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  • Hate Valentine's Day? You're Not the Only One

    The day of love continues to be hated by many.The day of love continues to be hated by many.

    The sight of Cupid and candy hearts is enough to make your heart swoon…or make you roll your eyes.

    In honor of St. Valentine, you may don bright red heels and get a pink glitter manicure or you might pointedly choose to dress in all black. No other holiday is as polarizing as Valentine's Day-but where do these strong reactions come from?

    QUIZ: Are You In Love?

    "Valentine's Day is very 'hate it or love it'," says Elle Swan, a life coach and author of "Elle-evate: Change Your Life in 60 Seconds or Less," adding that people's feelings about the holiday often change from one year to the next. "The reason is because, whether we realize it or not, Valentine's Day is a mirror reflecting back to us both our relationship status and our relationship to love."

    That kind of introspection can be painful whether you're single, dating or even married. This holiday kind of screams, "It's evaluation time! Prove your love!"

    Jane Atkinson, an author who documents her personal

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  • The Most Flattering Lingerie for Your Body Type

    Sure, most nights your go-to bedtime outfit consists of sweats you bought in college and your boyfriend's perfectly worn-in (if a little bit ratty) softball league T-shirt, or if you're feeling fancy, maybe a cami and pajama pants. But special occasions (hello, Valentine's Day!) serve as a reminder that sometimes it's good to step it up a bit when it comes to our sleepwear and lingerie. The idea of baring our best-er-assets may seem daunting, but we've all got something to show off.

    Whether you're a Ruler or an Hourglass or are somewhere in between, we've got sexy options made just for your particular body shape. Give 'em a whirl. Dinner and a movie optional.

    - by Lesley Kennedy

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  • Fight Muffin Top Without Even Leaving Your Chair

    A few simple exercises can trim away that belly fat.

    Okay, so it's not exactly a newsflash that, along with eating a healthy diet, you're going to have to exercise-and stick with a routine-to reduce a muffin top. "It's not just going to go away overnight," says Fredina Usher-Weems, fitness program manager for the Center of Lifestyle Medicine at The Cleveland Clinic.

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    Along with cardio (Zumba, walking, jumping rope-take your pick) and resistance training, it's important to make sure you are doing exercises that specifically challenge and strengthen your core, aka your abdominals. The good news? Simple exercises can help add some definition to your midsection. Best of all, you can do all of these ab moves sitting down.

    If you're sitting in a chair right now, notice your alignment. Bet you're hunched forward, forcing your back-rather than your abdominals-to do all of the work. Instead, start practicing exercises that engage your core while sitting in your cubicle at work or

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  • Romantic Lessons from Pop Culture that We Need to Forget

    We love rom-coms, love songs and breakup songs as much as the next person, but there are a few lessons they teach us we'd rather do without.

    - by Carey Moss

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  • What Really Causes Canker Sores?

    The science behind those serious pains in the mouth.

    The Scientist: Kimberly Harms, DDS, is a spokesperson for the American Dental Association.

    The Answer: A canker sore is a little ulcer in the protective lining of your mouth. Unlike cold sores, which are caused by the herpes virus, canker sores are not the result of viral or bacterial infections and are not contagious. They're auto-immune, which means that your body is basically attacking itself.

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    Ulcer is a catch-all term for any hole in a bodily membrane. In the case of canker sores, the top layer of epithelial cells gets worn away, exposing the blood vessels and sensitive nerves underneath. Think of it like a blister with its outer dome dissolved.

    Though they know the immune system is responsible for creating these sores, doctors don't understand what starts the reaction in the first place. They have their suspects. Munching into a sharp tortilla chip, the edges of broken teeth, braces and hard toothbrush bristles

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  • The Only Hair Product You Need

    BB cream: The latest and greatest in hair care.

    Just when you thought the BB cream craze had reached its height, the popular flaw-blurring technology has now jumped the aisle into hair care. But what does that mean for your strands?

    By combining treatment and styling ingredients together in one product in the same way that facial BB creams combine skincare with makeup, you can tackle hair health and texture quickly, thanks to bottles packed with multiple benefits.

