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  • Go 3 Days Without Shampoo—And Still Look Great!

    Courtesy of It Factor, Living Proof, Branche Beauty Sleep, Philip KingsleyCourtesy of It Factor, Living Proof, Branche Beauty Sleep, Philip KingsleySome women dream of the perfect wedding day, a vacation to Europe or a break-the-bank shopping spree. But if you're anything like us, going three straight days without having to shampoo sounds like the ultimate fantasy.

    Good news: dreams do come true. Our experts say that your hair can still look and feel great on day three. Basically, it all comes down to preempting oil and dirt buildup on the scalp, which zaps volume and turns strands stringy. Create your own strategy by targeting the factors that contribute most to your hair getting grimy with help from our tips outlined below.

    QUIZ: Is Your Beauty Routine Aging Your Hair?

    At the Gym: Try this trick: Cut up a pair of old or cheap opaque stockings, using one piece as a make-shift headband, and another piece to tie your hair into a ponytail. "The soft material doesn't leave indentation marks and absorbs perspiration at the hairline," says Warren-Tricomi Salons founder Edward Tricomi. If you have shorter hair, just fashioning a

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  • Why You Eat when You're Upset

    Scotty Reifsnyder

    The Scientist: Jenny Taitz, Psy.D., is a clinical psychologist at the American Institute for Cognitive Therapy and author of "End Emotional Eating."

    The Answer: Some people turn to drugs, alcohol or sex to escape from unpleasant or overwhelming emotions. Many turn to food, which can have similar effects in the brain.

    Studies indicate that emotional eaters' brains may be particularly sensitive to the rewards of food, compared to people who don't engage in bad-mood binges, many of whom don't want to touch food during distressing times. Brain scans of emotional eaters show that regions associated with reward and anticipation of reward light up more when they're in a negative mood. Non-emotional eaters, on the other hand, show decreased activation in these areas under the same circumstances.

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    Conditioning also plays a role. Eating when we're blue becomes a habit like any other; a region of the brain called

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  • A Sneaky Way to Score a Date

    It's time to take control of your dating destiny.It's time to take control of your dating destiny.

    Seinfeld fans may recall an episode where a guy makes ridiculous bets with Elaine ("Dustin Hoffman was in Star Wars"). His intention: To purposefully lose and have to buy Elaine dinner. This artful scheme of asking someone out without them knowing it sounds like the stuff of fiction, but it happens more than you think.

    Emily Neimanis, an associate producer in Rochester, NY was once tricked into having a date when she was a junior in high school. "I thought it would be a normal Saturday night hangout with many people. But when we got there it was a total set-up," she says.

    QUIZ: What's Your Relationship Style?

    There was only one other couple there. "I was of course confused, but it turned even more 'datey' when we all went into the basement (lights off) and watched a movie." Classic.

    The best part: The other couple left Emily alone with the guy. It worked, though-Emily ended up dating him for two years.

    Sneaky dates happen well past high school.

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  • Get Hollywood's Hottest Hairstyle

    Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Chastain and Amanda Seyfried

    Jessica Chastain and Jennifer Lawrence just rocked them at the SAG Awards, models at the Monique Lhuillier and Moschino Spring 2013 Fashion Week shows bounded down in the catwalk in them, and Amanda Seyfried can't get enough of them.

    We're talking about mermaid waves-or the loose curls that fall glamorously down your back that stylists are heralding as "the new beach wave."

    "It's like mermaids are the new vampires!" says celebrity stylist Larry Sims, who tends to the locks of Eva Longoria and Kerry Washington. "Mermaid waves differ from beach waves in that they're more polished and glamorous, with a distinct Hollywood feel," he adds.

    MORE: The Psychology of Hair

    What's more, experts say all this mermaid hair-wavin' amplifies attraction. "Every strand of hair has a blood supply, and reflects what's going on in the body," says Nancy Etcoff, Ph.D., psychologist at Harvard Medical School and author of "Survival of the Prettiest: The Science of Beauty." Wavy texture makes hair

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  • 10 Healthy and Delicious Super Bowl Snacks

    It's easy to go overboard when it comes to snacking during the Super Bowl. YouBeauty Nutrition Advisor Kristin Kirkpatrick, R.D., says studies show that Americans eat about 44 percent more in social settings than when dining alone.

