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  • Want to Zap Those Wrinkles?

    Are you considering erasing those wrinkles? Heard a lot about Botox and other fillers? Well, when considering such treatment, it's important to keep in mind that not all syringes are created equal. Just because fillers are all injected into the skin doesn't mean they'll have the same effect on lines. With dozens of therapy options floating around out there, sometimes it's difficult to keep track of who's who in the wrinkle-fighting domain. Here's everything you need to know about three of today's most popular treatments-Botox, Restylane and Radiesse-before deciding which--if any-- procedure is best for you.


    Average Cost: $125 to $400 per treatment area

    By far the most widely-known wrinkle filler injection, Botox is a brand of OnabotulinumtoxinA, a compound that inhibits muscle movement by blocking the release of acetylcholine at the injection site. It is generally prescribed to adults between the ages of 35 and 65 for the smoothing of wrinkles located on the

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  • Bid That Muffin Top Goodbye

    By now, you know about the muffin top. That little fold of flesh that spills over the waistline of fitted pants can take an ensemble from tame to trashy in no time flat.

    But the muffin top is more than just a pesky confidence crusher. Excess belly fat can raise your risk of heart disease, cancer, and type 2 diabetes. So what can you do, aside from wait for caftans to come back into fashion?

    Plenty. We've devised a three-pronged attack that will have you winning the Battle of the Bulge in no time.

    1. Snack Strategy

    One of the most effective weight- and fat-loss secrets is staying satisfied. Don't go hungry; if you starve yourself, you're far more likely to overindulge at your next meal. The tricks are fiber and protein, protein, protein. Try these filling snacks and keep yourself satiated.

    • Raw, unsalted almonds
    • Celery sticks with peanut butter
    • Mozzarella string cheese
    • Baby carrots or carrot sticks with hummus

    2. Slim that Stomach

    At times it

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  • Martina Navratilova Shares Her Love of Fitness

    No coach tells Martina Navratilova to hit the gym anymore.

    After decades living a regimented and grueling schedule worthy of the world's greatest women's tennis player, she's the one who decides if, when and what games she plays.

    And these days, the 53-year-old favors a pick-up game of ice hockey near her Aspen home, completing the cycling leg of a triathlon or a hike in preparation for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

    Tennis, the sport in which she competed off and on until 2006, is now played just for fun.

    Navratilova's love for exercise is in part why she signed on as fitness ambassador for the AARP -- a role that includes an appearance at the organization's next big national event, the Orlando@50+ Expo, which runs from Sept. 30 to Oct. 2.

    She calls aging "annoying," but insists it's no reason to stop moving -- even in the face of health challenges, such as her recent diagnosis and successful treatment of breast cancer.

    "You just accept aging, but in the same

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  • Top 5 Ways Men Define Great Sex

    As men age, they continue to place a high priority on sexual pleasure and performance. Similarly to women, they value their erotic lives and the emotional closeness of a relationship.

    But what is it that men define as great sex?

    As men mature their sexual needs change and they begin to appreciate some surprising things about sex.

    The number one sexual need for men is to please their partner. The idea of pleasing you - giving you an orgasm, watching you writhe in pleasure - can make a man feel powerful and turned on. Studies show that men will give up their own orgasm in order to give you a mind blowing one. By teaching them how to please you, you give them the opportunity to fill their greatest need in bed.

    Second, they really want to see that you are into it. Making noise; moaning softly and whispering how much you are enjoying sex shows men that they are on the right track. Men love when you allow yourself to give in to the pleasure of sex. Men desire a woman, not for a
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  • Hillary Clinton: Making Hairstory

    Is it a "change we can believe in?" Is she "turning up the heat?" Much like her political career and status, Hillary Clinton's hair these days is, well… growing.

    Perhaps she was too busy, oh, with things like trying to secure peace in the Middle East to get a trim? (Three cheers for that, Hillary!) Or maybe Michelle's chic look has inspired her to step up her game? Or possibly, like most mothers of the bride, she was just growing it out for Chelsea's wedding?

