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  • President Obama pooh-poohs Michelle's wardrobe (the first couple: They're just like Us!)

    Getty ImagesGetty ImagesYou know how the entire world is obsessed with what Michelle Obama wears, with how her arms look in sleeveless dresses and if she's choosing the right designers from the right parts of the world? Well, make that the entire world minus one. Last week, in an endearing/adorable interview with The New York Times, Mrs. Obama explained her husband's outlook on her wardrobe:

    "You didn't need any more shoes," the president has said, "The shoes you had on yesterday were fine. Why can't you just wear that for the rest of the presidency?"

    Michelle says Mr. Obama also has opinions about specific items in her closet, namely one questionable belt:

    "Barack calls it my 'Star Trek' belt," the first lady said. "He doesn't understand fashion."

    And, last:

    "He's always asking: 'Is that new? I haven't seen that before.' It's like, Why don't you mind your own business? Solve world hunger. Get out of my closet."

    Amen, sister. I actually loved reading this story because (sorry to get all gender-role

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  • The butt-padding underwear trend: False advertising or a useful white lie?

    Last year, back when Shine was just barely a zygote, I wrote about Booty Pop Panties ("the panties that make your booty pop!"), which are basically undergarments that make one's derriere appear bigger and fuller. While it's still unfathomable to me, a person with a significant enough rear, why anyone would want a larger backside, apparently there's a, ahem, big market for this sort of thing. So much so that legitimate lingerie companies (not just novelty designers with silly names) have started adding the enhancement pieces to their spring lines.

    Take, for example, the ultra-pretty lingerie label Huit. it just released something called a Padded Shorty, a pair of serious underwear/shorts with two full butt cheeks built-in (they cost 30 British pounds, about $45).

    I suppose for those who are completely assless, something like this could come in handy. It seems to aid in "filling things out" and might make one look sexier in a tight dress or jeans or shorts. But, who exactly are you

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  • Project Runway star Kenley Collins arrested for assaulting fiancé...with a cat

    bravotv.combravotv.comFrom the "We always thought she was a bad egg" files: According to reports from TMZ, Kenley Collins, a finalist from last season's Project Runway, was arrested yesterday in Brooklyn for assaulting her ex-fiancé. She allegedly woke him up and attacked him with a laptop, her cat, several apples, and water.

    The aspiring designer was charged with six crimes, including second-degree assault, third-degree assault, and criminal possession of a weapon in the fourth degree. According to legal papers, Kenley reportedly told her ex, "You're lucky ... it could've been a lot worse."
    She has not yet been released from jail.

    Um, where to begin with this one? We always sensed this particular PR contestant was a little unhinged, with some serious anger management issues. Honestly, that's really the only explanation for anyone to act like a jerk to Tim Gunn.

    Also, serious question: How do you attack someone with a cat?
    Source: TMZ

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  • 20 amazing spring bags, all under $50

    I'm feeling very springy today and also like I am hating my bag. But here's the dilemma with buying a new purse: They cost too much money. We rounded up some really cute styles for the upcoming season, none of which will bust your budget.

  • Botox injections may cause depression (yet another reason not to mess with your face)

    Getty ImagesGetty ImagesCould the ever-popular, face-freezing, wax-forehead-making anti-aging agent Botox cause serious depression?

    Scientists think so.

    In a new study out of Holland, 30 people were shown a series of disturbing images. While some of the participants were allowed to move their faces freely and express horror, shock, etc; others replicated the Botox look and were instructed to keep a totally still and blank face while examining the photos. Afterwards, subjects who were unable to show their emotions perceived the world as a worse place, and held onto their negative feelings for longer.

    From these results, the study's lead researcher Dr. Judith Grub deduced that, "Suppressing negative emotions is something we do every day to be polite. However, my research shows that paralyzing muscles that help you to express emotion leads to internalizing these feelings."
    Which, in turn, can lead to depression.

    It's an interesting proposition for sure, though I'd actually be more intrigued to learn about

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  • Is Beyoncé's Vogue cover racist?

    When I first peered at the latest cover of Vogue, which features a very beautiful Beyoncé wearing an interesting blue dress, I thought, "Wow. Vogue actually put black women on its cover two months in a row. This is like a fashion miracle."