    MORE: BB Cream-The Skincare Product That Does It All

    "It's similar to what stylists term 'cocktailing' different products together in order to apply one customized balm," says San Diego stylist and salon owner Jet Rhys. However, some of the more sophisticated ingredients in these new high-tech balms are now coming straight from skincare.

    KeratinPerfect Hair BB 3-in-1 Multi Action Hair Beauty Balm ($28) contains apple stem cell extract to fight hair aging; nano-keratin proteins to strengthen; and oils of argan, apricot kernel and almond to moisturize and

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  • Fashion Tricks to Hide Your Muffin Top

    Sometimes your clothing contributes to that unsightly bulge.

    Rolls of fat are adorable on babies. They're not so cute when you're 34 and spilling out the top of your too-tight, low-rise skinny jeans that squeeze out fat like toothpaste from a tube.

    If you're tired of looking in the mirror and seeing those lumps and bumps, there are things you can do to get a more streamlined silhouette. And they don't involve going on a drastic diet (never a good idea) or under the knife.

    Of course, you can't beat eating right and exercising to shrink this troublesome zone (sorry, fresh out of magic pills here), but in the meantime, something as simple as changing the way you dress can actually make a muffin top vanish-instantly. Really .

    MORE: Sleep More and Fit Into Your Skinny Jeans

    Ready for a smoother shape? Read on.

    Dress to Minimize a Muffin Top

    Rather than picking yourself apart in front of a mirror, you may want to take a closer look at your clothes. "Nine times out of 10, a muffin top appears from poor choices in

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  • Tired? It Might Be Hurting Your Relationships

    Poor sleep makes you cranky. Stop taking it out on your loved ones.

    You already know that a lack of sleep can leave you feeling cranky and sluggish the next morning, but a new study from the University of California at Berkeley found that skimping on shut-eye may make you more selfish, too-and that's bad news when it comes to a.m. interactions with your significant other.

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    "Our research found that a poor night's sleep causes people to prioritize their own needs over others," explains Amie Gordon, a U.C. Berkeley psychologist and lead investigator of the study. "When we tracked study participants over two weeks, we found they reported more gratitude toward their partners on the nights they slept well and less on the nights they slept poorly."

    Translation: Less zzz's can make you less appreciative and empathetic. So when your partner takes out the garbage, you're less likely to say "thank you" (Do you want a medal just because you took out the trash?) or when he

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  • Scientific Proof that Yes, Sexist Men like Bigger Boobs

    You might be surprised who the worst offenders are.

    You don't need a scientist to tell you that guys stare at breasts. (They'll tell you anyway: Eye-tracking studies show that when looking at women, men spend more time focused on the chest than anywhere else.) Nor is it a secret that some are card-carrying boob men, while others go for a flatter physique. But what might their preferences say about their perception of women?

    Our very own YouBeauty Attraction Expert, Viren Swami, Ph.D., waded into the male mind to test what we've been thinking all along: Sexist dudes dig D-cups.

    QUIZ: What Your Body Type Really Means

    In a forthcoming study in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, Dr. Swami set out to investigate "the way that social factors like sexism can impact people's judgment of others." He showed 361 white, heterosexual males a video depicting 3-D models of five women, from the small-breasted to the very well-endowed. After watching the figures rotate 360 degrees on the screen in front of them, the men were asked to

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  • Is Your Grocery Cart Filled with Fake or Altered Food?

    Fake ingredients, deceptive labeling, cheaper food substitutes-sounds like something you'd expect from a fast food meal, right? Turns out, you could encounter food fraud with many of the everyday items you toss into your grocery cart.

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    That's because inferior-and sometimes unhealthy-ingredients in our food has reached an all-time high, according to researchers at the U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention (USP). In the last two years, the USP added nearly 800 items to their food fraud database. Everything from lemon juice to olive oil to seafood could be a big phony, based on their findings.

    So what exactly is food fraud?

    "It's defined as the dilution or substitution of a food ingredient without the knowledge of the purchaser, typically for economic gain by the manufacturer, so one does not get the quality or quantity that they think they are getting," explains Markus Lipp, Ph.D., senior director for Food

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