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  • Time-Lapse Pregnancy Video: Nine Months in Two Minutes

    Using stop-motion photography, Latvian photographer Armands Alps chronicled his wife's entire pregnancy journey, from blue diagnostic stick through beautiful baby. She stands in profile wearing low-riding baggy pants and a rolled-up white T-shirt that exposes her abdomen as her flat tummy grows rounder and rounder and her belly button even pops out like a miniature timer. Posted on YouTube on July 16, the video already has nearly 800,000 views.

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    Alps "snowboards" past his wife through the living room; a Christmas tree hung with baubles comes and goes; and his clothing changes from parka to shorts to mark the passing of the months. As her belly continues to expand, the couple build a crib together, and he wheels in a stroller and a pile of baby clothes.

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    Finally, she rubs her tummy and it's time to go! The couple head out (in formal wear to mark the

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  • Cat Allergy Breakthrough: Give Your Kitty a Hug Today

    (Photo by: Getty)

    It's good news for cat lovers: A new, more effective treatment for allergies may be on the way.

    Scientists at the University of  Cambridge
    in the United Kingdom have discovered the receptor protein in human cells that triggers cat allergies. They anticipate that new drugs will be developed to bind the protein and prevent people from having an inflammatory response.

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    "It has long been known that cat allergies are caused by people reacting to cat proteins secreted by the salivary or scent glands being transferred to the fur," Dr. Clare Bryant, lead researcher, told Yahoo! Shine. "Other allergen—for example house dust mite allergy protein—trigger a receptor protein in host [human] cells and we wondered if cat allergen would have similar effects. We did not expect this to happen because the cat allergy protein is very different to the house dust mite protein, so we were very surprised to find that it triggered inflammation through the same

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  • Huma Abedin Stands by Her Man: But Why?

    Anthony Weiner, Huma Abedin (Getty Images)

    In the past, it was expected that the "good" wives of disgraced politicians would stand silently in the background, as their husbands made tearful apologies to the public. The first time the embattled New York City-mayoral hopeful Anthony Weiner copped an apology for tweet-cheating in 2011, his wife Huma Abedin made headlines for being absent. On Tuesday, at a press conference addressing new revelations of sexual misconduct, she not only stood by her man, but also spoke out for him.

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    Politics is rife with cheating scandals, but it's rare to hear a betrayed wife defend her choices at the same time her husband rebukes his own.  (At a 2007 press conference, Wendy Vitter, wife of Louisiana Republican Sen. David Vitter, told assembled reporters that she had forgiven her husband for his connection to a prostitution ring, but she's one of the very few.)

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    To a certain

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  • When Could the Royal Baby Become King?

    The future king (AP Images)The British royal baby has finally arrived, but it will probably be many decades before he has the chance to become king.

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    The 8-pound, 6-ounce His Royal Highness Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge is third in line for the throne behind his grandfather, Prince Charles, and his father, William, Duke of Cambridge. His uncle, Prince Henry (known as Harry), is fourth in the line of succession.

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    CNN's royal expert, Victoria Arbiter, told Yahoo! Shine, "It could be 60 or 70 years before [he's ever] monarch." And that's a good thing. Arbiter points out that the time will allow him to have a relatively normal childhood, go to school, attend college, and grow up without the intense demands of being king. "William had the best deal. He did not have the same pressure as first in line for the throne, so he could do things his father

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  • Will and Kate as Parents: Following Diana’s Lead

    Will and Kate, 2013 , Charles and Diana, 1982 (photo: AP Images)
    When Prince Charles was only 2, his mother, Princess Elizabeth, left him to celebrate Christmas with his grandparents while she visited her husband, who was stationed in Malta. It's unlikely that the new royal baby boy will be spending important holidays without his doting parents. Just as they seem comfortable with being referred to as "Will and Kate" by millions of royal watchers, it's predicted that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's parenting style will be warm, casual, and hands-on.

    And it seems as if the hands-on part has already begun, as new mom Kate announced to the world upon exiting the hospital on Tuesday that it was her husband who had changed the baby's first nappy (better known as a diaper in the United States).

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    "Prince William benefited from Diana's attempts to provide a normal childhood," Arianne Chernock, a Boston University professor and expert on British royal history, told Yahoo! Shine.

