable to indoor tanning.

    All this is courtesy of an eye-opening, huge meta-analysis published in JAMA Dermatology last week. Those researchers pored over stats from 88 major studies over the past 20 years, covering almost 500,000 total study participants from 16 western countries (including the United States, Australia, and countries in Northern and Western Europe).

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    Overall, the researchers

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  • Spin Your Way to Love This Valentine's Day at One of These Studios!

    by Rachel Jacoby Zoldan

    Tom RafalovichTom Rafalovich
    Valentine's Day -- whether you hate it or you love it, it's always in your face. But despite what Rom-Coms may tell you, the holiday doesn't need to mean gorging on chocolates while watching a sappy love film. Better: Go sweat! You'll get an endorphin-fueled mood boost almost instantly, especially if you choose a heart-pumping, high-intensity Spin class. Cycling studios must have felt the love in the air, because they'll be celebrating V-Day in style, too.

    On Friday, February 14, Flywheel Sports will host a ride featuring a live DJ at their brand-new TriBeCa studio -- and Flywheel snagged none other than the A-list-worthy DJ Cassidy. In celebration of his new single, "Calling All Hearts," which features Jessie J (our unofficial fit goddess) and Robin Thicke, Cassidy will deejay alongside a master instructor for a 45-minute ride.

    Not near TriBeCa? (Don't worry, nothing really is.) Every single Flywheel across the country

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  • Irresistible, Guilt-Free Chocolate Beauty Treats

    by Alexandra Samuel

    Devon JarvisDevon JarvisGuys, put down the Russell Stover box. Heck, it isn't even February 13 yet. Besides, you know that chocolate is pure crap -- and there's no reason to put said crap into your body unless it's one of our favorite superfoods, dark chocolate. But hey, on Valentine's Day, you want to look your best, and a box of chocolates ain't gonna get you there.

    But chocolate does contain antioxidants. And that's where beauty comes in -- many brands are capitalizing on the sweet treat's anti-aging benefits, using chocolate as a product's hallmark ingredient. Yum, right? There are also the beauty products that smell like chocolate, well, just cause. And we're all for some guilt-free chocolate. Indulge and #TreatYoSelf with some of the yummiest chocolate beauty products around -- they're all calorie-free!

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    * Eminence Chocolate Mousse Hydration Masque: Best for normal to dry skin, this super-decadent mask feels a little bit like

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  • SELF Does NYFW: Day 5 is All About the Accessories

    by SELF Staffers

     SELF Staffers SELF Staffers
    Ladies, in case you didn't know, it's New York Fashion Week -- and some of the hottest designers are showcasing their Fall/Winter 2014 collections throughout the city. Each day, one of SELF's fashion editors will be sharing her favorite moments from inside the trenches. Today, Accessories Editor Amber Herring gives you front row access to Day 5 -- specifically, all those little extras that make a big impact. Like her cobalt Tory Burch satchel and matching American Apparel hat. (Obv cobalt's one of fall's hottest shades.)

    SELF StaffersSELF Staffers
    Amber Says: The vibe was bright and sunny at the Sunglass Hut 94 shades of summer presentation. Reassurance that summer will come after this endless NYC winter!

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    SELF StaffersSELF Staffers
    Amber Says: Milly gives us inspiration to trade in our boring work tote for something a bit more exciting, something with a little shine. This is structured and

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  • Team USA Ice Hockey Star Hilary Knight Shares the Secret to Her Rock-Solid Abs

    by Thailan Pham

    NBC/USOCNBC/USOC As a forward on Team USA's women's ice hockey team (her teammate and captain is goalie Julie Chu), Hilary Knight is part of a tight-knit all-girls' club that's already started off its Olympic run kickin' butt and taking names. If any of you caught the first game this past weekend, you'll remember it was Knight who scored the team's first goal of the games in only fifty-three seconds. Right?! If that's doesn't earn some bragging rights, we don't know what does!

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    For Knight, being "between the glass" is her safe place. "All my worries and problems are set aside, and I feel free," she says. "And the feeling you get when the wind breezes through your hair because you're fast -- it's irreplaceable.

