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  • 20 Classic (New!) Wedding Dresses

  • 10 (New!) Wedding Dresses for Under $1,000

  • The Top 5 Biggest Wedding Drama Dilemmas -- Solved

    Ready to kick out a bridesmaid? Suddenly not getting along with your FMIL? Don't sweat it! We spoke with wedding etiquette expert Anna Post, author of "Do I Have to Wear White?" (and the great-great-granddaughter of Emily Post) to find out how you can get out of these sticky situations gracefully. Here are the top five wedding drama dilemmas and how you can solve them.


    Dilemma #1: You get along with your future mother-in-law -- until it comes to wedding planning. She not only doesn't like any of your ideas but there's nothing you can do to please her.

    Solve it: Compromising can be very important in this situation, especially if your fiance's family is paying for part of the wedding. "Think about the things that are non-negotiable to you and about concessions that you can make for her," says Anna.

    Anna also suggests giving the most vocal family members a task, be it picking out the favors or organizing accommodations -- something that will take their

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  • Proposal Nightmares from Brides Who Survived Them!

    Think every proposal is like something out of a fairy tale? Think again. Even the best intentioned -- and most well-planned -- proposals can go awry. Just find out what happened to these brides, but don't worry, every story has a happy ending.


    Snowed In
    "We got lost on our snowmobiles in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness in January. It was pitch black, minus 50 degrees, and we were in the midst of a horrible blizzard. We finally found our way back to civilization by following a railroad that led us back to the highway. We were so ecstatic and rolled off our snowmobiles into the snow, when my boyfriend just looked at me so seriously and asked, "Spend the rest of your life with me, please?"

    We made it to the nearest ski resort (we had to hitchhike back into town!) and stayed for four days to celebrate our survival and engagement! It was the worst day of my life, yet ironically also the happiest. -- YalieBrideWed87245

    Solo Performance

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  • The Top 5 Ways Chelsea Clinton Breaks All the Wedding Rules

    For a presidential daughter who spent most of her life trying to escape the spotlight, Chelsea Clinton has made one thing clear as of late: Her wedding will be rule-breaking and trend setting.

    By Amy Eisinger for

    Though most presidential daughters have opted for relatively traditional and conservative weddings, Chelsea's nuptials on Saturday to Marc Mezvinsky have not only become the talk of the town because of who she is but also because of what's expected to happen. Chelsea seems to be going out of her way to throw the biggest, most expensive, and most lavish wedding in the history of first daughters.

    Here, breaks down the top five ways this usual wallflower is pulling out all the stops for her nuptials and bidding farewell to tradition.

    The Hype
    When it came to announcing their engagement -- Chelsea and Marc took a nontraditional stance from the start. The message sent: This presidential wedding would be on their terms.

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  • The Worst Things a Couple Could Hear Before Their Wedding Day

    We know that while most people are overjoyed to hear you're getting married, there are always those select few who can ruin it for everyone. So we asked real brides at to tell us the worst things they've heard since getting engaged and have offered some tips on how to respond.

    From Editors

    1. "Don't get married."
    We're not sure why people say this -- maybe they just can't stand to see others so happy. Either way, if you're confronted by a cynical statement like this, try to respond with a positive answer: Tell them why you are getting married. "Well, we're so excited to get married; we love each other very much." If the person keeps insisting that marriage in general is a bad idea, just try steering the conversation away from your upcoming nuptials to something else they can relate to.

    2. "You're getting married then? That's so inconvenient for us."
    Unfortunately, you can't choose a wedding date to accommodate everyone's schedule

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  • Summer Wedding Attire Faux Pas: Are You Guilty?

    Just because you're going to a beach wedding doesn't mean you can show up in flip-flops and board shorts. We asked celebrity wedding planner David Tutera ( and RoseLynn Micari-Fiumara from Bridal Reflections ( to weigh in on what you should wear to this summer's outdoor wedding. Read on to find out the top five faux pas so you don't end up committing a fashion crime at this season's nuptials.

    From Editors

    1. Don't wear flip-flops
    If the wedding is on the beach, both RoseLynn and David suggest sandals or open-toed shoes for women -- but no flip-flops, no matter what. (And sorry guys, we're afraid you still have to wear close-toed shoes even if it's summertime.)

    "Even on a beach, a wedding is the most special day in your friend or family member's life, so guests should dress accordingly," says David. If you're not sure what to wear on your feet, simply ask the bride or groom ahead of time or check with the

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  • The Best Wedding Advice I Never Got

    We all know that hindsight is 20/20, which is exactly why we asked brides who have been there to give us their best tips and pieces of advice that no one else told them along the way. And lucky for you, we've rounded up the top 7 pieces of advice you just won't hear anywhere else.


    1. "Truly think of who you WANT at your wedding. And don't invite everyone under the sun 'just because.'" - Nursegrl507

    Remember, it's a wedding, not a high school reunion. OK, we know everyone has that 'crazy uncle' that your mother is insisting you invite -- but the majority of the guest list should be people that you really want to see. If that means your guest list is just 20 people -- so be it. There's no correlation between having a big wedding and having more fun.

    2. "Something will go wrong on your wedding day, but at the end of the day, you will be married to the love of your life and that's all that matters. Relax and enjoy it." - bexx246

    The sooner you can come

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  • Tales of the Worst Bridesmaids -- Ever!

    If you think your maids are causing drama, just wait until you check out these bridal attendant nightmare stories.


    She didn't order her dress on time, has criticized all of your ideas, and said what behind your back to another bridesmaid? If your bridesmaids have been acting up -- you're not alone. Here are some of the worst bridesmaid stories we've ever heard.


    "My former BFF was supposed to be a bridesmaid in my wedding. About eight months before my wedding, she informed me that she had purchased her dress. However, three months beforehand she called to confess that she really hadn't purchased her dress even though I sent her a link of the exact dress to purchase and the store to purchase it at. By that time the dress was sold out. I finally told her that she could choose any dress that she liked or already owned as long as it was the same color as the other bridesmaid dresses. When I spoke with her a month later, she still

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  • What Are the Best Wedding Reception Songs to Get Your Groove On To? rounded up the 10 must-play songs that are sure to get everyone -- even the wallflowers -- out on the dance floor and having a great time.


    For everyone -- yes, even your new in-laws
    What Song: "Viva La Vida," by Coldplay
    When to play it: During the cocktail hour or after the first course is cleared.
    Why they'll love it: Coldplay has a real knack for writing soothing melodies that appeal to all music tastes, young and old.

    For the party animals of the group
    What song: "I Gotta Feeling," by the Black Eyed Peas
    When to play it: Right after dinner.
    Why they'll love it: Everyone together now: "Tonight's gonna be a good good night."

    For the hopeless romantics
    What song: "1, 2, 3, 4," by Plain White T's
    When to play it: As your first dance or as one of the first slow songs.
    Why they'll love it: There are few circumstances where you can get away with playing a song this gushy, but at a wedding,

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