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  • Schoep, Arthritic Dog Whose Photo Touched Millions, Dies

    Last summer, a photo of a man cradling his elderly dog in Lake Superior pierced the hearts of millions. Schoep, a shepherd mix who turned 20 on June 15, passed away on Wednesday, but his image will remain a lasting tribute to the deep and loving bond that can run between humans and their canine companions. Owner John Unger posted a brief Facebook statement on Thursday, saying, "I breathe but I can't catch my breath...Schoep passed yesterday."

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    Unger adopted Schoep, named after a popular Wisconsin brand of ice cream, when he was 8 months old. He told the Daily Mail that the puppy was huddled in the back of his cage and showed signs of abuse. Slowly, Unger and his then-fiancée worked to gain the pup's trust and help build his confidence. Unger's relationship with the dog was mutually giving from the start: When Unger's girlfriend left him, he said he plunged into a suicidal depression, and the pup pulled him out. "To be

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  • 13-Year-Old YouTube Star Talia Joy Castellano Loses Cancer Battle

    photo: Talia Joy Castellano

    Talia Joy Castellano, the young YouTube star who delighted and inspired millions with her ebullient spirit and love of life has died after a long, bravely fought battle with cancer.

    It was impossible to encounter the 13-year-old without being moved by her. Her pixie-ish humor and bubbly personality were grounded by an uncanny wisdom. After she lost her hair from chemotherapy, rather than wear a wig, she started playing with makeup to boost her self-confidence and eventually broadcasted beauty tutorials online. Her videos often receive over 500,000 views, and one has been watched over 8 million times.

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    A little over a year ago, she posted a more personal video addressed to her fans sharing her fears about needing a bone marrow treatment. Poised and reassuring, she said, "Having cancer has been a gift--but a horrible, horrible, terrifying thing. But I've gotten so many benefits from it. ...The journey of having cancer was amazing. But every journey has an

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  • Walmart Employee Warns Customer About Dog Locked in Car, Loses Job

    Carla Cheney, CBC News

    Carla Cheney, a former Walmart employee from Kemptville, Canada, claims she was fired for alerting a customer that he shouldn't leave his dog in a hot car.

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    On Wednesday, shortly before beginning her shift, Cheney saw the customer put his Newfoundland—a large breed with a heavy black coat—in his truck and roll up the windows, reports the Ottawa Citizen. Cheney, who worked in the Walmart pharmacy, called the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) and later confronted the dog owner after he left the store, telling him that "he should not be leaving his dog in the car." He responded that it was none of her business.

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    Later that day, Cheney was called into her the office of her manager to whom, she told CBC News, she had mentioned another dog being left in a car the previous week. "I was pretty upset and I said to [him], 'What do I do?' He said it was none of our business

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  • Hillary Clinton's New Haircut: What's the Buzz?

    Hillary, Bill, and Hillary's hair

    Hillary Clinton showed off a glamorous new hairstyle on Monday in Little Rock, Arkansas, and the fashion media is loving it.

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    Vanity Fair called  Clinton's look "cheerful and vivacious" and referred to her side-swept bangs as being "kicky." The blog World of Hillary Clinton concurred that the shorter, wavy layers were superflattering. So flattering perhaps that Anna Wintour, the editor of Vogue and the High Priestess of American fashion, wants to feature Clinton on the magazine's cover if she becomes president, reports Women's Wear Daily (though this may have as much to do with history as hairstyles).

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    From regular folks on Twitter, there is debate over the fascination with Clinton's tresses. "I feel weird and vain by saying I'm excited Hillary Clinton has decided to style her hair. But I am," read one pro-coiffure commentary tweet. Others think

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  • Disney Princesses: Artists Reimagines in Historical Costumes

    Artist Claire Hummel grew up watching Disney films and is a little obsessed with costumes. Last weekend she attended LA's annual Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball dressed in elaborate, hand sewn "rococo punk" attire and this week she's headed to Comic Con San Diego. Her twin fascinations merged after her sister got a job as a costumed interpreter. "My sister Emily, who runs the amazing blog Arrested Westeros, was working at Colonial Williamsburg and whenever I'd meet her friends in the tailor shop I'd think about what Belle would actually be wearing were she properly dressed for the era," she explained to Yahoo! Shine. "This eventually culminated in my historical Belle illustration, and it quickly snowballed into an ongoing project for me." After two years, she has drawn 14 Disney Princesses and recently, female villains, in more historically accurate dresses and has no plans of stopping. She says she's taken some creative liberties with the style. "These are for fun…they're not

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