    The Secretary of State, once famous for her cropped I-mean-business 'do (and pantsuits), has been sporting a more feminine style lately (with pantsuits), and-not to our surprise-it's garnering some attention. Of course there was a time that Hillary changed her hairstyles all the time. Up, down, straight, curly. Hey, remember when she even wore it in a very preppy flip with hair band? During the White House years, she said it was one of the very few things she had under her control -- and that she could have fun

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  • Mean Girls Become Mean Women

    The 2004 hit teen comedy Mean Girls and the bestselling book by Rosalind Wiseman upon which it is based, Queen Bees and Wannabes: Helping Your Daughter Survive Cliques, Gossip, Boyfriends, and Other Realities of Adolescence, hit a powerful chord with audiences, exposing the painful world of adolescent girls who are too often tormented and bullied by their so-called friends and classmates.

    "Adults find it funny," commented Tina Fey in an interview about the movie, which she wrote and appeared in. Young people on the other hand find it "much too close to their real experiences," she added.

    Tina, I love your Sarah Palin impersonation but disagree with your fantasy that women outgrow the "mean girls" nightmare. Even if we are lucky enough to graduate from middle or high school relatively unscathed by bullies, we are likely to find those same mean girls popping up again and again.

    From the time they are young, females are socialized to be good girls who are nice to one

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  • 5 Reasons Couples Cheat

    Every day in the news we hear another story about a rich, famous or powerful couple caught in the act with their proverbial pants down. We are fascinated by the infidelities of others, especially those with success and a seemingly perfect mate.

    We feel shocked and maybe even secretly smug and reproachful. If we had that spouse or that career, we would never cheat. But the reality is that almost half of all married couples do.

    Studies show that anywhere from 25% to almost 45% of women and up to 55% of men will cheat at some point in their marriage. And even with all the self help books out there, it is still not clear why they do it.

    The number one reason infidelity happens is OPPORTUNITY. This would explain how some partners can cheat on their spouses when everything seems fine at home. The more the opportunity presents itself, the more difficult it becomes to resist the temptation. Some specialists believe that couples should limit all outside relationships with the Read More »from 5 Reasons Couples Cheat
  • 5 Celebrities with Fibromyalgia

    Today's media- driven world puts celebrities on pedestals. They are perceived as untouchable human beings-the exception to all rules. Many people are given the misconception that celebrities do not hurt or even feel pain---literally! But they do.

    Hear from five celebrities who have publicly discussed how they've dealt with a common chronic pain disorder known to many as fibromyalgia, a chronic disorder that causes stiffness, pain, and tenderness in the muscles, joints, and tendons.

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    Susan Flannery

    Susan Flannery is a New Jersey-based actress known to many as one of the original and current cast members of the hit TV soap opera "Bold and the Beautiful." In 2007, Susan made news headlines after she asked the show for medical leave, in an attempt to treat her ongoing battle with fibromyalgia. Thankfully, the medical leave was short lived, and Susan continues to work on the show, despite her chronic condition.

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  • Three Things to Buy for Fall

    By now, you know better than to splurge on a whole new wardrobe just to keep up with the latest trends (you can let the younger generations make that mistake). But, as a new fashion season approaches, you might not be able to resist the power of some retail therapy.

    With that in mind, here are the top three trends you should indulge in this fall season. Not only will one piece from each category below instantly refresh your wardrobe, but you'll be looking as stylish and in-the-know as the die-hard fashion lovers, no matter your budget.

    Camel Chunky Knit Sweater or Wrap

    Animal Print Accents


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  • Let's Get Naked

    What does a guy really think the first time he sees you undressed. You'd be surprised.

    Finally, after meeting so many frogs (and not even tempted to kiss any of them), you've met a man who makes your heart flutter big time. You've flirted, you've gone on a few dates, you've talked half the night, you've laughed at his jokes and he at yours. On your last date, you kissed… and kissed. And you know that on the next date, more than your lipstick will come off. You've even had the Condom Conversation.

    But, your inner worrier keeps asking you, what if he sees your body and heads for the hills?

    You've got to trust me on this, he's not going to say or even think any of the following:

    * "Oh, gee, you have so many wrinkles!"
    * "You'd be so pretty if you lost weight."
    * "Huh-I thought you looked younger with clothes on."
    * "I like firmer butts and perkier breasts."
    * "Uh, I gotta go now."

    No, whether or not he voices it out loud or conveys it with a smile or melting eyes, here's what

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