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  • Science Confirms You're Skinniest on This Day

    Monday through Friday is key for achieving your weight loss goals.How do you measure your weight? Probably with a scale, right? Sure, that's not bad, but have you considered using a calendar?

    We know what you're thinking-you can't weigh yourself with a calendar. But new research suggests that you should give it a try. That is, you get your weight using a scale (though BMI may be a more useful measurement), but keep a calendar handy to properly interpret the number on the dial. A January 2014 study published online in the journal Obesity Facts found that most people lose weight over the course of the week and then gain some on the weekends. That means that you're likely to be lightest on Friday and heaviest on Sunday.

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    What sets overall weight-gainers apart from those who are able to lose weight is what happens between Monday and Friday. Weight-losers have what the researchers call a "stronger compensation pattern," which means that their downward weight fluctuation started immediately after the

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  • Superfood in Berries Promotes Weight Loss and Younger Skin

    This powerful ingredient really is the ultimate anti-ager.Science shows that resveratrol is pushing its way to the top of the buzz-worthy ingredient list. It's been shown to help treat everything from heart disease to diabetes as well as naturally turn back the clock on skin. Here's why you'll want to harness resveratrol's impressive health and beauty benefits. Right. Now.

    Why The Buzz?
    So, what is this fancy sounding R-word exactly? "Resveratrol is a very potent polyphenolic antioxidant," says Jeffrey Morrison, MD, founder of the Morrison Center for Integrative Medicine in New York City. And while it's most famous for its ties to red wine, there are actually many other natural sources of the antioxidant powerhouse including many of your go-to foods, as well as around 70 plant species.

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    Where to Find It
    Along with grapes (and therefore the vino connection), it's found in several kinds of berries such as mulberries, blueberries and cranberries along with peanuts and dark chocolate. "It

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  • 8 Eye-Opening Facts About Eating Organic Food

    How much do you know about organic food?As organic foods make their way into more and more supermarkets around the country, the option to choose between organic and conventionally farmed products is increasingly at your fingertips. How do you make the decision? Get your facts straight before you fill your cart with misinformation.

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    Organic farming never uses pesticides: False
    Many organic farmers do try to avoid using pesticides, and most organic foods have lower total pesticide residues, but the fact is, organic farmers use many methods of controlling pests, including pesticides. Part of what defines "organic" is not the absence of pesticides, but the particular pesticides used. Only certain compounds are approved for use as pesticides on organic farms. This includes ingredients derived from natural sources, or synthetic ones that adhere to a list of regulations not required for conventional agriculture-for example, potassium silicate sourced from naturally occurring sand, and copper

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  • 5 Reasons Your Low-Intensity Workout is Still Effective

    Sometimes less is really more.With all of the recent and much-deserved hype over high-intensity interval training (HIIT), a true and loyal friend has been left behind: good, old-fashioned steady-state training. Gone are the days of 30-minute jogs, in favor of jump squats and 30-second sprints.

    In contrast to high-intensity interval training, which alternates short, strenuous bouts of activity with slightly longer low-intensity rest periods, steady-state training refers to cardiorespiratory exercise in which your heart rate is kept relatively constant for an extended period-at least 20 minutes in duration and often in the 30- to 60-minute range. The intensity may be low, moderate or moderately high, but you must be able to sustain the activity for at least 20 minutes.

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    You can use a "talk test" to estimate your intensity: You can carry on a conversation with ease (low intensity); you can comfortably carry on a conversation but with slightly heavier and more

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  • Are You Addicted to Caffeine?

    Think you could live without caffeine?Coffee drinkers make jokes about their morning cup being their salvation-the essential ingredient in their ability to function. But there's truth in humor: Coffee can be addictive.

    If we skip our regular cup of coffee in the morning, many of us experience headaches-a symptom of withdrawal. And while we think, "I could quit if I wanted to," studies show that more than half of caffeine consumers say they've had difficulty quitting or reducing caffeine use, even if they're told that they have another condition, such as a bleeding disorder, heart problem or a pregnancy, that requires it.

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    American University psychology professor Laura Juliano, Ph.D., helped outline the symptoms for "Caffeine Use Disorder," a research diagnosis that is listed as an emerging "disorder of interest" in the most recent edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) put out by the American Psychiatric Association. Juliano says that the

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  • Delicious, Healthy Chocolates You Should Give Your Valentine Today

    Healthy chocolate? It sounds too good to be true, right?

