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  • Diet or Exercise: Which is Better for Losing Weight?

    Workouts getting you nowhere? One way I make it through my work out when I'm huffing and puffing on the treadmill is to tell myself that after it's all over, I can reward myself with a little extra food. That's because exercise revs up metabolism, right? Wrong. For years the common refrain from fitness gurus and diet books has been that if you exercise regularly you'll keep torching those Big Macs all day long--and even at night ("It's a miracle! Lose weight while you sleep!").

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    The "boost your metabolism" chorus makes many people scratch their heads when they start an exercise program and step on the scale a few weeks later to discover their weight hasn't budged, or maybe they have even gained a pound or two. To help understand the relationship between activity and weight loss, a team of researchers studied the Hazda, a hunter-gatherer tribe in Tanzania, and published the results in an article in the most recent volume of the journal PLoS One.

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  • Moms, Teens, Pregnant Together

    courtesy TLCAlthough teen pregnancy rates are at an historic low, you wouldn't know it by watching reality TV. American audiences (or so producers think) apparently can't get enough of seeing babies having babies. The latest spin-off is TLC's "My Teen is Pregnant and So Am I."

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    The program, which airs Wednesday at 10pm, follows two pairs of moms and daughters who are pregnant at the same time. For Liz, 36, and daughter Ann, 17, of Oklahoma City, the experience brings them closer together. Kristen, 17, of Greenville, North Carolina, finds that her news triggers explosive anger in a family that's stretched thin. Her pregnant mom Melissa, 40, already has eight children.

    PHOTOS: Stars' Bikini Bumps

    Growing up as the daughter of a teen mom--my mother had me when she was 16--I find it striking that these complicated, painful, and often tender families are viewed as such freak shows. One clip shows Melissa and Kristen getting

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  • Frisky Baby Goat Wants to Play

    Smart moms of elites athletes like Michael Phelps and Shawn Johnson helped channel their children's intense energy into sport. Johnson's parents enrolled her in gymnastics class at age six because of her habit of climbing up book shelves, and Phelps's mom recalls, "He was always pushing, nudging, shoving, and fidgeting….you can imagine what bedtime was like!" But, what's a mother goat to do?

    Buttermilk, a Nigerian pygmy goat born five weeks ago on Took A Leap Farm in Houlton, Maine, is a hit with the Internet-the video has had over 1,000,000 views since it was posted on July 27. But, with her goat companions? Not so much. The cheeky little girl hops around them, pops over them, and even knocks two over as she jumps on their backs. The cameraman chuckles in the background but "sophistikathryn," who posted the video, writes, "I think we'll have our hands full with this little one."

    According to the farm's blog, Buttermilk's owners promised to donate $25 to the non-profit rescue

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  • Karl Lagerfeld Disses Pippa Middleton’s Face

    Pippa Middleton at Wimbeldon

    Designer Karl Lagerfeld, who apologized in March after public outcry for calling singer Adele "too fat," now seems to be trying to stir up some sibling rivalry between the Middleton sisters. According to The Sun, the 78-year-old recently said of Kate, "I like that kind of woman, I like romantic beauties." As for his opinion of Pippa? "On the other hand," he reportedly quipped. "Her sister struggles."

    WATCH: The British Royal Wedding

    Lagerfeld went on to say, "I don't like her sister's face. She should only show her back." Pippa's toned posterior made world headlines during the royal wedding on April 29, 2011.

    Readers of The Sun shot back.

    "Talk about stones and glass houses," wrote paul_the_beat-all, "He is so ugly the Elephant Man would have paid to see him."

    Another reader, fx448 asked, "Who's the beauty? Who's the beast?"

    "Try spreading kind words, not misery," suggested gooner1974.

    WATCH: Shopping with Kate and Pippa Middleton

    Keira Knightley is one starlet

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  • Michelle Obama’s $7,000 Jacket Has Critics Grumbling

    The First Lady in J. MendelThe First Lady in J. MendelFirst lady Michelle Obama looked fit for a queen when she attended an Olympics reception at Buckingham Palace on July 27, and some critics are complaining that her silver embroidered jacket cost a king's ransom. Although not yet in stores, the white, capped sleeved number by J. Mendel lists for $6,800.

    "The jacket cost more than the average American family makes in a month ($4,284)," kvetched the conservative blog "And, she does this as Americans continue to suffer through a deep recession and record unemployment." A commenter called Granny points out, "I had better not EVER hear another word about a mere $900 blouse on Mrs. Romney's back or Sarah Palin's $300 shoes. EVER."

