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  • Do You Have a 'Work Husband'?

    Do you have a close confidant of the opposite sex at work? He could be your 'work husband.'We've all been there. We've found ourselves bonding with a person of the opposite sex at work, whether it be complaining about the boss to each other, or sharing a secret laugh over your cubicle mate's unfortunate music choices. But if you're already in a relationship, can having a "work husband" threaten your at-home relationship? Where should the line be drawn? Should the relationship stay at work or is it okay to get après work drinks together?

    Here are five things to consider while maintaining both a "work marriage" and an actual relationship at home:

    1. Is having a "work husband" okay?

    When it comes to sharing day-to-day highs and lows, should you be going to your partner, or is it healthy to share it with your male counterpart at work, who can relate to your experience?

    Dr. Jenn Berman, relationship expert and host of VH1's Couples Therapy, says it's very normal for adults to build alliances in a work environment. But be aware that you're forming this close

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  • How My Husband's Infidelity Changed My Life for the Better

    His infidelity was my worst nightmare come true ... but it was also a blessing in disguise.I'll never forget that moment. I was standing in my cute, little, suburban kitchen holding my sweet, 4-month-old baby girl with her back against my chest, pudgy little legs dangling in front of me, smiling at her dad, when he looked away from her precious face and into my adoring eyes, mouthing the words, "I have feelings for someone else."

    My heart stopped. What? Wait a minute. We have it all. We're college sweethearts. We were meant to be together. We have a 30-year mortgage on a split-foyer house, a gently used Volvo station wagon in the driveway, a loyal farm-raised golden retriever, a scrumptious two-year-old little boy and a beautiful baby girl. It's the American dream.

    "What do you mean you have feelings for someone else?"

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    My life's trajectory changed in that second. After handing my innocent, baby girl off to her pitiful and confused ("I'm not sure what I want; I need time.") father, I fled. Minutes later, I found

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  • 5 Do-Good Dates (Be like Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield!)

    You may not be as hot as Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield, but you can be just as charitable!I'm ashamed to admit this, but the last time I did community service was in high school, to get a college scholarship. Once I got to college, I was so busy with classes, friends, a boyfriend and extracurriculars, that I didn't have time to volunteer. However, after seeing Emma Stone and her boyfriend Andrew Garfield urging their fans to check out charities instead of take paparazzi shots of them, I'm inspired to start doing some good. The young couple must be busier than I am with interviews, movies, appearances and award shows, but they still found a way to squeeze in some community service.

    After seeing Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield turn a date into an opportunity to raise awareness about charities, I started thinking of ways I could also turn boyfriend time into volunteering time. Call me crazy, but spending time together and helping people in need sounds better than another dinner-and-movie date. So next time you're planning a romantic day or evening as a couple, think about

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  • Should Housewives Be Paid a Salary?

    If only he paid me for this...It's long been said that hiring a person (or people) to cook, clean, nanny/teach a kid to read, pay household bills, shop and have sex would cost a pretty penny. And seemingly, only super villains and Brangelinas have the kind of foresight and cash to hire those several people. However, dear friends, a house spouse (let us not give husbands who work from the home short thrift) does all of these jobs and is NOT on anyone's payroll.

    That may change soon on the opposite side of Earth, as an Indian governmental department (the Union Women and Child Development Ministry) is drafting legislation that would make it mandatory for a husband to dole out a fixed percentage of his salary to his wife to compensate her for her homemaking efforts. Indeed, the position of wife, mother and housekeeper will henceforth be referred to as a "home engineer" and could earn her something to the tune of 10-20 percent of the husband's check.

    Our buds at address, or at the very least reference the

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  • 10 More Smart Alternatives to Spanking

    Spanking is associated with an increased risk of mental disorders in adulthood.A study published in the July issue of the journal Pediatrics discovered a link between adult-onset mental health disorders - including substance abuse and anxiety - and childhood physical punishment - including spanking - thereby begging the question: How should parents discipline their kids? Here are 11 more options:

    1. Prevention. Too often, parents focus on finding the perfect consequence for unacceptable behavior after it happens, hoping to prevent it in the future. Or, they threaten their child with the consequence that will occur if the child does not comply.

