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  • Healthy Nails Through the Holidays

    By: StacyAtZeel

    When your manicurist refuses to paint polish on your nails, you know there's a problem. Flash back to last night.
    good advice even if you don't polish your nailsgood advice even if you don't polish your nails
    OK, so I've noticed that my nails were a bit soft and weak over the last few months, but it was nothing a few coats of Essie's "Carry On" couldn't cover up. Right?

    As it turns out though, over-lacquering my nails has rendered them really, really unhealthy, so much so that I've been temporarily banned from polishing them until further notice. Until then, I've been instructed by the kind yet brutally honest technicians at Black Label Spa to forego my weekly manicure and to instead take the following actions.

    (And remember: Like your skin, your nails can become weak and dry during these cold winter months with or without a manicure addiction, so even if you're not a serial polisher, you may want to wise up.)

    Moisturize-a lot. Like your skin, your nails need moisture too. The average amount of moisture in a healthy nail is 18 percent; any less is also less

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  • How to Prolong the Benefits of Your Massage

    By: StacyAtZeel

    Last week, I was privileged enough to meet with Madeline Michaels, a wonderful massage therapist and bodyworker on the Upper East Side who did wonders for my stressed out soul, my achy body, and quite frankly, my cranky attitude.
    reenter the world gently after a massagereenter the world gently after a massage
    After nearly two hours of personal attention and therapeutic healing (through traditional massage and holistic energy work), I arose from the table-greeted with two cups, one filled with alkaline water and another with coconut water-feeling refreshed, renewed and, for the first time in weeks, ready to step out into the streets of this ever-hectic city feeling generally good.

    But as I zipped up my coat and picked up my grocery bags, I began to panic a little. How will I continue to harbor these feelings of ease and freedom once I turn my cell back on and return to reality? (Apparently, the inner workings of my brain think in prose.)

    To find out, I went straight to the source-Madeline-and asked her, in all of her infinite

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  • Slim, Sweat, Shake: 5 Reasons We Love the “v.Method”

    By: StacyAtZeel

    I think the exercise gods are out to get me. In the past two weeks alone, I've incurred Achilles tendonitis and a nasty burn on my hand (lesson learned: don't grab a piping hot pan without an oven mitt) that have benched me from both of my beloved workouts: running and yoga.
    the v.method is available on DVDthe v.method is available on DVD
    So when Zeel Expert personal trainer Vicki Vara suggested that I take a swing at her latest workout, I was more than ready for the challenge. I may not be able to hold a downward dog or jog more than a city block at the moment, but Thanksgiving is upon us and I'm admittedly desperate to sweat as much as I can before the imminent feast.

    This morning, I took my first stab at Vicki's v.method-a comprehensive wellness program that melds elements of cardiovascular training with classic Pilates, ballet and yoga. While the first installment of the v.method-"cardio vusion"-can be performed through personal training and group classes, the energetic exercise routine is now available on DVD and can be

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  • Beauty Do or Don't? Makeup After a Facial

    By: StacyAtZeel

    I love a good facial as much as the next girl, but I'm the first to admit that my skin isn't particularly pretty in the moments following my appointment. Flawless skin doesn't come without a price tag, apparently, and in this case, the cost is 24 hours of a less-than-lovely complexion. But it's so worth it.
    avoid clogging your pores just after getting them cleanedavoid clogging your pores just after getting them cleaned
    Despite the (temporary) splotchiness and redness in the aftermath of a facial, I rely on this popular pampering treatment to return my complexion to a more even-toned and pimple-free state. Adhering to the aesthetician's orders, I also avoid makeup like Manolos on subway grates to prolong the purity of my newly-cleansed skin.

    Yet there are many occasions-work events, hot dates, dinner with your overly critical mom-that warrant a dab of cover-up here and a splash of bronzer there. What to do, what to do! Zeel skincare experts tip us off on intelligent techniques for applying makeup following a facial.

    New products. This may seem excessive, but you may benefit from

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  • Aching Back? Yes, You Can Still Work Your Core!

    By: StacyAtZeel

    Sit-ups and crunches are a great way to score a six-pack, but these old-school abdominal exercises can also make strained or injured back muscles really ache. So how can someone with a bad back-whether due to scoliosis, stenosis, SI dysfunction or some other general weakness-work their core? Zeel fitness experts from The Big Apple to Colorful Colorado weigh in.
    plank on palms and toesplank on palms and toes
    Halle Clarke (New York, NY)

    Halle Clarke, Pilates instructor and owner of Mongoose Bodyworks in Manhattan's Soho neighborhood, explains that there are a variety of ways in which Pilates can strengthen the core while stabilizing the pelvis and low back. "Unfortunately, it's not so much one magical exercise," she says, "but a relearning of how to properly engage the abdominal muscles in a way that doesn't irritate your condition."