    At 5'10" she's got height on her side, but on the ice she needs to be fast, on-the-mark and strong as well. To keep her core rock-solid for such a physically demanding sport, she swears by roll-outs on the Swiss ball. The

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  • by Rachel Jacoby Zoldan

    Dewey NicksDewey Nicks

    Let's face it: It has been one long, cold winter. Odds are, you want to get away. A beach, a pool, really anything you can splash around on or in -- which is why you should book that vacay ASAP. Already took care of that part? Sweet! But then there's that task of finding the new swimsuit. Don't worry, you totally got this. Just repeat after us:

    Think about it: What's the part of your body you want to flaunt most? Go for whatever that is -- draw attention to your hottest feature. Is it your chest? Your toned butt? Choose pieces for those areas with crazy prints, embellishments and ruffles. Got nice legs? Make 'em look even longer with a high-cut suit.

    Girl, you want yourself to be covered, don't you? Do not think about that number on the tag, because it means nothing. A size 2 in one suit could be a 6 in another; your focus should be on fit. If you've got an

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  • How to DIY Wax Your Bikini Line for Valentine's Day (We Promise You Can Do It!)

    by Alexandra Samuel

    Riccardo TinelliRiccardo Tinelli Valentine's Day is this Friday, which inevitably means that waxing salons will be super crowded, so that slip in-and-out wax you had planned may not be in the cards.

    So does that mean you are stuck feeling less-than-sexy on the hottest date night of the year? No way. You can totally wax your lady parts with a little patience, a little courage and a few simple instructions. It's actually not even that bad once you get the hang of it.

    The day before you plan on doing the deed, prep your bikini area with a gentle body scrub (try Soap & Glory Flake Away Body Polish, which is packed with shea butter and sweet almond oil). Exfoliating will get rid of any dead skin cells, which you need to do for two reasons: 1) So the wax can get a better grip on hairs and 2) so there are fewer dead skin cells left to clog pores and cause nasty, super-unattractive ingrown hairs.

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  • 6 Foods that Fight Bloat

    No matter how many crunches you do, you won't look or feel your best if you're suffering from bloating--you know, that swollen, gassy, acidy feeling that makes skinny jeans an impossibility. Follow these strategies, and eat these flat-belly foods, to keep your digestion system humming along. Ready to start your body turnaround? Sign up for our 14-Day Slimdown.
    by SELF Staffers

    Arthur Belebeau Arthur Belebeau

    Slim Eating Strategies Generally, the best way to avoid bloat is to stay away from soda, alcohol and greasy, salty, fatty meals, which slow the stomach and the intestines from emptying, according to Timothy S. Harlan (a.k.a. Dr. Gourmet), M.D., medical director of Tulane University's School of Medicine.

    However, if you know you're going to be over-indulging - for a weekend celebration or a big holiday meal--you can be proactive by eating certain flat-belly foods before the big event. On the following slides are some of Dr. Harlan's top picks, based on the latest scientific research.

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  • Can Sex Really Help Shed Pounds?

    A new study proves that the horizontal mambo can burn more calories than some workouts. In the name of science, one staffer puts it to the test.
    by Jessica Knoll

    Ture LillegravenTure Lillegraven
    Despite the fact that sex is an activity generally done lying down, a new study out of the University of Quebec in Montreal found that it's actually a respectable calorie burner. As a rare hybrid of gym rat and lazy sloth, I am all for trying to combine a workout with things I do in my warm, comfy bed. Jessica Matthews, exercise physiologist for the American Council on Exercise, confirmed it's possible. "Sex can burn 3 to 4.5 calories a minute and more, depending on how vigorous it is," she told me. Oh, it would be vigorous. Armed with goodies like the Forerunner 220 (the latest fitness watch from those geniuses at Garmin) and my "workout partner," aka my husband, Greg, I decided to go for the burn.

    The lowdown
    First up, arms. I cranked out three sets of 10 push-ups while on oral duty, pausing between sets to

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