    Much of the time, children are defiant because they naturally resist parental demands. Phrasing a demand in this way can avoid many power struggles: "After you brush your teeth, we can read the story you got from the library today." "When your homework is done, the computer will be open." "As soon as you're dressed, pancakes will be served." -Nancy Bruski

    2. Options. Offer a clear choice of two acceptable behaviors. For

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  • Teaching Kids to Understand the Impact of Their Words

    Are your kids careful about what they say?The players of the team assembled around the bench as practice was coming to an end. I was walking off the field with the catcher carrying some baseballs and my fungo bat. We were carrying on a conversation about the upcoming tournament when I saw the players goofing around, and heard someone say, "Dude, that's so gay."

    Mid-step I raised my voice and said, "Who said that?" All the players looked confused as if I had caught them with their hands in the proverbial cookie jar. I asked again sternly, "Who just said that?" As the players tried to figure out what to do or say by not place blame on one of their teammates, I softened my voice and asked them one last time, "Who said that comment?"

    Once they recovered from the discomfort of my question, a very interesting conversation and discussion took place. They were all eighth grade students and apparently not one of them considered anything wrong with saying "that's so gay." At the time, not one of the twelve young men sitting around in

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  • 5 Sexy, Date Night Fashion Trends to Wear This Fall

    The leaves are turning, the air is getting cool and crisp, the grocery store is prematurely starting to stock Halloween candy ... all this can only mean one thing: Fall is here. And with the autumn come new styles, colors and beauty trends - as well as opportunities for cozy dates with your guy. Good-bye frozen margaritas, hello mulled hard apple cider. So put away your floppy sunhats and whip out those mittens - it's time to try something new for those sexy fall dates.

    Written By Samantha Escobar For

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  • How I Learned to Stop Hating My Ex-Husband's New Spouse

    Is there a new woman in his life?My ex-husband and his new wife picked up the kids recently to take them on a two-week road trip.

    My sons were beaming with excitement as they loaded suitcases and backpacks into the car. "Did I pack my CD player?" my younger son yelled out to me. "Yes, you did honey" I said, trying hard to hide the sadness that was coming over me in waves.

    The balloon of tears behind my eyes was growing and stretching thinner by the minute. I prayed it wouldn't explode until they could no longer see me waving goodbye in the rear view mirror.

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    How To Be A Successful Stepparent

    If I hated road trips, this might be easier. But, I love road trips. Memories of road trips with my children, before the divorce flashed in front of me. I remembered the songs we'd sing in the car; I remembered the euphoria I felt hitting the road with my ex for the first time, way before the kids were even a twinkle in my eye.

    "We're set," my ex shouted. Still lingering in memories, I headed toward the

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  • 10 Ways to Be the Best Stepparent Possible

    Remember to follow their lead!We asked the experts this question, and 62% agree: stepparents should discipline their steppkids as they would their own children. What else does it take to be a great stepparent? Here's what they had to say:

    1. Follow, don't lead. While each parent may have their own parenting style, as the stepparent, it's important to follow the birth parent's lead.

    Consistency in parenting style will help foster feelings of security in the child. These feelings will build the level of trust the child has for you. - Michelle LaRowe

    2. Be a supporter. Children always need allies. This is especially true for children who are adapting to a new stepparent.

    Focus on being the best cheerleader you can be to your stepchild. Even when it seems unwelcome, supporting his interests, attending his school events and being a consistent present person in his life will go a long way in communicating that you care. -Michelle LaRowe

    3. Expect storms. The dynamic of every newly created stepfamily is

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  • 10 Reasons Men Propose Marriage Even If They're Not in Love

    A new study found that 25 percent of men will commit even if there's no love or attraction.Just when you think the world is full of love and sunshine and rainbows, yet another study comes along and smacks you in the face to prove otherwise. Turns out that a lot of men don't enter into commitments like marriage out of a genuine bond toward a woman - they seem to do it just because. Let's explore, shall we?

    The new Singles in America study found that 25 percent of men will agree to commit to a woman even if they aren't romantically or sexually attracted to her. According to the study, it seems that both single men and women - although men more so - are looking for companionship, rather than completion. So forget about that scene in Jerry Maguire and accept that you may never hear those words: "You complete me." You're more likely to hear, "Honey, what's for dinner?" Here are some reasons men walk down the aisle even if they're not feelin' it.

    1. Dinner. You may think the woman making dinner for her man is something out the 1950s, but it's still very much a thing. I

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