    Sports: First Lady Michelle Obama Hugs Entire Basketball Team after Olypic Win

    Since she first hit the campaign trail with her husband, Obama has been an international style icon and has appeared on numerous "best dressed lists." Defender Robert Verdi, a celebrity stylist, shot back

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  • Wedding Ring Lost for Four Years Found by Kayaker

    Photo: Emily GeislerPhoto: Emily Geisler

    When kayaker Emily Geisler spotted a diamond ring washed up on the shores of Rigby Lake near Idaho Falls, on July 23, she thought she was being pranked. "I was sure someone was filming," she tells Shine. "I looked around but nobody was anywhere near me." Her husband, Jayson, was off swimming as part of his training for an upcoming triathlon. "I knew he'd have a hard time believing where I found it-so I took the picture."

    Watch: Stolen Wedding Ring Returned

    When she heard her missing ring might have been located, the owner, Necia Rasmussen, barely trusted her luck either. "I tried not to get my hopes up," she tells Shine. "It seemed unbelievable."

    Rasmussen lost her wedding ring four years ago when she took it off to sunblock her kids at the lake. She was devastated because her husband, Heber, was about to be deployed to Iraq. Although she scoured the area with a metal detector, the ring never turned up. She didn't have the heart to replace it, reports the Huffington Post,

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  • Mother’s Hug Brought Newborn Out of Coma

    Photos via Caters NewsIt's a parent's worst nightmare. Baby Adam was born a healthy 7 lbs 3 oz, but the next day he began to have violent seizures. "His entire body started to shut down," his mother Charlotte Cheshire tells the Telegraph UK. "He was blue and shaking with convulsions." Soon, the newborn slipped into a coma. Doctors advised his parents to say goodbye, but now, a little more than year later, he's taking his first steps.

    Ten-month Old with Down Syndrome is Face of New Swimwear Ad Campaign

    Baby Adam had contracted meningitis caused by Group B streptococcal septicemia (GBS), a disease that often goes undetected in pregnant women and can be passed to newborns during labor or delivery. If babies survive the infection, they can be left with serious disabilities including vision and hearing loss and cerebral palsy.

    Doctors prepared the family for the worst and a midwife said they should take final photographs. While their child struggled on life support, Charlotte Cheshire and her husband

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  • 5 Secrets to a Happy Marriage: Revealed by Divorce

    Secrets to a happy marriage. (Photo: Thinkstock)In 25 years of studying marriage, Dr. Terri Orbuch, research professor at the University of Michigan and author of the new book "Finding Love Again: 6 Simple Steps to a New and Happy Relationship," has found that some of the best relationship advice comes from people who are actually divorced.

    WATCH: Is this the Most Epic Marriage Proposal?

     In 1986, Orbuch embarked on a long-term study, supported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), which followed the relationships of 373 newlyweds. By 2012, 46% had divorced, about the same as the national average. In interviews with Orbuch, people who had divorced or ended a serious relationship over and over again brought up the same five issues that they would improve if they had the chance to do it all again.

    1. Money. Over the course of her research, one the biggest surprises for Orbuch was the role money played in marital strife. “Many divorced singles say that money was the number one source of conflict in the early years of

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  • Ten Riveting YA Summer Reads

    From What I RememberFrom What I RememberThe summer reading list that the school sends out each year seems like a wonderful idea until you are nagging your 'tweens and teens to get off the computer and pick up a book. We spoke with three authors (who also happen to be moms) to find out their ideas for new novels that kids-and their grown-ups-won't be able to put down.

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    Melissa Kantor, whose most recent book is 'The Darlings in Love,' tells Shine that the best way to find out what your child will enjoy reading is to ask them to name just one book they think "is awesome" and then ask a trusted book seller or your local librarian for similar titles. "Want to ask me for a suggestion for your child?" Adds Kantor, who also happens to teach middle and high school English. "Email me at"

    Valerie Thomas, who co-authored the rollicking 'From What I Remember' with Stacy Kramer, tells Shine, "I find the school requirement that my fourth grader read 30 minutes a day

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  • Belgrade Brides Race for Gowns

    About 100 brides-to-be, fully decked in wedding attire, showed up for an unusual event in Serbia over the weekend. No, it wasn't a shower or bridal fashion show but an annual 150-meter race through the streets of the capital, Belgrade. This year, undeterred by her poofy, full-length skirt, sprinter Sanja Cigoja dominated the competition with a zippy time of 19 seconds. "My groom was waiting for me at the finish line, but [since I didn't win], the wedding is off this year," joked another racer named Vesna who came in second-to-last. The top finishers won the cost of their wedding and their gown, among other gifts.

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