    Then, because I can never afford anything in Vogue and because the articles about people's fancy horse retreats and cosmetic procedures only remind me of how not rich I am, I forgot all about it.

    But today, a few bloggers are up in arms over the April cover, specifically, they're feeling like Vogue took the opportunity of having a gorgeous African American woman on its cover and kind of crapped all over it.

    On Sociological Images, blogger Lisa says:

    "For the second time this year, the Vogue cover features a woman of color, Beyonce. Unfortunately, in line with cultural stereotypes, the issue is the 'Shape Issue,' contributing to the stereotype of Black women, and Latina women too, as especially 'curvy'....
    The magazine sets up, essentially, an

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  • 17-year-old lesbian sues to wear tuxedo to prom (and wins!)

    Getty ImagesGetty ImagesStories like this actually befuddle me. I just can't wrap my head around the fact that in this day and age, gay teenagers continue to face discrimination, by public officials no less. Also: Who cares what a girl or boy wears to the prom, as long as it's dressy and none of his or her bits is hanging out?

    Anyway. Last week, an Indiana teenager filed a lawsuit against her high school after the principal told her she could not wear a tuxedo to the senior prom.

    The student (her name was not released because she's a minor) identifies herself as a lesbian, and she doesn't wear dresses because they represent a "sexual identity she rejects," according to the court filing. This became a problem because the school's dress code required that female students wear formal gowns to the big dance, without exception.

    The American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana jumped in to help the 17-year-old, claiming the school's policy discriminated against students based on gender, and violated the high school

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  • Michelle Obama's best (and worst) magazine covers so far

    The March 23rd issue of New York magazine (out today) reveals a massively Photoshopped image of Michelle Obama's head, while the tagline reads, "The Power of Michelle Obama." The March 16th issue of The New Yorker (which is the mag's biannual style special), features a bright, sleek cover illustration of Michelle Obama in three fashiony runway outfits. Both are just the latest in a slew of recent MO covers-since the election, O, People, Vogue, Newsweek, Us Weekly and Essence have all cashed in on our new first lady's popularity-and they're part of a growing and massive collection of American magazines featuring Mrs. Obama in the last year. We decided to rate the 15 most glamorous, curious, quirky, and downright distasteful of the bunch.

    What's your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Does anything cure cellulite? Answer: Yes and No

    Getty ImagesGetty ImagesI am about four inches taller than my younger sister, but, other than this, we have very similar bodies. We're both mostly thin women with curvy hips and ample bottoms and, even though we both eat healthy foods and are relatively fit, as we entered our late 20s and early 30s, we both developed cellulite.

    I don't know that I can accurately express the horror and disbelief of our initial cellulite conversation, but it involved lots of "Ugh!" "No!" "Why?!" "How did this happen?" and a slew of words that cannot be printed in a family blog.

    From there, my sister, who's a scientist, tackled this puckered skin devil with the kind of pragmatism she applies to everything; she calmly resolved to start drinking more water and take up running.

    I, on the other hand, felt frustrated and sorry for myself, decided cellulite meant the death of my youth and attractiveness, studied pictures of celebrities' dimpled thighs with rueful glee, haphazardly smeared $65 cream on the suspect areas, perhaps

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  • Would you pay $35 for Lindsay Lohan's new self-tanner?

    courtesy of People.comcourtesy of People.comLindsay Lohan, she of leggings fame and (most recently) looking way too skinny, has teamed up with tanning expert Lorit to create a new product called Sevin Nyne Tanning Mist which will be available at starting April15.

    Though, from the image from the ad campaign (left), it appears as if LL's new tanner will render your skin that standard-issue Soul Man shade, kind of carrot, with a touch of glitter. However, the actress/singer claims:

    "It was important to me to have a natural product that didn't have a lot of dyes and chemicals. Our product has goji berry extract which has antioxidant properties, it has a natural golden color, it doesn't streak and smells delicious - not like a typical tanning product."

    Here's our larger issue: Why does it have to be 35 bucks? Sure, it's not $100, but $35 still seems kind of pricey for something you'll use like three times to fake bake.

    We ask you: Would you try it?

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