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  • Two-Ingredient Magic Shell

    It's always more fun to DIY. Today: How to make magic shell at home, with just two pantry ingredients.

    Magic Shell from Food52

    - Marian Bull, assistant editor at

    There's magic hiding in your cupboard.

    It's not Narnia (sorry), not a winter wonderland where A/C is free and centaurs befriend you out of nowhere. But it will make your summer more enjoyable. It will give you another excuse to buy ice cream. It will make these months feel more "yay! summer!" and less "I hate everything, may God smite the sun".

    It's homemade magic shell. And it requires just two ingredients: coconut oil and good chocolate.

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    Coconut Oil ingredients from Food52Coconut Oil ingredients from Food52Homemade Magic Shell

    Makes 1 cup

    160 grams (2 small bars) good quality chocolate
    100 grams coconut oil

    Note: You can make as little or as much as you want; just use two parts coconut oil to three parts chocolate. Single servings made late at night are encouraged.

    Magic Shell from Food52Magic Shell from Food52Magic Shell from Food52Magic Shell from Food52>>RELATED: Also magic: one-ingredient, dairy-free ice cream.

    Magic Shell from Food52Magic Shell from Food52

    Wait. Be

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  • How to Convert a Recipe to Gluten Free

    Every week on Food52, Shauna Ahern of Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef -- and Gluten-Free Girl Everyday -- shares smart tips and smarter recipes that please even the most devout gluten-eaters among us. Come one, come all -- we're going flourless.

    Today: To adapt a recipe to be gluten-free, there's a little science and math involved, then you play with flavors, you follow your instincts -- and then you eat. Shauna shows us how while converting a Food52 favorite cookie recipe.

    When you bake gluten-free, you can do two things.

    1) You can make up your own recipe from scratch, based on the ratios of fats to flours to liquids to eggs.

    2) Or, you can find a recipe you love that uses gluten flours and make it your own.

    Let's talk about how to make a recipe your own.

    Find a Great Recipe
    The first choice is the most important one: find a good recipe.

    This one might be tough -- in the age of the internet, the first recipe that pops up from your search might not be a good

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  • 9 Summer Dishes that Taste Better the Next Day

    Cold Chinese or pizza leftovers are delicious, no doubt. But there are some dishes that get even better the next day -- and not in a slightly guilty, I-can't-believe-I'm-eating-this way. The flavors of the ingredients meld together for longer, the meat gets even more tender, the broth of a soup becomes even more flavorful -- simply put, the dishes improve after a day of rest. Here are 9 summer recipes that are begging to be eaten as leftovers.

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  • Homemade Cronuts

    It's always more fun to DIY. Today, Julie Van Rosendaal from Dinner with Julie shows us how to make cronuts.

    Yes, I made cronuts. I jumped on the bandwagon. Turns out, everyone's right. I might pay $40 for one of these on the black market.

    Not since Krispy Kreme have I seen this level of fried dough fanaticism. In the month since their inception tons of copycats have popped up -- since the name is copyrighted, others are calling theirs "Dossaints" or "CroNots" -- and in New York, lineups are going around the block for the things, which are also being sold on the black market. It's full-on cronut mania.

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    Madness, I tell you. But I'm always up for a challenge, and we really need to start warming up for Stampede. So I took out the deep fryer. (Note: you don't need one. A pot works just as well.)

    Puff pastry sounds daunting to make from scratch, but it's really a matter of mixing together a basic yeasted dough, slathering it with butter, and

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  • Genius Slab Pie

    Every week on, we're digging up Genius Recipes -- the ones that make us rethink cooking myths, get us talking, and change the way we cook.

    Today: How to stretch a pie to feed a crowd, with whatever fruit is in season near you. 

    slab pieslab pie

    - Kristen Miglore, Senior Editor,

    There are a lot of ways to make a slab pie, and Martha Stewart, bless her, has made them all. She might have invented the whole genre.

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    Now, if you haven't heard of slab pie, you're not alone -- it's surprisingly under the radar still. Let's change that.

