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  • I'm pregnant. Now what?: Surviving the first 90 days

    If you're anything like me, the first three months of pregnancy are a lot like the first stages of any wobbly intimate relationship. You vacillate between feeling giddy/floating-on-air and uneasy/out-of-control. You're vulnerable and sappy. You think about the relationship constantly and, whether you're normally "like this" or not, you plan a magical future for the two of you in your head. Your life changes drastically, you can't totally be yourself, you don't know what to wear, and, worst and most stressful of all, you're never quite sure if the other person is going to stick around.

    I found out I was pregnant in early September, after experiencing a condition I can only describe as "cement stomach." At first, I thought it was the wine from the night before, the zillion cups of iced coffee I'd started chugging to cap off summer '09, or perhaps the extra-large fondue I'd eaten that Sunday, "for a treat." But many, many blue plus signs and fluorescent pink double lines later, I

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  • Lingerie with a GPS tracking device: Creepy or sexy?

    We've always thought that the gift of lingerie was more about the gift giver than actually something for us (who's really reaping the benefits of that sexy little bra? Not really you), but this latest innovation is taking the selfish-present idea to a whole new level.

    Brazilian company LindeLucy Lingerie has just put out a collection of underwear called "Find Me If You Can." Each of the pieces-ranging from bras to teddies to garter belts-is equipped with a built-in, pager-sized GPS system that allows those with the password to track your whereabouts online.

    Though it seems terrible and uncomfortable and just plain scary to us, designer Lucia Iorio argues that her lingerie is playful and empowering, not the ideal tool for obsessive boyfriends who want to hunt you down, keep you under their control, and perhaps Star 80 you if you try to run away. She explains: "This collection is a wink to women and a challenge to men because, even if she gives him the password to her GPS, she can

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  • What's the worst pet name you've ever been called?

    Let's be honest with each other here. The cute wittle names we call and are called by our significant others--our private, Seinfeld-ian Shmoopies-- are often dorky, weird, and just really embarrassing. Though my husband and I have currently landed in a perfectly respectable "Baby" stage, I've definitely been a "Muffin," a "Love" (British boyfriend), a "Pumpkin," and once, much to my disliking, "My lil' Cow."*

    I bring this up because of a reader post from earlier this week ("He refers to me as Ole Girl...") about a troublesome pet name that kind of reminded me of a horse (as a lady who's been compared to a farm animal against my will, I totally sympathized). It made me start thinking about the randomness of pet names in general, about how these strange labels, which are mostly meant as terms of adoration, just seem to happen. And how, once they do, they can be a permanent fixture in the relationship, next to impossible to shake without hurting the other person's feelings/having an

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  • Oh, no! Drunk pole dancer ruins a bride's big day

    Man, doesn't it suck when you're the drunkest girl at the wedding? When you wake up the next morning with a hideous headache and wonder if you said anything awful, offended anyone, and if you were, in fact, quite as bad as your hangover indicates? You know who has an answer to those questions? Our friend Stripper-On-A-Pole McGee here. When you bloody the bride's nose, it's a pretty good bet you were as bad as you thought--if not worse. Cripes.

  • Johnny Depp named 'Sexiest Man Alive': Is he?

    Yesterday, there were rumors all over the interwebs that, as is its wont, People magazine had chosen a man to represent all the sexiness in the land, and that man was none other than sparkly unshowered vampire, Robert Pattinson. However...those rumors were not true! It was all a hoax! Turns out, People went with a much a safer choice, pirate/gangster/almost-French dude Johnny Depp, who's actually donning the 'Sexiest Man Alive' crown for a second term (his first was in 2003).

    The 46-year-old actor was chosen, according to People, for "bringing the fun with him wherever he goes," and though he is in fact very sexy, Depp looks a little dopey and embarrassed in the cover shot, with the kind of bemused, blank expression perhaps last seen on Sean Penn in I Am Sam. Or Snoopy.

