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  • 10 Reasons Why I Feel Jealous of My Single Friends

    I'm not gonna lie: Being unattached has some serious perks.In honor of National Singles Week, I'd like to throw this out there: Being unattached has some serious perks. My friends and I are all in our early 20s, so we're at varying relationship stages. Some are engaged, some (like myself) are in long-term relationships, some are playing the field and others are living (and loving) the single life.

    And man, sometimes I just get jealous of the single ones.

    I haven't been paired up for too long; my boyfriend and I are learning new things about one another every day. And though I'm very happy in my relationship (thank you very much!) I was plenty happy when I was single, too, and there are many things I miss. Here's a list that should aptly be titled "My boyfriend might break up with me after reading this."

    1. Flirting. Or, more specifically, flirting without shame or regret.

    2. The chase. The biggest chase that will happen in a relationship is likely when your boyfriend steals the remote during an ABC Family screening of The

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  • 8 Tips on Balancing Motherhood and Marriage

    Struggling to be supermom?Marriage is tricky. Motherhood? Even trickier. Balancing them both is - well - just shy of impossible. So, we asked the experts for their best advice about how you can be everything to everyone all of the time ... or at least a great wife to your husband and a great mom to your kids. Here's what they had to say:

    1. Be great to yourself. Nurture yourself, take time for your passions and find time to work toward your personal goals. Continuing to grow and thrive will help your family to grow and thrive as well. -Debbie Pincus

    2. Stay positive. Make sure you say more positive things than negative. Negatives include corrections, complaints, nagging, and lecturing. Positives include telling them what you love about them by your words or by your actions.

    A positive statement might be "Thanks for being quiet while I was on the phone just now. I appreciated your thoughtfulness." Sprinkle your relationships with positive comments and positive things will develop in your relationships. -Debbie

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  • VIDEO: Are You Too Much of a Control Freak?

    Do you prefer to do things yourself rather than risking that someone else do it and not get it quite right? Have you noticed that this behavior pattern tends to push people away? If so, you aren't alone. In this video, author, therapist and YourTango Expert Dr. Margaret Paul explains that while "we all like to be in control of our lives, the problem is when we try to control other people." So, how can you change? Dr. Paul suggests that you "start to notice your intention."

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    Are You Afraid Of Commitment?

    Want to learn more? Check out the video above.

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  • Why Elizabeth Hurley's Bikini Line for Girls is Wrong and Sick

    A bikini that's described as 'great for girls who want to look grown up' is wildly inappropriate.Mommy wars cover a wide range of very serious topics such as breastfeeding vs bottle feeding, natural birth vs medicated birth and co-sleeping vs cry-it-out. I'm not here to talk about any of those. Refreshing right?

    Though there does seem to be yet another, less-detrimental-to their-well-being divide among moms of young girls: bikini vs one-piece swimsuits.

    I fall into the latter camp and sometimes it certainly feels like I'm the only one. Come April, stores are flooded with summer clothing, and among them, tons of bikinis for babies, toddlers and tweens. Most of the time, the one-piece suits or tankinis aren't any better. Between low-cut halter necklines and even lower-slung waistlines, it is not easy to find modest, functional swimwear for little ladies.

    This week, reported on actress and model Elizabeth Hurley's new line of swimsuits for young girls. Pieces like the "Mini Cha Cha Bikini," an animal-print two-piece for girls under 8 and the "Collete Bikini," a

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  • Instead of Spanking Your Kids, Try These 10 Effective Alternatives

    Spanking is associated with an increased risk of mental disorders in adulthood.A study published in the July issue of the journal Pediatrics discovered a link between adult-onset mental health disorders - including substance abuse and anxiety - and childhood physical punishment - including spanking - thereby begging the question: How should parents discipline their kids?

    1. Cool down first. Never discipline when you feel angry with what your child has done. - Deborah Chelette-Wilson

    2. Take a time-out. - Deborah Chelette-Wilson

    3. Give the child time to calm down. Your child will not hear your message if he/she is stressed out. -Deborah Chelette-Wilson

    4. Listen to your child. After you both have calmed down listen to what your child has to say about his/her behavior. - Deborah Chelette-Wilson

    5. Understand the reason for your child's misbehavior. Armed with an understanding of your child's thinking, you may find that the misbehavior is really a reactive child engaging in a developmentally expectable behavior that needs your guidance, rather than punishment. -

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  • Study: Talking is Connected to Sexual Satisfaction

    What do you have to say?A new study suggests that people who are comfortable talking about sex are more sexually satisfied, particularly if they talk during the act itself.

