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  • My (and Your) Makeup Disasters

    There is no question that before it actually happened to me, I had attitude about aging. There were certain old lady things of which I disapproved that I knew without question I'd never suffer from. Top of the list, of course, public flatulence. But that's the least of what I'm talking about.

    Where are the Glamorous Hollywood Stars?

    My concern here is with more serious issues, such as the stuff we use to gild our lily-like faces before we meet our public. I'm talking about the Older Woman's Makeup Disasters (OWMD). Like the Blobby Mascara issue, where one's mascara has in the application landed not only on one's lashes, but on one's cheek and perhaps one's eyelid as well.

    Making Up Hair Color

    Or the Overambitious Blush issue, wherein the rosy apples of one's cheeks have migrated both north and south without seeming reason.

    My particular bete noir, however, the one I especially swore I'd never succumb to is the Errant Eyeliner issue. That's where your eyeliner seems Read More »from My (and Your) Makeup Disasters
  • Sun Safety for All Seasons

    The sunshine may not seem as intense with a crisp fall chill in the air, but that doesn't mean we are safe from the same skin-damaging rays we deal with all summer.

    Dermatologists warn that harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun can shine through clouds and reflect intensely off white snow, causing permanent damage to the skin. So it's important to know how you can protect your skin in the winter.

    "Even if you're cold, you can still get a sunburn," said Christen Mowad, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist at Geisinger Medical Center.

    4 Great Scrubs to Revitalize Skin

    That's why its important to apply sunscreen with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of at least 15 to regularly exposed areas such as the face, neck, hands and lips anytime you go outdoors. That's probably something fewer than 20 percent of the population does during the fall and winter months, she estimates.

    "Although the sun is less intense in the winter, skin cancer is developed by cumulative exposure

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  • 6 Tips For Living With Your Adult Child

    Much to the chagrin of today's parents, adult children are moving back home in droves.

    They're called "boomerang kids," and unlike their free-spirited counterparts of the 1960s, they tend to be more closely tethered to their parents.

    The culprits: mounting credit card and student loan debt. Add the high cost of living in some areas, and you have three compelling reasons why boomerang kids are flying back to the nest.

    A couple of generations ago, things were different. Adult children who didn't go on to college either got jobs or started families.

    The High Cost of High Tech Teens

    "In the baby boomer era of the 1950s and 1960s, adult children got married at a younger age," says Rick Staszak, a certified estate planner and registered financial consultant with Financial Network Investment Corp. in Pittsburgh. "They lived with the parents or in-laws for a year and saved money to put down on a home."

    Decades later, college graduates are concerned that today's

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  • Satisfying Yourself in the Sack

    There are many reasons for a woman to find herself without an available partner (key word: "available.") It may be that she has no partner at all, that she is widowed or divorced, never married, or currently without a "special someone" to supply sexual gratification. It may also be, however, that she is happily married or cohabitating with a man who is either no longer able to attain an erection or no longer interested in pursuing a sex life. It happens…and more so when a woman gets older.

    Some men, who can no longer attain an erection, get help with such meds as Viagra or Cialis. But they're not for everyone. They're contraindicated with certain medical conditions or in tandem with certain other meds. And they're no use at all if the problem is a loss of sexual desire. There are pharmaceutical remedies for that, too, but again, they're not for everyone. For one thing, their efficacy depends in part on the cause of the lack of libido. For another thing, there are, again, health

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  • A Simple Cure for Migraines

    Is there a cure for migraines? Yes! Check your diet. The food you eat could be the cause of those excruciating, long-lasting attacks.

    Until recently doctors generally believed that migraines were triggered by stress and tension. Medication seemed to be the only source of relief. The drugs, however, proved ineffective in many cases and often produced discomforting side effects.

    Now researchers report that food allergies may well be the reason for many migraines. In one study, the removal of certain foods from the patients' diets reduced or eliminated migraines in 70 percent of the sufferers within two weeks. The treatment was found to be effective even in chronic cases, including patients who had not been free of headaches for years.

    Sufferers - there are 30 million in the United States alone-were usually found to be allergic to several food groups. Cereals, milk, rice, eggs, fish, chocolate, tomatoes, oranges and cheese headed the list of the most frequent offenders.