    If you're sweet on someone and you want to send some chocolates their way, this guide to five good-for-you treats will give you plenty of ideas. On the contrary, if your significant other is the type who needs a not-so-subtle hint about which indulgences you prefer, just share this mouthwatering gallery, and there'll be no confusion.

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    What makes these confections better than the average box of chocolates? We've gathered dark chocolatey goodies, many of which are made with at least 70 percent cocoa, which translates to big beauty benefits-as long as you don't consume them all at once, of course. Cocoa boasts heart-healthy plant compounds called flavanoids that help reduce stress hormones-and consequently decrease collagen breakdown, which leads to fewer wrinkles or less saggy skin. Dark chocolate also relaxes blood vessels and increases blood flow, which helps with that healthy glow, as well as fighting damage from free radicals, such as sun

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  • Break Your Dessert Habit NOW

    Dessert is a privilege, not a right.

    I like ice cream. I like it a lot. Mint-chocolate chip, to be exact. Or maybe coffee flavored. I love it especially in a sugar cone on a hot day-though even in these bone-chilling months I have ice cream on the brain. I've always liked ice cream. My grandfather used to bring cartons of Baskin Robbins ice cream over for us kids when my parents went away. It was our own little special treat from him. And I was hooked.

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    Flash forward to college. Ice cream was my go-to food to overindulge in. A girlfriend and I would perch on the brick wall outside of WaWa, the local convenience store closest to my dormitory, and together we would polish off a carton of Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey. Again and again that year, we would meet to catch up and eat ice cream.

    Later, when I had kids, ice cream was a natural treat to give them, just as my grandfather used to give it to me. For years, when I would be hit with the nightly question, "Can I

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  • Hair and Makeup Secrets of the U.S. Olympic Figure Skating Team

    That lipstick. That bun. Get these rink- and camera-ready looks.Every four years, the world is mesmerized while figure skaters, who are certainly athletes first and foremost, captivate with a glittering sense of artistry while performing physical feats of grace on ice. And it's all done on 4-millimeter steel blades, while wearing more sequins than Liberace.

    The ladies of the U.S. Olympic figure skating team have beauty tips that are truly battlefield-tested under bright lights and high cardio demands. Here, they reveal to us the tricks behind hitting twizzles and triple lutzes with nary a hair out of place.

    Let the Games begin!

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    Ashley Wagner - Ladies
    "When you step on the ice, the first impression goes a long way, and hair and makeup can help draw the audience in by enhancing the character you're portraying," explains Ashley Wagner, 22, who will skate to "Samson & Delilah" in Sochi. "I love playing a strong personality like Delilah-she's a wily temptress, so my look will be a Middle Eastern-inspired

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  • DIY Cleaning Product Recipes that Cut Out the Toxic Chemicals

    Get your home clean without exposing yourself to something even more harmful.

    Are you a little freaked out about all of the chemicals in your cleaning products, but worried that going green won't clean as well? We get it. It's hard to know what products are both safe and effective when it comes to cleaning house. "There are a lot of bad basic cleaning formulas out there filled with chemicals," explains "The Godmother of Green" Annie B. Bond, an expert on green living and best-selling author of five books, including "Better Basics for the Home."

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    In small amounts, exposure to these toxins is not a problem-after all, your liver is designed to detoxify your body of chemicals-but they can even damage the liver itself. Bond, a survivor of chemical poisoning who devoted herself to educating others about healthy living, believes that every toxic substance you come into contact with accumulates in your system and that, eventually, their cumulative effects could trigger health problems ranging from headaches to

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  • The Surprising Benefit of Keeping a Consistent Sleep Schedule

    We'll use any excuse to get some more sleep!You already know that it's important to get a solid night of sleep on a regular basis. For the vast majority of people, the "sweet spot" for the right amount of sleep per night is between 6 and 9 hours.

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    When we don't sleep enough, two hormones in our body are greatly affected: ghrelin and leptin. Ghrelin is a hormone that gives us the "go" signal, meaning that we are hungry and need to eat. On the other end is leptin, a hormone that signals satiety and tells us to stop eating. When we don't get enough sleep, even after just a few short nights of less slumber, the balance between ghrelin and leptin is tipped. We have more ghrelin and less leptin. As a result, the signal that tells us we're full becomes weak, and the "you're hungry, eat!" signal is strengthened.

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    An interesting November 2013 study, conducted by researchers at Brigham Young University (BYU) and published in the American Journal of

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