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  • The Best Pre-Wedding Work Outs

    Marina Khidekel, BRIDES magazine

    You've found the perfect gown-now get the body to rock it. Our wedding-dress workout, designed by New York trainer Shaun Zetlin, will help you target the parts your frock will be flaunting. Bring it on.

  • The Guilty Girl's Guide to Choosing Bridesmaids

    Illustration by Edwin Fotheringham/BRIDESIllustration by Edwin Fotheringham/BRIDESBy Lexi Dwyer, BRIDES magazine

    Picking your bridal party can stir up more emotion than picking a groom. But don't worry-BRIDES magazine has got your back. Here are six common guilt-inducing scenarios and what to do about them:

    ... a friend whose wedding you were in two years ago, even though you don't hang out anymore? You can't shake feeling like you "owe her."
    WHAT'S A GIRL TO DO? No need to sweat it-there's no quid-pro-quo contract you have to fulfill. Relationships change, and chances are she'd feel uncomfortable anyway.

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    ... your superclose bud who's due to give birth two weeks before your wedding?
    You should ask her, but also reassure her that you'll understand if she can't come to all or part of the wedding. You don't want to make her feel guilty if she's got to leave early or bow out of walking down the aisle.

    DO YOU HAVE TO ASK... your fiance's sister, whom

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  • 5 Royal Honeymoon Predictions for Will and Kate

    By Jacqui Gifford, BRIDES magazine

  • Wedding Budget Do's and Don'ts

    Tara Donne/BRIDESTara Donne/BRIDESBy BRIDES Magazine

    BRIDES is here to help you get more bang for your hard-earned buck. Take a look at our list of seven essential do's and don'ts for considering flowers and decorations for your wedding day.

    DO reuse the bridesmaid's bouquets at the reception-they can be slipped into vases to decorate the escort-card table and the entrance.

    DON'T limit yourself to classic floral arrangements for the centerpieces. A glass bowl filled with water, rose petals, and floating candles is a luminous, low-cost alternative.

    DO take advantage of seasonal sales to buy items like candles.

    DON'T order out-of-season flowers that need to be flown in, since that will most likely incur big shipping costs.

    DO weave herbs and branches into arrangements-you'll need fewer flowers that way.

    DON'T spend money decorating reception areas that won't be heavily trafficked, such as staircases and hallways. Put your money where guests will see it: the entrance, the dining tables, and the bar.

    use masses of

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  • 10 Wedding-Day Secrets From Industry Experts

    By BRIDES Magazine

    BRIDES has rounded up some of our favorite wedding pros and asked them to give our readers their best pointers for the party of a lifetime.

    1. To diffuse any makeup stains, blot your dress with white talcum.
    -Francesca Pitera, Jim Hjelm

    2. Bring two pairs of shoes: one for the ceremony, the other to put in the reception site's freezer. When your feet start hurting, slip on the second pair to feel instantly refreshed--trust me!
    -Nancy Williams, Carolina Herrera

    3. On the day of the wedding, apply a skin primer to make sure your makeup stays on all day long.
    -Trish McEvoy

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    4. To look instantly refreshed, use an eye cream with caffeine to minimize dark circles.
    -Dr. Fredric Brandt, Dr. Brandt Skincare

    5. To make the most of your cake budget, order a small, custom tiered cake and supplement it with decorated sheet cakes that can be plated behind closed doors.
    -Ellen Baumwoll, Bijoux Doux Specialty

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  • The Ultimate Engagement Ring Guide

    Here's everything you and your guy need to know about carats, cuts, and costs.

  • By BRIDES magazine

    We asked five guys what they think about their bride getting plastic surgery.

    Q: What would you think if your fiancée wanted to have plastic surgery for your wedding?

    Check out their answers below, and tell us: Would your man be okay with you going under the knife for your big day?

  • Red Carpet-Inspired Wedding Gowns from the Golden Globes

    By Kim Forrest and Cari Wolfert,

    The hottest fashions seen on the 2011 Golden Globes red carpet have a wedding dress counterpart you can track down and try on-and they're all right here.

  • 10 Secrets Your Groom-to-Be Will Never Tell You

    By Mark Bazer, BRIDES magazine

    One groom tells BRIDES the top 10 secrets he'll never tell-at least not until after the wedding.

    1) He wants to register for one item on his own, even if he never uses it.

    2) He cares about the music so much, he'll pay the DJ a bonus to not play "Celebration."

    3) He has inexplicably developed a sixth sense: When the phone rings, he knows it's your mom. He'll start answering the phone again after the wedding.

    4) He worries he won't look half as good in his tux as the little man on the cake does.

    5) He liked taking dance lessons but wishes they'd included the funky chicken.

    6) He will be nervous about his hair and may reach for the mousse. Don't let him.

    7) He wants you to take his name, no matter what he says. Unless your name is Springsteen, in which case he'll take yours.

    8) He never wants to know which friend gave which gift at your lingerie shower.

    9) He doesn't want to write his own vows. He really likes the ones in the book.

    10) He's as

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  • The 10 Best Wallet-Friendly Resorts

    By BRIDES magazine

    Escape the cold winter weather with a Caribbean vacation that won't break the bank.


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