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  • Kate Moss's Fiancé Picks a (Female) Best Man

    Courtesy of FairCourtesy of FairJackie Lebowitz, BRIDES

    It's no longer girls on one side, guys on the other: Gender-bending has officially come to the wedding party. Kate Moss's fiancé, rocker Jamie Hince, has asked bandmate Alison Mosshart to be his "best man."

    Maybe you have a brother you'd like to be on your side of the altar, or your fiance's best female friend is the perfect candidate for best man. Whatever the reason, we're seeing couples around the nation getting creative with their bridal parties-Man of Honor, Best (Wo)man, Bridesmen, Groomswomen-and we like it! See what our facebook readers are doing, and then join the conversation at

    Q: Kate Moss's rocker fiancé has asked a woman to be his "best man" in the wedding. How do you feel about a best (wo)man?

    "I think it is a great idea. When I get married I'm going to have my best mate (male) as my bridesman, although he will not be wearing a dress!"
    -Claire Hutchison

    "My brother is going to be my man of honor in my wedding next

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  • Tips for Being a Bride and Bridesmaid from the Cast of Bridesmaids

    Courtesy of Suzanne Hanover/Universal Pictures Courtesy of Suzanne Hanover/Universal Pictures BRIDES Magazine

    We asked the stars of Judd Apatow's new flick to share what they learned while filming. Want more? Find bonus tips from Melissa McCarthy.

    5 Tips on Being a Bridesmaid, by Bridesmaid's Star Ellie Kemper

    1) Do not offer any input on the bridesmaids' dresses unless you are asked. And if you are asked, anything that the bride wants is what you want. Got it? It's just one day-and besides, in certain light, a peach-chartreuse combo is gorgeous.

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    2) Be sure you look good on the big day-but not too good. I'm not kidding. You have to put in the time and effort for the wedding photos, but you should not look better than the bride, babe! It's her day.

    3) If you start to get the feeling that your bride might be asking you to go a tad beyond the call of duty, be really bad at those tasks. I swear, she won't ask you to do them anymore. Use this trick sparingly. You do have to do some work, slacker.

    4) Do not use the

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  • 10 (Not-So-Shocking) Secrets About Husbands

    Dan Saelinger/BRIDESDan Saelinger/BRIDESLauren A. Greene, BRIDES magazine

    In case you haven't come across these already during your engagement period, BRIDES magazine has the top 10 traits your husband might start exhibiting after the ring. How many of them apply to your guy?

    1. Multitasking is a foreign word to them. If they just change the kitty litter, they need a beer, then a nap.

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    2. Their idea of cleaning the house involves wiping their feet on the doormat.

    3. They don't get why you need to talk on the phone for so long with your mom/sister/best friend/all of the above. Especially since you did it last night, too.

    4. They love gossip just as much as you do. Two words: Charlie Sheen.

    5. Their hearing is perfectly fine. Their listening skills? Not so much.

    6. They will never get excited about the new shower curtain. Unless you're behind it, naked.

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    7. When they take out the trash, they need to announce it.

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  • Get the Look: Kate Hudson's Engagement Ring

    Photo: Fairchild Archive (Kate Hudson); courtesy of designers (jewelry)Photo: Fairchild Archive (Kate Hudson); courtesy of designers (jewelry)By BRIDES

    Kate Hudson may be the reigning queen of boho chic, but when she announced her engagement to Muse rocker Matthew Bellamy on the Today show, she showed off a ring that was more Park Avenue than Penny Lane. The more "traditional" nine-carat stunner features a platinum-set, emerald-cut diamond with tapered baguettes-could this mean the actress will start to embrace a more classic, sophisticated style in general? We can't really see her in a cashmere twin-set (or a Duchess of Cambridge-esque wedding gown for that matter-especially with a growing baby bump!), but anything's possible (Reese Witherspoon wore a frilly pink ballgown!). To capture Kate's elegant look, try one of these lovely options featuring emerald-cut diamonds.-Leigh Bond

    From left: Platinum with emerald-cut diamond and tapered baguettes, $5,528, Iced Orchid; platinum with three-stone, emerald-cut diamond, $516,700, Jacob & Co.; platinum with emerald-cut diamonds and micropavé halo- and channel-set shank, $3,309,

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  • Courtesy of Suzanne Hanover/Universal PicturesCourtesy of Suzanne Hanover/Universal PicturesYolanda Crous, BRIDES

    A few reasons we can't wait for the movie Bridesmaids to come out: Judd Apatow produced it, Kristen Wiig cowrote it, and the mostly female cast (Melissa McCarthy, Ellie Kemper, Rose Byrne, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Maya Rudolph, Kristen Wiig ) is hilarious. It's also supersmart-witness McCarthy's savvy tips for being a bridesmaid, below.

    1. Remind the bride that the wedding is about the vows. Especially when her wedding planner tells her it's about linen colors, place-card fonts, and choosing the perfect moment to release the doves.

    2. Bachelorette parties should be really, really fun, not really, really trashy.

    3. Smile, and wear whatever bridesmaids' dress she picks out.

    4. Take some of her to-do list off her hands. Pick one or two items, and handle them from start to finish.

    5. Know her favorite cocktail-and know when she needs it.

    Want more? Check out the May issue of BRIDES for other wedding pointers from Ellie Kemper and Maya Rudolph.

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  • 6 Wedding Looks Under $1,000 Each

    Beach? Ballroom? Whatever your venue, there's a perfect dress at a can't-believe-it price.

  • Love Kate's Look? 6 Options for Less!

    Kim Forrest, BRIDES

    We loved the lace sleeves on Kate's gown; if you like them, too, here are some options from the Spring 2012 Collections.

  • What We'd Give Will & Kate as Wedding Gifts

    Philip B. Crook, BRIDES

    As the editors of, we may not have bottomless bank accounts or fabulous royal connections, but we do have active imaginations-and a sense of humor. You're welcome, Kate & Will!

    What would you give the royal couple if money were no object?

  • Our Favorite (and the Most Outrageous!) Royal Wedding Souvenirs

    Allison Bean, BRIDES

    From wonderfully wacky to surprisingly adorable, we've rounded up our favorite Kate and Will memorabilia

  • BRIDES Editors Share Exclusive Royal Wedding Predictions

    By Lauren Matthews, BRIDES

    While some details are confirmed, others have everyone speculating. Here's what we think you can expect this Friday when Kate and Will get married.


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