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  • Kerri Walsh Jennings Nude in ESPN's Body Issue: Before and After Baby

    Kerri Walsh Jennings is considered one half of the best beach volleyball team in history. She's also a working mom who captured the Olympic gold when she was five weeks pregnant with her third child. She jumps, spikes, and dives in a minuscule bikini and say's it's "empowering." But still, the Amazonian athlete admits she was "sweating bullets" on the way to her nude portrait session for ESPN's annual Body Issue just nine weeks after giving birth.

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    "I was really, really nervous," the 34-year-old told People magazine. "I felt exposed, not just physically, but with all of my insecurities." On June 25, the day of the shoot, she tweeted, "One of the scariest things I've ever done!"

    Kerri Walsh Jennings (Photo: Richard Phibbs ESPN The Magazine)

    She said, "For the first shoot, I was very pregnant, and that wasn't as scary. I thought it would be, because I was big and rotund when I'm usually the opposite, but it was really comfortable because I felt almost like I was in costume," in an

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  • Boyfriend’s ‘The Ring’ Prank on Girlfriend: Epic Dealbreaker

    Ask any couples therapist what the secret is to a successful long-term relationship and they'll say it's feeling emotionally safe with a partner.

    Guess James Williams didn't get that memo—or didn't care to read it. The British prankster (who, according to his YouTube channel, is known for such knee-slappers as mailing old salmon sandwiches to people and filling a cupboard with hair clippings gathered from his local salon) spent what he describes as "weeks" building a puppet version of the super scary little girl from horror movie "The Ring" and fashioning a pulley system that would make it appear to be bursting out of his girlfriend's television while she slept.

    Then, he posted a video of her waking up in shock (accompanied by an ear-splitting audio of her terrified shrieks—if you have a dog or small child nearby, lower the volume), which is now going viral. "I worked on it every now and again when the missus was out and hid it in the attic," he wrote on the YouTube channel. (What, Read More »from Boyfriend’s ‘The Ring’ Prank on Girlfriend: Epic Dealbreaker
  • Bobby Flay's Fried Chicken and Waffles: A Recipe with Soul

    Bobby Flay's Chicken and Waffles

    Break out your skillet: July 6 is National Fried Chicken Day. Celebrated chef Bobby Flay shares a recipe for fried chicken and waffles that comes straight from Harlem

    "It was invented by the singers and musicians who performed during the neighborhood's famous Jazz Age," He tells Yahoo! Shine. "Their gigs would last until the early hours of the morning. Hungry after a long night, they found fried chicken fit the bill, but at the same time, the sun would be rising and a breakfast of waffles sounded pretty good, too."

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    Flay says he put his own spin on the classic soul food dish by adding wild rice to the waffles for a nutty flavor and serving it up with sweet honey and mild pink peppercorns. He acknowledges that today's home cooks can be intimidated by deep frying but says you'll be fine if you prep carefully. "Be organized when dredging, have a thermometer to monitor temperature of oil, have a rack ready to cool chicken

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  • Critics Makeover 'Frozen's' (Blonde, Blue-Eyed) Disney Princesses

    courtesy: Disney

    Disney Princesses are getting yet another makeover. In May,  "Brave" heroine, Merida, was given a girly update on movie-related merchandise, sparking widespread backlash.

    This time around, fans are making changes on their own, re-envisioning Anna and Elsa, the two sisters from Disney's upcoming animated feature "Frozen," well in advance of the movie's November release. That's because, in their eyes, the two new heroines conform too much to the entertainment giant's white-skinned, blonde-haired, blue-eyed aesthetic.

    The Tumblr This Could Have Been Frozen includes various ethnic reboots for the sisters including casting them as Mongolian, Tibetan, Japanese, and Inuit. Artist Rachel McGuffin tweaked the race of the movie's actual poster because as she writes, "I was feeling rather hopeless about Disney's whitewashing their past characters so I went ahead and racebent their future white characters." (Disney did not respond to Yahoo! Shine's request for comment at press time.) 

    Tumblr: This Could Have Been Frozen/heysawbonesTumblr: This Could Have Been Frozen/heysawbones

    While the

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  • Equinox Gym Under Fire Over 'Sexist' Billboard

    Photo courtesy of Sexism Matters

    Equinox gym is being accused of sexism, thanks to the giant photo of a woman wearing a skintight minidress erected in a high-traffic area of Bethesda, Maryland. It's the latest backlash against the company's racy branding efforts.

    A group of activists are calling on the chain of luxury fitness centers to remove the billboard, and to rethink their approach to recruiting new members.  The group, which calls itself Sexism Matters, launched a blog and a petition on on June 28, demanding that a local Equinox gym take down the billboard, which they say promotes "a not-so-subtle sexism that infects our culture and degrades an entire gender." So far, the petition has received more than 300 signatures.

