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  • Debbie Allen: Help Your Heart

    Debbie Allen

    Annually, nearly 200,000 pacemaker patients in the U.S. are denied access to an MRI scan because of historical risks for dangerous interactions between an MRI and a pacemaker. Debbie Allen, the Emmy-award winning choreographer best known for her work in "Fame," "Grey's Anatomy," and "So You Think You Can Dance," told ThirdAge that she is dedicated to changing that statistic.

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    "I've had my share of MRIs," says Debbie, an active 61-year-old with a passion for heart-healthy living. "As a dancer who has been injured more than once, I know how vital that test can be. Also, heart disease runs in my family so I am personally invested in making sure that heart patients have the best treatment options possible."

    To that end, Debbie has become the voice of a campaign called "Join the Pacemakers." The crusade is sponsored by Medtronics and supported by the National Council on Aging with the

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  • Do You Have Cold Hands and Feet?

    Mature Woman With Glasses

    Lots of women know what it feels like to have frigid fingers and toes. No surprise, since women are nine times more likely than men to have that problem.

    But why exactly why does it happen?

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    For one thing, most men have more heat-generating muscle mass, which increases blood flow and keeps them warm. Another reason is that women have thinner skin, especially on their feet - and as we get older, the skin on our feet gets even thinner.

    'The combination of a poor diet that lacks vital vitamins and minerals such as B12 and folate, plus sleep deprivation, loss of muscle tissue due to inappropriate exercise and smoking, can also affect the blood supply to your hands and feet.

    If the temperature of your fingers and toes is almost unbearable you might have a condition call Raynauds. This disorder means your arteries will go into spasm in response to cold. Typically, fingers turn

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  • Jeremy Lin Has a Tiger Mom

    Jeremy Lin

    Basketball's newest superstar, Taiwanese-American Jeremy Lin, has a Tiger Mother determined to make sure her son succeeds in every possible way. His high school coach Peter Diepenbrock recalls Shirley Lin calling his office line many afternoons. She wanted to make sure Jeremy was studying as hard as he was playing and keeping up his grades. "Peter, Peter, Jeremy has an A- in this class, if it is not an A by next week, I am taking him off basketball," she would threaten. "Yes, I will stay on top of Jeremy," Diepenbrock said, not wanting to get between a Tiger Mom and her goals for her talented son. But she didn't neglect Jeremy's basketball prowess, either. Diepenbrock also remembers her sitting in the stands an hour before the game going through the other team's box scores.

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    And Shirley Lin (above, with her family; Jeremy is at the far right) was a tiger as well defending her son's

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  • Six Ways to Start Managing Type 2 Diabetes


    If you've recently been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, you're likely feeling scared-not to mention overwhelmed. Getting and staying healthier after your diagnosis requires time, effort and knowledge. Although there's a wealth of information out there, you should consult, here are some things you might not know that will make managing your diabetes easier:

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    Get Educated As Soon As Possible: Often, people who have been newly diagnosed are given an overview of their diabetes in either a doctor's office or a hospital room, plus instructions on how to administer insulin, if that's what you need. It helps to have a family member or friend there to take down the information in case you are too distracted to absorb all of it. Ask the doctor or nurse if they have a handout sheet for you. You might also want to take a diabetes education program recognized by the American Diabetes Association.

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  • How to Fight Belly Fat

    Belly Massage

    Aside from the fact that belly fat is just plain ugly, excess weight in the stomach region is also dangerous for your health. Belly fat, also called visceral fat, surrounds your internal organs and has been linked to several health problems, including cancer and heart disease. Visceral fat has also been associated with mood disorders such as depression. As we age, we're bound to gain a little extra weight, but it's good to prevent fat from piling up around your midsection. Follow these tips to minimize the accumulation of belly fat before it begins:

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    Load Up On Fiber. One of the keys to preventing the growth of belly fat is to make sure that 30-35 percent of your diet is from soluble fiber. One study found that the more soluble fiber people consume, the less belly fat they gained over time. Good sources of soluble fiber are beans, fruits, vegetables, eggs, and lean meats. For some

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  • Relationships that Just Can't End

    Jessica Biel Justin Timberlake

    They get together, break it off, and get back, over and over. It's their history. Some couples are fated to have dramatic relationships with numerous bustsups and makeups. They don't even have to be married; the breakups and makeups don't require a wedding band. Why do some couples keep saying it's over, only to bond together again?

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    It's the stuff of E! and TMZ, but celebrity breakups and makeups are among the most popular news stories in the world. Just as people are fascinated with people who have multiple marriages, the same fascination exists for couples who repeat their romantic entanglements with the same person over and over again. You have to wonder what keeps these couples together - and why they keep breaking apart.

    The names of celebrity couples who can't seem to stay together any more than they can stay apart are well known. There's Derek Jeter and Minka Kelly; Denise

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  • Valentine's Day After Divorce

    Mature Woman

    Who dreads Valentine's Day more than single women with no romantic interest in their lives? Recently divorced women.

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    But there is hope for a new kind of Valentine's celebration. On a day when "I love you, darling" is shoved down our throats, maybe we should be expressing our gratitude to those who stuck by us through the valley of depression, or making the day special for our children or grandchildren.

    "This is a chance to embrace love - but to diversify the definition," says Dr. Ramani Durvasula, professor of psychology and frequent media contributor. "It could be a day to bring together your tribe - children, friends, family - and celebrate with whomever infuses your life with love on a daily basis."

    This is also a great day to put out intentions, adds Dr. Ramani. "About six weeks ago most of us made New Year's resolutions; perhaps VDay can be a day for making resolutions for

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  • 15 Foods that Build Strong Bones

    Foods that are calcium powerhouses can boost your bone health in four ways. First, the calcium in them helps prevent the thinning that is virtually inevitable for your postmenopausal skeleton. Second, several of the foods up your intake of vitamin D, which is also important for bone health. Third, when you eat calcium-rich foods, you enhance the effect of any osteoporosis drugs you may be taking. And finally, foods with calcium content heighten the benefit of weight-bearing exercise. Supplements can't entirely make up for a lack of calcium and vitamin D in your diet, so promise yourself to add these 15 good-and-good-for-you choices to your meal plan starting today!

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  • Why Not Indulge in These Solo Treats? Cupid Would Approve!

    Woman Getting Massage

    We think the traditional lovers' holiday is the perfect excuse for showing yourself some love in the form of little indulgences that pamper your body and soul. Whether you're single or in a relationship, consider making time to treat yourself to pleasures that will leave you feeling good about yourself.

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    Buy Something Pink to Wear

    Everything's coming up rosy on the runways for this season's fashions! Whether you opt for deep rose, girly blush shades, or a bubble gum hue, you'll be warming up your complexion and making your eyes seem brighter. Just one accessory such as a pretty scarf will do it - or you could choose a silk blouse or even a dress. LBDs are great, but wearing colors other than black now and then can be mood-boosting.

    Download a Good Bookl to Your E-Reader

    And if you don't have an e-reader yet, dip into your mad money and get one! Two suggestions for good

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  • 7 Great Ways to Feel Better Fast

    If you've ever wondered why you feel so good after exercising, laughing with your friends, or eating chocolate, it can be attributed to a little thing called endorphins - neurotransmitters in your brain that lessen pain, giving you a natural high and sometimes a feeling of euphoria. Releasing endorphins makes you feel better, both physically and mentally, while also increasing your body's pain threshold. Luckily, there are some very easy ways to release endorphins that you can engage in whenever you need a natural mood enhancer.

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