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  • 7 Secrets to Gorgeous Hair


    Every woman-regardless of her hair type, style or length-harbors a secret fantasy to have hair that looks like the model in the shampoo commercial. You know the one we're talking about. The one whose long, sleek, impossibly shiny locks flow gorgeously across her shoulders as she swings her head. But no matter what shampoo you use or how much time you spend wielding the blow dryer or straightening iron, your hair never seems to live up to that ideal.

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    Well, we've got news for you. Even the model in the shampoo commercial doesn't come by that "naturally" beautiful hair naturally. In fact, there are several hair habits women like her are most likely to have. Adopt these habits yourself and the good hair days will soon follow.

    Spring for a quality cut and color. The first rule of great hair is getting a great cut. "It's so important to have a style that works for your face shape, hair texture and lifestyle and to have hair color that

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  • Study: Love Makes You Eat Healthier

    The latest research is lovely for health. [Thinkstock] Although love can make you do some pretty stupid things, turns out, it can also help you make wiser choices when you're craving a snack.

    That's the finding from a recent study published in the Journal of Consumer Behaviour.

    In an effort to uncover how subtle messages can make us opt for healthier snacks, researchers at Northern Kentucky University set out to see whether people were influenced by reminders of love or sex.

    To do so, they showed 97 college students one of two food menus. Each menu contained a list of typical snacks including an apple, an orange, raisins, a cereal bar, Hershey's chocolate, Skittles and a Snickers bar. The only difference between the two menus was a subtle background image of either hearts or kisses across the page.

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    Based on a pre-test with participants, the hearts insinuated companionate love-the type of intimate, heart-warming, long-term relationship where sex does not play the dominant role (as

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  • Fall Fashion: Cozy Knits for Your Body Shape

    Staying warm in style has never looked so hot. This season's about versatile knits, from ponchos to capes that make you feel like superwoman. We're here to show you how to wear the trend for your unique body shape.

    Not sure if you're a circle, triangle, inverted triangle, hourglass or ruler? Take our Body Type Quiz to find out.

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  • Are Gel Manicures Dangerous?

    Courtesy of Talia EscribanoCourtesy of Talia EscribanoIf you're a polish addict, gel manicures seem like nail nirvana. What's not to love? The ultra-quick-drying polish lasts for weeks without chipping, losing its sheen, or dulling out. The color options are still a bit basic, but no matter-if you're in the market for a long-lasting manicure, gels are the way to go. "

    Gel polishes paint on like traditional nail lacquer, but they have a chemical composition that enables them to immediately harden to a glossy finish when cured under a UV light," says Dr. Dana Stern, a NYC-based dermatologist specializing in nail disorders. "You won't need to sit and dry your nails-plus the finish lasts up to three weeks."

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    Sounds like a dream-except, its not. The issue? These pretty little manis can cause serious damage. "The UV light that cures the product is in the same spectrum that contributes to photo-aging," says Dr. Stern. "They're essentially little tanning beds." The threat of dark sunspots on your hands

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  • When Daydreams Don't Stop: A Strange-But-True Condition


    Cordellia Amethyste Rose leads a double life. There's the version we can see: Cordellia the withdrawn, anxious 32-year-old with two cats. And there's the version only Cordellia sees, a decades-long fantasy of her idealized self, who is also named Cordellia (but goes by Baby) and is a successful musician/actress with a husband and eight children.

    "I've been in one giant fantasy world since I was nine years old. That was my main reality growing up. I spent as much time as I could there and most of the people I interacted with were in my head, so I never played with other kids at school, never learned to make friends," she says.

    Today she lives a mostly solitary life. Yet Cordellia is not alone.

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    She is one of an emerging population of men and women who report vivid, detailed and consuming fantasy lives. This is no ordinary mind wandering. Many spend more than half their waking hours in dreamland-some are there nearly

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  • The Unhealthy Truth About Restaurants

    ThinkstockThinkstockNo surprise: Kids consume more sugary drinks and calories when they eat fast food (126 additional calories for children and 309 calories for adolescents, according to a new study). But here's a key finding: Eating outside the home in general can put children at risk for unhealthy consumption. So if you're avoiding fast food when you dine out, don't assume you're in the clear.

