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  • Starbucks supersized: Are you a believer?

    This drink is about to get bigger in Phoenix and TampaThis drink is about to get bigger in Phoenix and TampaHow much iced caffeine can you sip in one serving? Starbucks' guess is: More. This week Yahoo! News reports that Starbucks announced a new larger cup size for iced coffee and iced tea, as part of a limited consumer test in two of the country's wet-hottest cities, Phoenix and Tampa.

    Meet the Trenta. That's Italian for 30, and the cup holds even more than that -- 31 ounces. An iced coffee in this near-liter size will be $3.30, while iced tea will go for $2.60. Yahoo! News says, "[s]uch large drink sizes are particularly popular in warm climates in the southern United States, where convenience stores do brisk business selling drinks in even larger containers." In other words, Starbucks is competing with the country's Big Gulps and bigger Gulps.

    Because trough-sized sodas have been saddled with responsibility for our obese nation, Starbucks' PR email is quick to point out that, "unsweetened the beverages are less than 5 calories, but even a sweetened iced coffee or tea in a Trenta cup

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  • What food do you think about giving up?

    I spent eight months last year as a pescetarian (vegetarian plus fish. I know I know, why hate on the fish. there's no good answer), because I'd spent the better part of my life wondering if I could do without meat altogether. It all began when I was maybe six and found a long colorful vein running through my chicken breast. You've all been there right? It's a loud wake-up call. Like gross and sad but still good-tasting all at once? Being human is a thoroughly confusing eating experience.

    After having thought about dropping my land-animal habit for so long, it felt satisfying to put it in action. I ordered the tofu option at Asian restaurants; I ate many many grilled veggie sandwiches; and I turned down my step-mother's veal. I was sticking to my guns, and it felt great. Know what else felt great? To bring an end to it with a mini-slider at my best friends' wedding.

    I believe in balance. If you've been thinking for a long time about dropping something, do it! But if you're really

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  • Pictures from inside 2010’s top Oscar party: What the stars will eat, drink, and enjoy

    How would you party if you'd just won an Academy Award? To give you an idea, I snapped these shots during this week's preview of the 2010 Governor's Ball, the primary after-party for the Oscars. Here's what you'd eat, the flowers you'd see, and where you'd sit as you brushed past Sandra Bullock, Morgan Freeman, and James Cameron.

    For more Acadamy Awards fun, check out

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  • Is there any upside to the Supreme Court ruling in favor of corporate cash?

    Photo Reuters
    The U.S. Supreme Court majority decided this week that corporations and labor unions are free to spend and "speak" freely for or against political candidates.

    Prior to this landmark case, a complex set of laws set in place over the past century controlled what corporations and unions could say prior to elections and how much they were allowed to contribute to candidates. The court majority, comprised of the five conservative judges, called it a triumph for free speech and the First Amendment.

    The Supreme Court minority (the four lefties) said, as the New York Times summarizes , "the majority [] committed a grave error in treating corporate speech the same as that of human beings."

    Because I have never once shaken hands with, smiled at, nor sat down for coffee with a corporation, I agree. Aren't corporations made up of people who already get a vote and voice? Why should these corporate entities receive their own, disembodied voice that is louder (now billions of

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  • Do other people do this?: I finished my snacks before the movie even started

    I ate all my popcorn before the movie started. And. It was not the first time.

    Do lots of people do this?

    I'm sure it partly depends on how hungry you are when that deceivingly light bag of popcorn or box of candies is placed in your hands. Unfortunately, I don't remember being ravenous this last time. As I rushed to claim seats and my Avatar goggles, my boyfriend split off towards the concessions. From a distance he asked if I wanted anything.

    "I don't know," I shrugged.

    (I couldn't have been too hungry, right?)

    "What does that mean?," he yelled back nicely and from afar.

    "Surprise me?," I called back.

    I'm sure this is annoying girlfriend-speak. But I was racing to stake out seats in a sold-out showing, so there wasn't time to explain. I'll translate now. All I meant was, "Please get me something delicious and caloric that I'm not responsible for since you ordered it for me."

    "Popcorn?," he yelled as we moved further apart.

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  • East Coast-West Coast food wars

    East Coasters are snobby traditionalists. West Coasters are lazy hippies. Negative stereotypes about the inhabitants of ocean-bordering states are slung from coast to coast in bars, dinner parties, and rap songs. These geographic biases are stretched to cover the art, colleges, events, and food of each coast. Here I settle the score on a few East Coast-West Coast food rivalries. Disclosure agreement: I am working with a Los Angeles-born bias, so I'll need your comments to balance the scales.

    East Coast: TWIZZLERS vs. West Coast: RED VINES

    Twizzlers have a hard-to-locate cherry flavor and an industrial plastic consistency, not unlike Barbie's leg. Red Vines have a more satisfying, complex strawberry flavor, as well as a kinder texture. The West receives equal exposure to Red Vines and Twizzlers; the East Coast is mostly Twizzlers country. The deep rut of habit is the only explanation for why any East-Coaster would reach for Twizzlers first.

    My pick: Red Vines

    East Coast:

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  • Make life easier: Sign up for Shine's 'What's for Dinner' newsletter

    Sign up for our What's for Dinner newsletter! Welcome to Shine's new site dedicated to all things food. In this latest version, we're keeping our informative blogs, but we're expanding to give our readers more service by adding over 7,000 recipes. We've also pulled together a weekly What's for Dinner newsletter, that'll help you answer the ever-looming (and sometimes annoying) "What's for dinner?" question with easy, delicious meal suggestions--like traditional family favorites, weekend date menus, new twists on the classics, and lots and lots of excellent desserts.

    For several months I've been having fun getting the new site in order and getting familiar with all of you and now What's for Dinner is the culmination of what I've learned; it's tailored to what Shiners are blogging and commenting on. And I'm taking requests! Let me know what you want in your newsletter. I'll be reading all the comments below. And sign up!

    My top eight recipes from the Shine Food newsletter:

    #1 Chef

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