    Anyhoo. Other sexiest man contenders include Ryan Reynolds ("he's very loyal and trustworthy"), Jake Gyllenhaal ("he plays guitar and has a great voice"), Bradley Cooper, Robert Downey Jr., David Beckham, Nick Cannon,

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  • First pic of Levi Johnston in 'Playgirl' seems like a whole lot of nothin'

    OK. True, you can't tell much from the teaser shot of Levi Johnston that's up right now on the Playgirl website (Warning: The site is so NSFW).** You can't tell if, in this highly anticipated shoot, he's posing with hockey equipment as reported or if his actual equipment is substantial or experiencing icy hockey rink shrinkage or really anything except that Levi has a hairy armpit and, at the moment of this photo anyway, it's probably clean.

    Next to the image, the Playgirl people promise:

    "Levi Johnston gets naked for! Our photo shoot with Levi this past Thursday and Friday was outstanding! Stay tuned in the next few days for the first of several steamy photo sets of Alaska's hottest hunk. Become a member of and see Levi Johnston nude!"

    But we have to wonder if anyone really cares. Do you look at this bedroom-eyes picture and think, "Hells yes, I need to see more!" Or, are you feeling like us, kind of embarrassed and like Levi Johnston is just a little too

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  • Bad news for Carrie Prejean: She now has EIGHT sex tapes to explain away

    On Friday, Radar online revealed that the sex tape Carrie Prejean has called "the worst mistake of my life" was in fact a series of 8 explicit videos and 30 lewd photos all self-produced by the former Miss California. Today, TMZ broke the news that porn distributor Vivid Entertainment has offered Prejean "millions of dollars" for the right to distribute "erotic footage that Carrie Prejean, former Miss California, produced for her boyfriend following their four day rendezvous in February 2007."

    Meanwhile, the boyfriend in question (who remains unnamed) told reporters that he received a call last week from Carrie's reps asking him to lie and say the pageant winner was 17 when the tapes were created. Though it would be awfully convenient for Prejean's camp if she was actually underage in these vids--she'd be a minor and it would be illegal to show them--in reality, the events occurred just two years ago, when she was 19 and 20.

    And here's the point we come to with this whole mess: Who

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  • Worth reading: Hillary Clinton in the December issue of Vogue

    Clinton with the president. Photo by Annie Leibovitz for VogueClinton with the president. Photo by Annie Leibovitz for VogueThere's an in-depth interview with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the new issue of Vogue and--though we haven't always been the former senator's biggest fans--in this story, we were mightily impressed. Clinton comes across as a woman who's strong, independent, well-prepared, fair, deeply knowledgeable, thoughtful, and good at her job. Much of the article takes place behind the scenes, as writer Jonathan Van Meter follows Clinton through last summer's weeks-long tour of Africa. The result is a fascinating, West Wing-ian read, a window into the lives of high level public officials abroad. But it's also worth picking up for Clinton herself, who seems a very different, more genuine, relaxed, and candid politician than the one who was dodging fake bullets and fighting dirty with Obama just last year.

    Here, a few of the most compelling quotes from this new and improved Hillary, whom Bill Clinton calls "the best public servant our family has produced":

    On why she's such an

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  • Do women really hate Megan Fox? After this story, we just might.

    The New York Times Magazine, a publication that usually tackles hefty issues like the war in Afghanistan and the healthcare crisis, devotes its cover this week to the rise of 23-year-old actress Megan Fox. It's an interesting choice for a serious magazine to grant many, many pages to a subject who seems so thoroughly unaccomplished (and, frankly, undeserving). It's perhaps even more interesting for Megan Fox's handlers, who allowed their client to participate in an article where she comes across, more often than not, as bratty, ungrateful, and utterly contrived.

    The story's author, Lynn Hirschberg, begins by discussing the major Megan Fox talking points, essentially what the actress is known for up to now:
    1. The "Tranformers" movies
    2. The fling Fox says she had with a stripper.
    3. The tattoo of her boyfriend's name, which Fox has described as being located, "next to my pie."
    4. How Fox compared her "Transformers" director Michael Bay to Hitler.

    "[Megan Fox] created a

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  • Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson caught holding hands! Does real-life romance enhance the on-screen fantasy?

    Rumors surrounding a real-life relationship between 'Twilight' thespians Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have been swirling about for months, and every gossip mag from here to Istanbul has printed grainy photos of them making out, maps of how far away they live from each other, and outrageous h


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