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    The ad, shot by controversial photographer Terry Richardson, features a model in a skimpy minidress and heels, on her hands and knees on top of a pool table grasping a cue, along with the caption, "Dexterity."

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  • Restaurant Meal Named 'Worst in America'

    Is this the worst restaurant meal in America?

    Nutritionists have been telling us to eat more fish for years, but not all fish is prepared in a healthy way. The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) has revealed the worst restaurant meal in the United States to be Long John Silver's Big Catch.

    On Tuesday, the consumer advocacy group tweeted:

    The restaurant chain introduced the meal, which includes a piece of fried haddock, hush puppies, and onion rings, in late May for the bargain price of $4.99 writing in a press release, "The Big Catch is a premium menu item, with the classic taste that Long John Silver's is known for." While it may be a lot of food for a small amount of money, it's no great deal in terms of nutrition.

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    According to the CSPI, which conducted its own lab tests, Big Catch contains 33 grams of trans fat, an additional 19

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  • Supermodels Make a Comeback: Return of the Glamazons

    Supermodels are making a comeback, big time. The young women who ruled the runways in the late 1980s and 1990s and dominated New York City's nightclub scene in a beautiful brat pack are now moms in their 40s and nabbing lucrative modeling deals. Cindy Turlington, 44, is taking time off from her role as maternal health crusader and doing gigs for Jason Wu, Calvin Klein, and Prada. Linda Evangelista, 44, who famously quipped, "We don't wake up for less than $10,000 a day," was been tapped by Chanel for their eyeglasses line, and Bridget Hall, 35, is the first model in Rag and Bone's new DIY campain. Best perhaps, the mother of of them all, Lauren Hutton, 69, is sort of blowing our minds wearing skinny jeans in the latest campaign for Lucky Brand Jeans. While today's hottest young models like Cara Devigne and Karlie Kloss are edgy and cool, they just don't have the oomph packed by the glamazons of decades past. We're glad to see them back. -- Sarah B. Weir, Shine Senior Writer

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  • Best Summer Wines: Delicious Bottles for Under $20, $15, and $10

    Summer WinesThirsty? Summer is the perfect time to explore new wines, even if you are an absolute beginner. Whether your are packing a picnic for an outdoor concert or hosting a beach barbecue, flavorful, casual food pairs well easy-drinking, less expensive bottles and even—gasp!—boxes.

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    Shine spoke with two experts, Brad Nugent, Sommelier and Beverage Director at Porter House New York and Center Bar, and Emilia Valencia, who co-owns Thirst Wine Merchants in Brooklyn, New York with her husband Michael Yarmark, about their favorite warm weather wines and how to find a delicious bottle within a budget.

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    Summer wines should be recent vintage, fresh tasting, and versatile. They are typically less boozy, which is important in hotter weather when you might naturally be drinking more from thirst and overindulge or become dehydrated. Food-friendly, perfumed dry Rieslings range from 7-11% alcohol compared to a

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  • Disney's Sexist Rejection Letter: No Girls Need Apply

    When women today blithely reject the word feminist and take for granted rights that were hard won by their foremothers, it's valuable to have a document like this to remind them, yes, the world really was a very different place for females, and not, in historical terms, all that long ago. It reads, "Women do not do any of the creative work in connection with preparing the cartoons for the screen as that is performed entirely by young men….The only work open to women consists of tracing the characters on clear celluloid sheets with Indian ink and filling in the tracings on the reverse side with point according to directions…." If that weren't discouraging enough, it ends, "It would not be advisable to come to Hollywood with the above specifically in view, as there are really very few openings in comparison with the number of girls who apply."

    Kevin Burg: FlickrKevin Burg: Flickr

    Designer Kevin Burg found this job rejection letter sent to his grandmother, Mary Ford, in 1938 after she died and posted it on Flickr. He says

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  • Marriage Proposals After DOMA: Taking It to the Tweets

    (Photo: Getty Images)

    In the rush of excitement after the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act on Wednesday, actress Kristen Bell jumped onto Twitter to propose to her fiancé, Dax Shepard, who is also the dad of her 3-month-old baby girl, Lincoln.

    She wrote:

    Last year Bell explained her reluctance to "make it official" with longtime beau Shepard in an interview. "The reason we're not rushing to get married is because I don't feel appropriate taking advantage of a right that's denied to my best friends. That's why we've been so hesitant," she told The Advocate. "Dax and I have talked about it a lot, and this issue is very important to both of us. We're just standing up for what we believe in. Period."

    About an hour and a half later, Shepard responded:

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