    A slab pie is simply a shallow pie that's made in a rimmed baking sheet, usually a jelly roll pan. It feeds more revelers than a standard 9-inch pie will, with less mess and fuss.

    slab pieslab pie

    It's a pie in a sensible bar cookie outfit; a hand pie, without having to shape a bunch of hand pies; a boon to crust-lovers everywhere. It is, essentially, a Pop-Tart.

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  • Dinner Tonight: Suya Swordfish + Summer Squash Couscous

    This dinner menu employs three summer musts: fresh fish, fresh produce, and a grill. Swordfish has a meaty texture that takes well to the flame, especially when coated in a marinade that caramelizes as it cooks. The couscous salad is filling and bright, with touches of sweetness from the squash, raisins, and honey. Together they're a pair that you'll want to revisit all summer long.

    The Menu

    Suya Swordfish by Kitchen Butterfly

    Serves 4

    400g (or around 3/4 pound) swordfish steak, cut into 8 long thick strips
    1/2 cup peanut butter
    1 teaspoon chili pepper
    1 teaspoon sweet paprika
    1 teaspoon sea salt
    1 teaspoon ground ginger
    1 to 2 tablespoons lime juice
    Thinly sliced red onions, tomatoes, lime halves and cilantro leaves, to serve

    1. Make the peanut paste by combining peanut butter, paprika, chili pepper, salt, ground ginger and lime juice. Stir well and taste. Adjust spices as necessary.

    2. Place fish strips in a large bowl and pour peanut sauce over it, then using your hands,

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  • 10 Summer Drinks to Sip Poolside

    Summer has hit...with a vengeance. It is officially too hot to do anything except lounge by the pool. And no pool day is complete without friends, sunscreen, and some fruity beverages. This weekend, relax and cool down with one of these ten refreshing poolside drinks.

  • 9 Ways to Enjoy Overripe Berries

    One of the best things about summer is the abundance of fresh berries at the market. But it's often the case that our eyes are bigger than our stomachs, and the once plump and happy fruit we bought at the beginning of the week can start to look a little sad in the fridge. Fear not! Here are 10 ways to turn those berries around and make them taste just as delicious as -- if not even better than -- their perkier counterparts.

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  • How to Make S'mores Without a Fire

    Who says s'mores can only be eaten by a campfire? All you really need is a broiler.

    Indoor s'mores

    For many of us that live in a city, that have no yard or fire pit or tiny balcony -- those of us that can't build fires on a regular basis -- s'mores become a distant dream, a memory, an abstraction. We eat s'mores ice cream and s'mores cake and tell ourselves they're just as good (no, better!) than the original. One day, we say, we'll hunt for skinny twigs in the woods and sit on logs in front of a roaring fire, and we will toast our marshmallows and melt our chocolate and our hands will smell like smoke as we smear everything on graham crackers to the soft pluckings of an acoustic guitar. Sounds nice, doesn't it? Until it actually happens, you can make indoor s'mores instead.

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    With just a broiler -- and approximately one minute -- you can get your chocolate all gooey and melty and messy, your marshmallows bubbly and toasted, your hands

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  • Dinner Tonight: Salmon Papillotes + Creamy Cucumber Side

    The trick to a fully satisfying meal is to play with balance, and this combination strikes the perfect one. Crunchy cucumbers are paired with moist, steamed salmon that's flavored with ginger and lime. A creamy lemon sauce cools the bold flavors, and the bit of dill in both recipes ties this weeknight meal together seamlessly.

    The Menu

    Salmon Papillotes with Red Peppercorns, Lime and Fresh Ginger by Babette's Feast

    Serves 5

    5 fillets of fresh salmon (about 7 ounces each)
    2 inch of fresh ginger, peeled and grated
    3 tablespoons red peppercorns
    1 1/2 limes - freshly juiced
    Sichuan pepper
    Salt 1 1/2 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
    5 sprigs fresh dill
    5 teaspoons thick cream
    Fleur de sel
    1 tablespoon fresh chives cut in small pieces

    1. Take 2 large pieces of aluminium foil (or parchment paper) the same length and put one on top of the other, both shiny sides outside. Roll together on the length the aluminium foil together to make a seam and tighten it. Roll this seam 2 more times and

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