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  • Hold on to summer: 7 savory jams, pickles & preserves

    The days are getting cooler, but we're not letting go of summer just yet! Here are 7 of our favorite ways to hold on to the season. Snatch up those farmers' market deals and clean out the garden -- just hurry and put those summer vegetables up, before the autumn months set in.

    Not only will you get a taste of summer -- a sweet beet pickle, a splash of hot sauce -- long after the wooly sweaters and rainboots come out, but there's also no better hostess, house-warming, or just-because gift than a jar of one of these babies.

    See more jam recipes.

    See more DIY condiment recipes.

    Plus: End-of-summer recipes to make (and eat) right now: check out Merrill Stubbs' perfectly simple tomato sandwich and Amanda Hesser's foolproof peach tart.

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  • 7 zesty condiments you're better off making from scratch

    Jarred salsa? Bottled hot sauce? Pre-made salad dressing? Old news. Here are seven fresh, exciting condiments that are shockingly easy to make at home. Spoon over grilled meat or fish, pile onto chips, eat straight from the bowl; the possibilities are endless. You may never buy the bottled stuff again.

  • 8 summer salads that put the Caesar to shame

    It's hot out. There are vegetables everywhere. What to do, what to do? Make a salad, of course. Here are 8 creative ways to take advantage of summer's bounty.

  • 9 Meatless Recipes for the Grill

    Who says grilling always has to mean piles of meat? Smoky flavors and grill marks do wonders for other food groups too.

    Here are 9 everything-but-meat recipes to get you and your grill all fired up. Summer nights (especially Meatless Mondays) just got more delicious.

  • 10 Ways to Make Summer Berries Even Better

    We know the feeling. Beautiful berries in reds and blues are winking up at you at the market this time of year -- before you know it, you're pints deep in glistening summer fruit.

    The moment popping them straight in your mouth and sprinkling them on your cereal gets old, turn to these 10 gorgeous recipes -- great for swooping in last minute to save a summer brunch or dinner party.

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  • 10 Things to Cook With Your Kids

    Want to teach your kids to love food? Looking for some activities to entertain them now that camp is out (but school's still a month away)?

    Try some quality time in the kitchen. Here are ten recipes that will keep you and your eager assistants busy and happy through the dog days.

  • 10 Sweet and Savory Recipes for the Grill

    10 summer recipes that will make you want to want to get outside and grill everything, from dinner to dessert.

  • 10 of Our Best Frozen Desserts to Make at Home

    10 sweet, frozen treats to top off any summer meal -- with or without an ice cream maker!

  • 10 Incredible Drinks to Keep You Cool

    The longest days of summer are upon us -- take a break from the heat with one of these 10 icy drinks (some are boozy, some aren't).

  • 10 Summer Sandwiches

    10 sandwiches (some open-faced -- we're crazy like that) that are perfect for summer picnics or sprucing up a brown bag lunch.


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