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  • Action Heroes, Ninja Assassins Make Gamer's Dream Wedding Come True

    While the guests looked slightly shocked, it wasn't all that surprising when successful video game developer Adam Bohn (better known by his online persona Artix von Krieger) lived out his action-hero fantasies during his recent wedding to his girlfriend Michelle Chang. "Everybody was expecting something," Bohn tells Yahoo Shine. "They just didn't know how far we'd go." A video (shot by Fairytale Productions) posted on Wednesday captures the mayhem.

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    You know that charge of electricity that runs through the room when the wedding officiator intones, "Speak now or forever hold your peace...?" At this event, family and friends were right to be nervous (and amused) because that solemn invitation unleashed a spectacle of villainous wedding crashers, including a knight, a troupe of ninjas, Iron Man, and Batman.

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    Iron Man crashes the wedding (courtesy Sylvain Gentile)Fortunately, Bohn and

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  • How to Fake a Clean House in 45 Minutes or Less

    Ready, set, clean! (Photo by: Corbis)Throwing a party seemed like a fabulous idea three weeks ago, but now you are in a panic because there is less than one hour to go before the doorbell rings. Maybe you were held up at work or got  stuck in traffic. Or perhaps you just procrastinated — whatever the reason, you need to tidy up fast and save a few minutes to spruce yourself up as well. Fortunately, you don't need to deep-clean your home to get it party-ready.

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    "Your kitchen and your bathroom are the most important rooms to tackle when you have guests coming over," Frank Trotta, owner of, which was named the best green cleaning service in 2011 by New York magazine, tells Yahoo Shine. "No matter how big your house is, everyone always congregates in the kitchen." Trotta recommends cleaning any shiny surfaces that might catch the eye, including appliances, fixtures, and mirrors. He's also a fan of microfiber cloths—they are miraculous, reusable

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  • Why Today's Moms Need Fewer Calories Than 50 Years Ago

    The housewife workout (photo by: Getty Images)There was no Zumba in 1965, no hot yoga, CrossFit, spin nor many other faddish exercises that  modern-day moms plunk down their money for to stay trim and healthy. But, there was a lot more housework, like cooking, cleaning, and childcare — and a lot less passive entertainment, like watching television, which may explain weight differences between moms about 50 years ago and mothers today.

    According to a new study published in the medical journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings, over the last 50 years, mothers have become significantly less active overall and require about 1,200-1,500 fewer calories per week to stay at a healthy weight compared to their 1965 counterparts. The authors say that this energy imbalance — calories consumed versus calories burned — is contributing to the obesity epidemic for both women and their children.

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    "I'm not saying that women should do more housework, but they need to add physical activity back into the day," lead

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  • Whole Foods Employees Strike Against Working on Thanksgiving

    Flyer for Whole Foods strike (courtesy: WOCC/Facebook)If you are missing an ingredient for your Thanksgiving meal, you can just dash out to the grocery store at the last minute, right? While more and more retailers are opening their doors to shoppers on Thursday, hoping that the convenience of an extra shopping day and first dibs on Black Friday sales will boost revenues, many retail workers are, understandably, against the idea.

    In Chicago, a group of Whole Foods employees held a strike on Wednesday to protest some of the stores' decision to open on the holiday and bring attention to the what they say are hardships faced by people who are scheduled to work. "They feel like they should have the right to be with their families on Thanksgiving," Deivid Rojas, communications director for the Workers Organizing Committee of Chicago, a union of retail and fast food workers, tells Yahoo Shine. "And they are concerned with the general trend of retailers being open on the holiday."

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  • Thanksgiving's Worst Calorie Bombs: What to Skip and Where to Splurge

    Thanksgiving dinner: eat this, not that. (Photo: Corbis)How many calories does it take to induce the average American's Thanksgiving food coma? About 4,500—that's what the Calorie Control Council estimates most of us consume during our annual holiday feast. If you aren't up to speed on daily calorie allowances, the average adult requires only about half that number spread over a whole day. You won't put on a significant amount of weight eating one humungous meal, but you will stress your digestive system and feel bloated, groggy, and maybe even nauseated.

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    The irony is, many of the components of a Thanksgiving meal are actually very nutritious and not especially high in calories: turkey, vegetables, salads, fall fruits. "Food is meant to be enjoyed," Angela Lemond, RDN, national spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, tells Yahoo Shine. "You can make your meal smarter and not sacrifice flavor." Lemond likes to use healthy fats like olive oil, experiment with

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  • Dad's Viral 'How to Fight a Baby' Video: Not Funny, Dude

    In October, Gavin McInnes, self-styled bad boy journalist and co-founder of the provocative magazine Vice made headlines when he proclaimed, "People would be happier if women stopped pretending to be men." Now, he's making a spotlight grab again by posting an ostensibly comedic video of brawling with his infant son.