    A good place to start? Belly breaths. Lie on your back with your knees bent and your pelvis relaxed. (Your back should not push into the floor or arch up toward the ceiling.) Breathe

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  • Skincare Tips for a Pre-Wedding Glow

    By: StacyAtZeel

    When Mary Martin, the bride who creatively tied the knot at mile 22 of the ING New York City Marathon this Sunday, was prepping for her nuptials, she was probably more concerned with interval training and energy gels than dress fittings and mascara.

    If you're not planning to say your vows mid-stride, however, then you may be frantically searching for the perfect skincare regimen to achieve a radiant complexion for the big day. Zeel skincare experts weigh in on the best treatments for glowing wedding day skin.radiantradiant

    Dr. Kirk Churukian, Los Gatos, Calif.

    "Superficial milk peels are a great way to exfoliate your skin and get that beautiful glow before the big day," says Dr. Churukian, a dual-certified plastic surgeon with a west coast practice. Dr. Churukian recommends a light lactic acid peel (a type of AHA peel), which hydrates the skin. Begin a series of peels a few months ahead of time (your dermatologist can determine how many you'll need). Schedule the final peel one

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  • 3 Unisex Ear Warmers for Outdoor Winter Workouts

    By: StacyAtZeel

    We know that it can be tough to exercise outdoors once November comes around. But hear us out: Ear warmers can make a world of difference.
    Snowmen don't have ears for a reason. Too cold even for them!Snowmen don't have ears for a reason. Too cold even for them!
    When working out in cold conditions (anything below 45 degrees tends to make me shiver), blood flow moves away from your extremities-your fingers, feet and ears-to heat your body's core. Protect your ears from the nippy air this winter with these three great ear warmers, suited for both ladies and gents.

    Cozy and Snug: Smartwool

    Worn by yours truly, the double layer headband ($18) from the king of comfort known as Smartwool is as warm as it is fashionable. The plush cloth is made from an interlocking weave that proves perfect for high aerobic activities performed in cool to absolutely freezing weather. (Tip: If my ears warm up quickly, I find that the headband is thick enough to work as a neck warmer too.)

    Light and Airy: Nike

    Runners love the Dri-Fit Lightweight ($15) headband from Nike for its special blend of microfibers and

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  • Warm Up with 4 Organic Hot Chocolate Treats

    undefinedBy: StacyAtZeel
    While some look forward to November 24th for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and the smell of slow-cooked turkey that permeates the house, to me, Thanksgiving has always marked the first day of the holiday season. Because such an occasion warrants celebration, for as far back as I can remember I've reserved Thanksgiving morning for my first soul-warming mug of hot chocolate.

    Help preserve this rich seasonal tradition by joining me this year (in spirit, of course) for a delicious mug of your own. Swiss Miss mix will always be welcomed in my house (especially when overflowing with marshmallows), but for those who prefer a more refined version, here are four organic brands that get the Zeel seal of approval.

    Green & Blacks Organic Hot Chocolate

    Dark chocolate addicts love Green & Blacks' organic hot chocolate, made from dark cocoa beans, raw cane sugar, fat-reduced cocoa powder, cocoa butter, soy lecithin and vanilla extract. To make your own, add four teaspoons to a

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  • Managing IT-Band Pain with Massage

    By: StacyAtZeel

    Many athletes, especially runners and cyclists, share my disdain for the sudden and sharp pain in the knee caused by a tight ITB. And while most people know that "IT" stands for iliotibial band, less of you silent sufferers out there know how to treat it.

    But first, a quick tutorial on what your IT band is. Temperamental by nature, the IT band is a strip of fascia that extends along the outer hip and gluteal muscles, down toward the knee. It becomes narrow where it attaches to the top of the bone in the lower half of your leg, and you can nearly feel it-like a thick, taut guitar string-on the outside of your knee.

    While the main methods of treatment for a tight IT band include stretching, icing and foam rolling, massage offers another road to relief. We talk to our expert bodywork therapists to find out which massage modalities are best for taming an achy ITB.

    Derek Duke Noble, New York, NY

    Derek Duke Noble, whose A-list clients include John McEnroe, Maria Shriver

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  • Pearly Whites Without Pain: Reduce Teeth Whitening Sensitivity

    By: StacyAtZeel

    It seems that only weeks ago we peered at Miss Lindsay Lohan's yellowed grin. (That's because it was just weeks ago.) Yet in the blink of a Hollywood eye, the starlet's smile has morphed from blah to beautiful as proven by her renewed white teeth.

    Tweeting a photo to her fans, Lindsay gave credit to Dr. Bill Dorfman for his masterful dental touch. "Thanks Dr. Dorfman for the zoom," she wrote, referring to the teeth whitening procedure known as Zoom! whitening. "My gums are so sore though!"

    While Zoom! is a popular whitening procedure, as Lindsay cautions, it (along with other whitening treatments) can cause teeth to become extra sensitive. Lucky for you, our carefully vetted team of dental experts-some who have worked with celebrities like Jennifer Hudson and Donald Trump-are here to tell you how to make teeth whitening more pleasant.

    Dr. Debra Glassman, New York, NY

    Dr. Glassman agrees that some whitening procedures can create oral sensitivities. But as Dr. Glassman

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