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  • Mom Jeans No More

    One of the more impactful things Saturday Night Live has done over the years is shamed women of all ages into wearing fashionable jeans. It was the 2003 sketch that coined the term "mom jeans" and made mothers question their identity as the tag line -- "This Mother's Day, don't give Mom that bottle of perfume. Give her something that says, 'I'm not a woman anymore. I'm a mom!'"-- reverberated around the country.

    My (and Your) Makeup Disasters

    According to Wikipedia, "Mom jeans is a satirical term for a perceived fit of women's jeans considered very unflattering, consisting of a high waist, which accentuates a flat curvature of the buttocks, as well as generous cuts in the stomach and leg. Usually the jeans are in a light-blue coloring, solid with no form of Stone washing. Other attributes of the Mom jeans style often seen are pleated fronts, partially elastic waistbands, and blouses tucked in to the jeans."

    Luckily, there is no longer any excuse for giving up one's

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  • Searching for a New Partner… Baggage Included

    By the time we've reached a certain age in life, many of us are divorced or widowed and looking for new relationships-for partnerships or friendships that provide us with companionable moments in life. No matter how emotionally healthy we are, we invariably bring some baggage to a new relationship.

    The Law of Attraction: How People Choose Dates

    Two years ago I compiled a statement of what I was searching for in a partner, the perfect man for me; the list included the phrase "no baggage". I refer to the kind of emotional garbage we carry with us; anger and resentment about the loss of a relationship, issues of control, custody battles and alimony, maybe even mental illness. Metaphorically it could be a discreet little carry-on, or a worn and duct-taped piece of Samsonite-missing a wheel and about to disintegrate. I wanted a man who had dealt with most of his issues and came to me without all that extra emotional garbage. And yet, ironically, I'm the one with the very large

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  • The Virtues of a Raw Food Diet

    "It is easy to eat raw (food)," says Evansville, Ill. dietitian, Linda Ruff, "it's just not easy to give up cooked foods."

    When you think about it, most people eat raw food all the time without really thinking about it: Leafy salad greens, fresh fruits, vegetables like carrots, cucumbers, peppers, celery, radishes, broccoli, cauliflower and tomatoes and even raw nuts and seeds count as familiar foods.

    But giving up cooked food eliminates a lot more that most people are quite attached to: Meat, poultry and fish, for sure, but also our beloved breads, familiar hot cereals and grain products (sprouts are OK), dairy and eggs in addition to traditionally cooked-before-consuming root vegetables like potatoes.

    Omega-3s and Your Health

    That's a diet of a different stripe.

    And it's not for everyone, Ruff says: "Various bodies, various metabolisms are designed for different foods (and) I will not put down any food except junk food."

    Ruff says, however, that in the past 20 years she has

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  • A Sure-Fire Way to Increase Desire in Your Marriage

    Remember when you first fell in love and you felt desire for your partner all the time? Remember when passion felt like part of the bargain and you didn't have to schedule it in, or plan it? Do you ever wonder why you don't feel it anymore every time you look at each other? And even more importantly, do you wish you did?

    In most long term relationships, companionship becomes more and more important over time, and if we find a partner we can be friends with who still interests us after many years of partnership, we can consider ourselves lucky.

    What Men and Women Do After Sex

    But there are two parts to a marriage. One aspect of that primary relationship is companionship; the day to day management of your lives together and the lives of your family members. But the other important piece of a romantic relationship is eroticism. Without eroticism a long term partner can feel like just a roommate. Eroticism is what keeps the relationship vital and awake and makes us feel

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  • Myths About Baby Brains

    I'd like to share with you an excerpt from the introduction to my next book, Brain Rules for Baby: How to Raise a Smart and Happy Child from Zero to Five (October 12, 2010). It tackles some of the common parenting myths about baby brain development. The information here will be useful to any parent or grandparent looking to provide the best future for the new addition to their family. --Dr. John Medina

    Every time I lectured to a group of parents and grandparents-to-be about baby brain development, I made a mistake.

    The parents, I thought, had come for a tasty helping of science about the brain in utero-a little neural crest biology here, a little axonal migration there. But in the Q&A session after each lecture, the questions were always the same. The first, delivered by a very pregnant woman one rainy night in Seattle, was "What can my baby learn while she is still in my womb?" Another woman asked, "What's going to happen to my marriage after we bring our baby home?"

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