    The video opens with McInnes exhorting dads not to be scared of babies because he says, "There are a lot of moves you can do to kick a baby's a**." It then shows him tossing the baby onto a bed, flipping him over, tackling him and pretend chocking him. In the video, McInnes also cuddles his son and tickles him, causing an explosive fit of giggles from the infant. The baby does not appear to be hurt at any point during the filming, though he looks at the camera nervously. It closes with McInnes wearing an eye bandage because he says his son scratched his cornea.

    Yes, "How to Fight a Baby" is getting a lot of attention — the clip has been viewed over half a million times

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  • 7 Adorable Wet Dogs Who Are so Over Bath Time

    Photographer Sophie Gamand says she's always loved dogs, but didn't know they would become her main subject. "It started by accident," she tells Yahoo Shine, "I had just moved to Brooklyn from Europe and was looking to shoot something in the neighborhood when I walked into a vet clinic and this little dog peeked around the counter. His eyes were so expressive and worried." Now, three years later, she's obsessed with exploring the intense bond between humans and dogs and says that "dogs provide an endless supply of stories." She does about 50 percent of her work for charity, photographing shelter animals in New York and helping find homes for strays from Puerto Rico for the rescue group The Sato Project. Her latest series, Wet Dog, is her most popular so far. While some projects take more than a year, she snapped these photos of dogs being washed over one very long, very wet day in September collaborating with Bronx-based groomer Ruben Santana and posted them on her website earlier

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  • 7 Diamonds in 7 Days: Why NYC Artist Is Giving Major Bling to Strangers

    Jamison Ernest gave a preview of the diamonds on Instagram (photo: jamisonernest/Instagram)Thursday night, New York artist Jamison Ernest made the surprise announcement that he would be extending his gallery show an additional week so that he could give a gift to seven lucky visitors: $77,777 worth of diamonds. Starting on Saturday, he'll hide a single 177-faceted stone each day in a candlelit maze. "I hope a man who wants to get engaged but can't afford a diamond finds one," he tells Yahoo Shine. "Or a person who doesn't have enough money to get their family food and gifts for the holidays." He adds, "A lot of people have been beaten down so badly by life but just need a little bit of hope to believe in themselves again." The diamonds were purchased with proceeds from sales of his work so far, and he had no idea until a couple of weeks ago whether he could pull off adding the jewels or if last night would be his closing party.

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     Ernest knows from experience what it means to be given a second chance. Six

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  • Danish Royal Family Goes Goth in Creepy New Portrait

    A new portrait of the Danish royal family has been unveiled, and critics are saying something is rotten in Denmark. The painting, which depicts the group in a shadowy hall against a classical backdrop, is currently being displayed in Copenhagen's Amalienborg Museum. It took Danish artist Thomas Kluge four years to complete, though it may haunt him through the afterlife.
    The Danish Royal Family (credit: Thomas Kluge/Danish Royal Family Collection)

    The work is being described by some as more Addams Family than royal family. Only three of the subjects make eye contact with viewers — Queen Margrethe II, her son and heir apparent, Crown Prince Frederik, and his child Prince Christian. The little boy, lit eerily from behind, is standing alone, front and center, while the other children play. He carries the weight of his duties — or is that the thoughts of his sinister deeds? — on his shoulders. To his left, his evil-twin-like cousins build a blood-red tower, and to his right, slouched in an inky black corner, sits his little sister, Princess Isabella, blueish-lipped

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  • Army Colonel Wants Unattractive Women in Ads: Here's Why

    Cpl. Kristine Tejada (Photo: US Army/Flickr)"Be All That You Can Be"— unless you are beautiful, that is. A high-level strategist working to shape the Army's PR message about women in combat has recommended that their publicity photos and pamphlets feature "ugly" or "average looking" women.

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    In a leaked email obtained by Politico, Col. Lynette Arnhart, who has served in the military since 1989, wrote, "In general, ugly women are perceived as competent while pretty women are perceived as having used their looks to get ahead." She added that the Army typically selects publicity shots with attractive-looking women and attached an article with an example. "Such photos undermine the rest of the message (and may even make people ask if breaking a nail is considered hazardous duty)." Instead, she suggested, a photo of a woman with a mud-streaked face, for example,"sends a much different message—one of women willing to do the dirty work necessary in order to get the job

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