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    When children and adolescents ate at full-service restaurants versus home, they had more sugar, saturated fat and sodium. Surprisingly, the calorie consumption was higher for children eating at full-service restaurants rather than fast food restaurants! Why? Simple-the chefs want to show you love-and they do that with bigger than intended portions.

    Even if you're not ordering greasy, fried foods, portion sizes may be sabotaging your diet. Thousands of restaurant-goers superseded the daily intake of essential nutrients such as protein.

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  • Five Relationship Rules You Should Be Breaking

    ThinkstockRule Break #1

    Never go to bed angry

    The best time to fight is when you're tired and cranky, right? Um, no. "The pure adrenaline rush of a fight can drive you to seek more and more of the same," says Joy Davidson, Ph.D., a couples therapist in New York City (. And the brain can actually reach a point where it's unable to process logically and instead, raw emotion takes over. "That's when you're just riding the rush and start screaming 'I want a divorce!'" she says.

    Instead: Davidson suggests having a chat with your significant other to establish a time limit for any future arguments. That way if you find yourself in the middle of a heated discussion (okay, knock-down-drag-out-fight), you'll keep that limit in mind. "It's a lot like being in a couples therapy session where you know you have to be out the door in an hour," says Davidson. When one of you notices that you've been going at it for, say, 45 minutes, start wrapping it up by taking turns making summary statements.

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  • Does Hair Grow Back Thicker After Hair Removal?

    [Scotty Reifsnyder]We're pretty sure you've heard the myth that hair grows back twice as thick after you shave. Well we've got an expert to challenge those hair removal myths.

    The Scientist: Dr. Marc Avram is a New York-based dermatologist who specializes in hair transplantation and is a professor of dermatology at The Weill-Cornell Medical School.

    The Answer: First, plucking is usually not permanent. When you pluck a hair, you remove the hair shaft, which is the part of the hair follicle you can see. The hair shaft comes out from its base just under the surface of the skin, while the matrix underneath, which is the mechanism for growing more, remains.

    That said, it is possible to over-tweeze. If you spend years and years plucking the same hair, it can cause inflammation, which creates scar tissue. The scar tissue acts like cement, covering the matrix so the follicle can't grow anymore. Bye, bye, brow.

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    Shaving is more superficial than plucking. You're

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  • Study: Stop Excessive Pregnancy Weight Gain

    ShutterstockIf you have kids, you remember that pregnancy self-talk that, as we enter the drive-thru, says, "I'm already going to gain a ton of weight. What's another few pounds?"

    But research has demonstrated that even a few extra pounds above the recommended weight gain amount increases a woman's chances of retaining excess weight after pregnancy and becoming obese in the long-term. In one large study, 14.2 percent of previously normal-weight women became overweight by one year postpartum. And among normal-weight woman, 40 percent of them put on excess pounds during their pregnancies.

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    Given that this added weight increases the risk of long-term obesity in both the mother and the infant, preventing the excessive weight gain in the first place is central.

    A new study highlights an exercise and nutrition program that succeeded in preventing a significant number of women from gaining excessive weight during their pregnancies

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  • The Tattoo Allure: More Women Are Inking Up Than Men

    ThinkstockOh how times have changed since The Who famously paid homage to body art as the equivalent of testosterone: "Welcome to my life, tattoo. I'm a man now, thanks to you." Tattooing is no longer seen as the exclusive domain of men and women are flocking to tattoo artists in record numbers. A study earlier this year by Oxygen Media revealed that 59 percent of people with tattoos are female, with the most popular images being hearts and angels.

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    The choice of an image is a totally individualized expression of personality, creativity and aesthetics. A particular picture may make a women feel pretty or sexy or powerful or artsy, and that feeling can boost her self-esteem and give her more control over how she presents herself to others.

    As with other forms of self-expression, why a woman gets a tattoo and what form it takes depends on the woman.

    I worked with a young woman for many years as she struggled and triumphed through a serious eating

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