    Kirkpatrick recommends using salad bowls and plates for main dishes and going easy on or entirely skipping fatty dips and chips, which pack a lot of calories in a small serving.

    Be kind to your waistline by foregoing those jalapeno poppers and chili cheese fries while cheering on your favorite team this Super Bowl Sunday. Instead, provide your party guests with a sampling of these 10 healthy and tasty snacks. Your body will thank you-inside and out.

    - by Crystal Conde

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  • Get Fit and Toned with Animal-Inspired Workout Moves

    Equinox's new Animal Flow class blends dynamic bodyweight movement-in other words, no equipment required-with modern athletic training to sculpt your whole body in an entirely fresh, new way.Think cross training goes primal. "After a lifetime of lifting weights and 12 years in the fitness industry, I had a ton of muscle but lacked the ability to move," says Animal Flow creator Mike Fitch. "I completely switched to bodyweight-only disciplines and discovered the true meaning of movement and its link to the longevity of our bodies. The end result, Animal Flow, is a program that works the entire body, increasing flexibility, stability, strength and endurance-and most importantly, it's fun!"

    Curious? We thought so. Take a look at these animal-inspired moves. Just be sure to do a five-minute warm-up before test driving them to mobilize the wrists as well as the shoulders, spine, hips and knees.

    - YouBeauty Editors

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  • This Test Could Save Your Life, from Dr. Oz


    Surely your gynecologist (and your mom or daughter or best friend) has repeated the mantra: Get a Pap smear every year. Whether or not you listened (and we hope you did!), it has been and is the standard of care. But recent research has brought new questions to light and led to a rewrite of the old standard.

    The details have changed, but the test is still as important as ever. Here's what you need to know.

    What is a Pap smear?

    To perform the test, usually as part of your annual gynecology check-up, your doctor first inserts a speculum to hold your vagina open and uses a swab to collect cells from in and around your cervix, where your uterus opens into the vaginal canal. The cells are put on a slide and sent to a laboratory where they are examined for abnormal cells that might signal cancerous growth.

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    Why get a Pap smear?

    A Pap is typically done in order to look for cervical cancer. New studies show that a Pap smear may also

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  • 10 Foods that Help Relieve Stress

    ThinkstockDonuts, cookies, chips-there's no denying that certain high-fat and high-sugar foods are the go-to ways to self-medicate when we're stressed. But the truth is, those same foods can send our feel-good hormones on a roller coaster ride and leave us feeling sluggish, depressed and worse than ever. So rather than reaching for junk food the next time you're feeling frazzled, do your mind and body a favor by going for complex carbs, healthy fats or lean proteins.

    These 10 healthy options have all of the nutrients you need to fend off mental and physical stress and get back to a state of bliss.

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  • 10 Tricks to Brighten Your Eye Color

    Play up your eyes no matter their colorPlay up your eyes no matter their color

    Picking from what seems like an army of eye makeup shades on store shelves can feel like a perplexing task, but our experts say you can rely on certain hues that are guaranteed to work for your eye color. "Like a simple ribbon that pulls together and brightens wrapping paper for a gift, eyeshadow can make your natural eye color pop!" explains Karim Sattar, International Makeup Artist for Dr. Hauschka.

    Find your eye color in our gallery to discover which makeup shades and simple application tips will give you captivating eyes.

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  • Dr. Oz's Immunity-Boosting Smoothie Recipe

    Raspberry-Orange Smoothie (Shutterstock)Raspberry-Orange Smoothie (Shutterstock)You may be overlooking your sensory organs when you think of eating healthfully, but when you realize that your sense of smell, taste, sight, touch and hearing are largely responsible for your quality of life, you'll think again. And when you enjoy the movies you see, the food you eat, the book you read, your sex life and more, you'll find that you look better, too. So, go ahead and load up on vitamins and antioxidants to harness sensory benefits.

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    What: Raspberry-Orange Smoothie

    Why it's great: Vitamin C, antioxidants and flavonoids help boost your immune system.

    What you'll need:

    • 1 cup nonfat or low-fat vanilla soy milk
    • 1 cup frozen raspberries
    • 1 medium ripe banana
    • ½ cup orange juice with one ice cube or 1 Tbs frozen orange juice concentrate
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    How to make it:
    Combine all ingredients in blender. Cover and blend until smooth.

    Nutritional Info:
    Calories 253
    Fat 0.2 grams

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