    What does this mean for you, especially if the idea of talking during sex gives you anxiety or you're prone to shyness? Don't worry. Sexual communication can be both verbal and non verbal, so there are plenty of ways to communicate with your partner while you're having sex.

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    Here are the best ways to tell your partner what you like in bed:

    1. Use non-verbal cues. The study notes that non-verbal communication during sex was just as effective as verbal. So, if your guy is doing something that you like, you don't always need to say "don't stop."

    Sometimes showing, not telling, works like a charm. Moaning and moving your body in certain ways will definitely get the point across.

    2. Keep it real. Speaking up in bed doesn't mean you have to pretend that you're in a D-list porn movie or start

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  • Five Kinds of Flowers and What They Say About Your Relationship

    Wouldn't you love to come home to a bouquet of these?This week is National Flower Week. This means one of two things: You have a reason to go out and buy yourself flowers just because, or you can pester your guy to get you flowers (it's a national holiday!) During this week only, you're allowed to have a bouquet in every room. Also: You can wear flowers in your hair or pin them to your clothes a la Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City Season 3. Or give yourself a floral iPhone background! The possibilities are endless.

    If your man does end up buying you flowers, the flowers he chooses can say a lot about your relationship. Use this key to figure out what the flowers he brought home mean.

    1. Carnations
    Carnations are one of the cheapest flowers, but they come in a ton of colors. So either your guy knew your favorite color was hot Pink and decided to get a flower in your favorite color (how sweet!) or he ran into the flower shop and grabbed the cheapest flower without putting any thought into it. If he did the latter, don't get too upset.

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  • VIDEO: Animals in Love: 7 Adorable Videos of Affectionate Animals

    These cute mammals are not afraid to show their affection for each other.Everyone needs love sometimes, even the furriest of creatures! From newborn kittens snuggling to a spooning sesh between a baby tiger and a piglet, we've rounded up seven adorable animal videos that might just melt your heart.

    1. These cream-colored kittens certainly know how to enjoy a lazy Sunday morning in bed.

    2. A baby bunny snuggle!

    3. An inter-species makeout session is caught on camera in this clip.

    4. Even ferocious lions need to know they're loved.

    5. "Get a room!" These giraffes have mastered the art of French kissing.

    6. This is parakeet love at its best.

    7. Warning: This is as cute as it gets. A baby tiger and a piglet, spooning.

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  • My Marriage Comes Before My Children: Why I Put My Husband First

    Should your husband come before your baby?Less than one month after my husband and I were married-before I even had a chance to mail thank you notes for our wedding gifts-I found myself holding what appeared to be, to my surprise, a positive pregnancy test. Weeks later, in a room lit only by the glow of an ultrasound screen, we learned that our baby's due date was exactly nine months from our wedding. As it turned out, our new life together wasn't the only one that began on that spring day.

    Eight and a half months into our marriage, while we were still getting comfortable in our roles as husband and wife, we became mom and dad. We were newlyweds and parents. I won't say that our son was poorly planned-we were both anxious to start our family-but I will say that in hindsight becoming a mother in the same year that you become a wife is not for the weak. The first year of our son's life was the most difficult of our marriage to date and it is also the year I learned a very important lesson: My husband must always come before our

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  • Khloe Kardashian's Mission Impossible: Getting Pregnant

    Khloe Kardashian on a recent outing having fun despite difficulties getting pregnant.Even for the tough sister, there's one battle she may not be able to win. Khloe Kardashian has always had a whirlwind romance with Lamar Odom, 32. The couple were engaged for just one month in 2009 when they flew right into marriage. While we've seen some drama for ourselves on Keeping Up With the Kardashians and the couple's spin off Khloe and Lamar, this Kardashian knows how to treat and take care of her man. Khloe, 28 is known for her fiesty fights with anyone who messes with her.

    The Kardashians appeared on Good Morning America September 13 where Khloe illuminated her struggle to viewers when she admitted "never knowing all the difficulties" associated with trying to get pregnant. It is supposed to be a joyous and fun time in a couple's life not a task. Khloe explained, "My mom has so many kids," and she joked, "Kourtney pops them out like a PEZ dispenser so you know, you think, it's, like, so easy." After trying for so long Khloe realized and expressed, "You realize it's not as

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