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  • Top Fall '08 Trends: I feel a little scared

    The Daily Telegraph has rounded up the best from the Paris shows and, I'm not sure if it's writer Hilary Alexander's unabashed fashion speak ("scissor wizards," "joy and gaiety in patchwork and paisley") or the trends themselves, but I feel shaken. Peplums? Cocoon coats? Mixed knits? Also, maybe it's just me, but after that poor showing three years ago, when every girl who tried them looked kind of like a marshmallow butt, did anyone ever need to see a bubble skirt again? Find the full story, along with tons of pictures, here.

  • What To Wear To Work Tomorrow

    Simply Vera by Vera Wang Brushstroke Dress, $46.80

    J.Crew Cashmere Cardigan, $99.99

    Nine West Patent Leather Pumps, $69.95

    Hue Opaque Tights, $11

    This sophisticated, kind of artsy, but still easy look is anchored by Vera Wang's ethereal, painterly dress (which is unbelievably marked down right now at Kohl's). You can pick any a-line dress and an array of different colored cardigans. Also, if you don't feel like wearing heels, try a pair of flat, equestrian-style black boots.

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  • Who What Wear Daily: Spring Accessories

    There's a terrific, short-but-sweet video right now on Who What Wear Daily that outlines how to update your past season clothes with this season's accessories. Among the highlights: tied brown leather belts, super bright bags, and those ubiquitous (and honestly addictive) lightweight, wrap-around scarves.

  • Finally here! Jovovich-Hawk for Target

    After months of internet buzz and anticipation, hip fashion models/designers/muses Milla Jovovich and Carmen Hawk have finally launched their new line for Target. Our verdict: some of it is really fabulous, all of it is thrillingly inexpensive, and it's filled with the kinds of fun, pretty, frilly pieces that you have absolutely no use for now, but will be dying to wear in about 10 weeks. What to buy (act quickly!), after the jump.

    Arabesque Halter Dress, $29.99
    Wow. Such a perfect summer dress. I like this because it's one of those shapes that will look amazing on a variety of body types and also because it's extremely versatile: You could wear it to the beach with flip flops, on a date with wedges, it's even original and interesting enough to dress up with strappy heeled sandals (gold perhaps?) to an outdoor wedding.

    Wave Ecru Dress, $39.99
    OK. You'd need a slip for this one. And probably smallish boobs. But imagine how beautiful/sharp it would be with a fitted blazer and some

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  • The Fountain Of Youthful Skin (No, seriously, this time)

    There's an excellent and completely detailed story up on WebMD right now about the best ways to take care of your skin in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and beyond. It outlines, step-by-step, a "no fail" plan for each age group-including the ingredients you should be looking for in a cleanser, moisturizer, and nighttime treatment. Some of it is kind of complicated and, honestly, I started to glaze over when it got into things like prescriptions creams. But it's still a more informed strategy than my current Soap-Oil-Of-Olay-Pray technique and really any scientific defense against my ever-deepening mouth puppet lines is worth a try.

  • Ugg, but not UGH

    You know how the first time you stepped into an Ugg boot and you felt like, "Oh sweet planet. This is the most comfortable thing my foot has ever experienced. Please let me somehow wear this everywhere." And you bought a pair and felt a tiny bit of shame. And then as they started showing up with shorts and mini skirts and sweatpants at airports (for that grown-woman-in-jammies look) and Jessica Simpson started wearing them to the grocery store while Nick Lachey bought beer and paper towels, you knew you and the Uggs could never be seen in public again.

    Well, my friends, behold: The Ugg boot that is not ugly, in fact they're so sleek and covert, no one will even know about the internal sheepskin goodness. I like the brown leather version with jeans and a big sweater, but you could also go a little more artsy with the black suede ones and a pretty, flowy skirt.

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  • Awesome from Allure: Beauty 101

    This video from Allure is all about how to get rid of that incredibly annoying, ages-you-six-years face horror dark circles. The instruction is extremely peppy and happy, but also thorough and easy-to-follow and I personally can't wait to try its looks simple four-step-technique.

  • Blogging T: The Face edition

    The oft-pretentious, hit or miss New York Times fashion insert, T, had a surprisingly excellent interview this weekend with celebrity facialist/gazillionaire Tracie Martyn. Usually interviews with derms are all about drinking water, getting the "preventative" treatments there's no way you can afford, and hawking said derm's new line of miracle products. But-even though Martyn did shill her pretty Shakti skincare line, all of which I kind of want- she also revealed some practical, new-seeming tips for keeping your face looking young and your body staying thin. Pine nuts satiate hunger? Persimmons are full of antioxidants? Black currant oil keeps skin hydrated? Who knew? You can find a weird slideshow version of the interview here.

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  • Clothes Call: Soon, we can all look like Amy Winehouse

    • Details are vague, but it looks like Amy Winehouse will launch her own own line of makeup and clothes. I kind of feel like I'd need a drug habit to feel comfortable walking around in my bra and that much eyeliner, but... [from Sassybella]
    • While mere mortals freeze through the end of winter, Anna Wintour is already thinking about Vogue's September cover with a just-pregnant-enough-to-look-pretty-and-non-alien Nicole Kidman. [from WWD]
    • Speaking of Kidman, her Oscar necklace was constructed of 7,645 diamonds totalling 1,399 carats and took 6,200 man hours to assemble. Wow, All that for a necklace that, honestly, sort of got stuck on her boob. [from FWD]
    • Marc Jacobs supports Hillary! With a $38 t-shirt in her honor! [from Jezebel]
    • Man, you want to think Matthew MoConaughey's new ad for Dolce & Gabbana is sexy, but it's actually just creepy and shirtless (obvs). [from FWD]

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